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"Iseya" of the toy retail that opened a store in the Kansai airport etc. (Osakashi) received the bankruptcy procedure start decision from the Osaka district court on the 21st. The number of airport users assumes in the infection enlargement of a new influenza and because the setback and sales dropped, Teikoku Data Bank assumes, "The case of which it goes bankrupt due to new influenza is the first time".

According to Teikoku Bank, liabilities are about 290 million yen including the associate company. The store where the toy and general merchandise, etc. are sold in the Italy Tan airport and New Tokyo International Airport besides Kansai International Airport is done business. The user in the airport decreased sharply after April when the multitude was confirmed to the infected person with a new influenza in foreign countries in addition to the strong yen trend's having continued by the exchange, and sales such as souvenirs were inactive.

The man of the employee of Iseya is speaking, "The blow was received to the place where the number of tourists had decreased in the worldwide slump by the influenza further".

(company overview and bankruptcy cause)

Our company is a toy retailer who reorganized the corporation in November, establishment and 63 years (1963) of 1923(1923). Industry Yo was increased in a positive branch shop in which the toy, the doll, the hobby model, and the fancy roller general merchandise, etc. were widely handled, and it centered on the airport and the commercial facility around the station, etc. , and the annual sales about 5.45 billion yen had been post for the period on August, '91.

The competition intensifies from gaining power of a suburbs type large-scale discount house, and the earnings side is progression of the disease though it was made to enlarge the scale up to 42 stores in 98 of the peak. Therefore, business activity did not recover, the application of civil rehabilitation law was received in the Osaka district court on January 28, 2002, and the regeneration procedure conclusion decision had been received in August, the motion and 2005 though it tried to restructure like closure in the unprofitable store etc.

The airport user became from the influence of the accrual lingua new influenza fashion in the setback and April, and sales were not good at maintenance, and each store became this countermeasure by the sharp decline lingua though it continued business in three stores of Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport, and the Narita international airport afterwards becoming such as affecting of the entering strong yen this year of the visit to Japan guest from foreign countries.

Moreover, it became a countermeasure similar as for Anvi Ltd. of the associate company.

Total about 294 million yen per two company every about 114 million yen Anvi Ltd..  about 180 million ..debt.. yen Iseya Ltd.

A female bank clerk in his/her twenties who worked for the Sangu branch (Kobeshi Chuoku) announced on the 18th the infection lingua to a new influenza Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank.

To prevent the infection enlargement, certain about 70 person in total of the bank clerk Sangu branch offices made all members wait at home in same Biru as the Sangu branch excluding eight executives ..the general manager and the lengths of the branch office... 30 bank clerks are dispatched from a peripheral branch etc. , and business is continued.

The number of windows is decreased now or it refrains from business of the circumference and it is Iu.
Disinfection is finished, and ATM (ATM) corner etc. are operated.

The female bank clerk consults the exoergic consultation center because there was an exoergic of 39 times or more on the night of the 16th. The positive reaction of a new influenza was affirmed by the implementation lingua genetic screening in the Kobeshi environmental health laboratory on the 17th.
It is being hospitalized in the Kobeshi internal hospital now. Making a passage Reki to foreign countries is Iu in case of not being.

Also in other financial institutions, the new influenza countermeasure is advanced.

Senshu Bank (Osaka Prefecture Kishiwadashi) obligated the face mask wearing commuting and starting work to the bank clerk in two Osaka Prefecture Toyonakashi internal branches of which the infected person with a new influenza had gone out.

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President Akio Nomura of Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry specified a current response of the government and the municipality over a new influenza that mutated from the swine influenza at the regular news conference on the 22nd, "As the consequence, excess defense feeling though it was unavoidable". The review of the countermeasure was requested so that neither the civil life nor the enterprise activity may shrink.

The influence actually begins to appear in the regional economy. A large quotient is a dissemination on the same day for the director and the assembly member enterprise as for the midterm total of the implementation lingua investigation. It was answered, 23% was "Sales were setbacks" around the retail business and the eating and drinking industry.
19―25 executions of this investigation for 152 companies.

The indication that a negative influence due to new influenza had gone out of the sub-president in the interview come one after another.
As for the hotel managed in the group, chairman Takeo Higuchi of Daiwa House Industry is "80 percent of the meeting such as feasts was canceled. "President Teiichi Nishimura of Sakura Crepas (Osakashi) speaks with "The number of attendees seems to decrease more than ordinary years by about 10 percent though the trade fair of the school teaching material is shortly held".

A large quotient to avoid "Harmful rumor" of the restraint of the meeting in Kansai etc. (president Nomura) is ..plan.. Iu in the enterprise and the group, etc. who calls Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the whole country in cooperation with Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kobe and Kyoto through Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  do not do overreaction
The air cleaner with the humidifier ability is sales in the household appliance store along with the infection enlargement of a new influenza of the exception. From Iu to surprise in data by Naochika of market research firm when selling by about as much as 3 times at previous yearEspecially, high performance model to which popular height stated control and removal effect of virus in air. It .."Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full special procurements".. boils as well as the face mask to which running out of stock is successive.

「The air cleaner with the humidifier ability sells continuously this year though time when the dehumidifier sells if usual. It often comes for purchase though parents who have a small child are not managed. 」It is a air cleaner salespeople of Yodobashi Camera multimedia Akiba of Tokyo and Akihabara that describes.

The sales peak of the air cleaner is March in the season of the pollen disease annually from February. This year is to keep selling now.

「The one of high performance of 20,000 yen or more sells. There is a model whose a lot of people who examine the function by the Internet, specify the proprietary name beforehand, and buy it are shortage of stocks, too, too. 」(person in charge of Yodobashi Camera)

When Japan of the service of the GfK marketing of the market research firm totaled the sales performance of the air cleaner with the humidifier ability for about 4500 household appliance stores of the whole country, it became the following consequences.

The numbers of sales of one week until April 27th - May 3rd became about 2.6 proportion times of the previous year.
About 1.7 times sales since the end of March is shape to increase sales further by the accrual of a new influenza though it was steady.

World Health Organization (WHO) hikes the warning level of a new influenza from "Phase 3" to "Phase 4" on April 27, and, in addition, this time is hiked to "Phase 5" on the 30th.

The numbers of sales the week (11-17) has expanded up to 2.7 times when the human-to-human transmission is affirmed for the first time domestically on the 16th though numbers of saleses from May 4 to the 10th were 2.3 times.

Moreover, the humidifier good-for-nothing is a minus or a marginal rise at most in the same air cleaner compared with the previous year. On the other hand, it is thought that it is because of purchase as the influenza countermeasure assumed that selling with the humidifier ability by about as much as three times is weak to moisture in general.

2.4-2.9 times are recorded compared with the previous year after April 27, and the expansion more than the numbers of sales is shown in total of the sales amount base. This means a price high and high performance merchandise sells.

Panasonic, Daikin Industries, and Sharp, etc. install the removal and the inhibition technique of the virus in addition to the humidifier ability respectively, and are sold around the price range from the latter half to the latter half 30,000 yen level the sticker price 20,000 yen level.

Sharp announces that they demonstrated 99.9% decomposition and the removal of the floating avian influenza virus last year by cleanup technology in the air "Plasma cluster ion".

It was announced that the Panasonic electrical engineering had probat the effect to which charging particulate water "Nano Ii" controlled the avian influenza virus by 99.9% on the 12th this month.

It is assumed, both companies and "The effect to a new influenza virus that has extended the infection (swine influenza origin) cannot be probat now yet". However, an user sensitive to a Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full countermeasure has brought "Special procurements" to the business circles of house hold electric appliance of the depression a lot.

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Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare clarified the policy of discussing concrete correspondence of the compensation for absence from work when doctors who examined the new influenza infection person were infected on the 22nd etc. at the 2 secondary, and hospitalization and the layoff were done through necessity.

The examination of the patient from whom the infection is doubted because "Exoergic outpatient" is set up in a across-the-board hospital and the clinic is allowed in the region where the number of patients increases rapidly in a new domestic countermeasure of the decision lingua government on the same day.

Special equipment raised it, and in that case, the infection might extend enough to the doctor and the nursing master, and the voice to request the compensation when closing was done from the health care practitioner on the site etc. through necessity had been raised.

As for the monetary indemnification, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was had risked first priority etc. up to now by taking the countermeasure to head off infection as the entrance with the patient from whom the infection was doubted a general patient was severed, and the examination time was changed in the morning and the afternoon, and careful posture against this.

However, the person in charge of this ministry that was the interview on the 22nd made remarks, "Because the opinion demanded from the municipality etc. had come out, thought what correspondence you were able to take", and showed the intention that discussed the concrete measure as a country.

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A new influenza is expected that it doesn't go in the exoergic patient for the examination in the fear of "Judgment" or there will be a lot of people diagnosed coldly mere though is affirmed 318 infected persons in the whole country by the morning of the 23rd. If the infected person in the metropolitan area comes to light at a dash after next week, it is certain to cause the bewilderment similar to Kansai. The torpor of the capital function gives a harsh blow to politics and economy. When it reaches 1% and the the greatest five trillion yen of real GDP, too the economic damage is Iu according to the specialist.

【One nature in the infection exposure at the beginning of the week ]

About the response of the report and the government etc. , governor Shintaro Ishihara in Tokyo is "The country that reports on the infection lingua person in detail is not Japan. " in a regular interview on the 22nd. 「Isn't passing of the commotion for a moment?This is bad [not good], and when it is serious (The report also :), it calls repeatedly too much. 」With the criticism lingua.

However, if the human-to-human transmission staying up in Kansai generalizes in the metropolitan area that is the center of the political economy, no proportion of Kansai either is true under the influence.

「The headquarters functions of the large company stop, are produced by the mill closure, and circulation is annihilated, too. If a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus becomes popular in Nagata-cho and the haze Ke barrier, neither politics nor administration are caned get along. It becomes an economic damage from 2.5 trillion to the the greatest about five trillion yen by the minus and the amount from 0.5 to 1% compared with the GDP (gross domestic product), and a national crisis will be faced. 」

It is a professor of Meiji University and economic analyst's high tree Catsshi to speak so. It connects with a national crisis of the the greatest after the war if it sees as a whole though a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus is "God cold" for the medicine affiliated firm.

「Worrying in economy is closure of Tokyo Stock Exchange and the bank. All the economic activities including the settlement of accounts function and personal consumption expenditure are paralyzed. Effects of the economic incentive countermeasures of uniform 1000-ETC yen plan and flash benefit money, etc. are blown off by the emergency to which the flow of the human, the thing, and Kane in the entire Japan completely stagnates even if it is temporary. 」

【It produces and it is paralyzed circulation because of the shop stop ]

An economic damage of the Kansai district (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Shiga) where a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus promptly becomes popular is held and "80 billion yen" and Katsuhiro assets lingua Miyamoto and the professor of the Kansai University graduate school (mathematical economics) also hold a big anxiety in the infection enlargement in the metropolitan area.

Mr. Miyamoto's trial made affecting to a peripheral eating house and the convenience store that depended on the closure of the cancellation of canceling the school excursion and the hotel, the event discontinuance, and universities etc. a radical. When the trial of the comparable size is done in the metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama), the consequence is large without comparison.

「An addition total of 80 billion yen and stripes lingua of the trial of the economic size minus 0.1% of each prefecture for Kansai. The metropolitan area 2.5 times the dimension becomes an economic damage of 162 billion yen in case of the damage of the same proportion. However, it actually makes to the minus 1% and the amount by the the greatest so that the damage may expand in proportion to the nominal size of pump of the economic size, too and it is not amusing in the damage of about 1.62 trillion yen either. 」

The academic society and world events of the event of several thousand person unit in addition to a large-scale concert have been held every day in Tokyo and Yokohama. As for the face mask deficiency, there are extraordinarily a lot of numbers of schools that become the more aggravation and closure to the extent that it is populous, too. The influence is to expand by the third square power of Kansai.

Mr. Miyamoto「The influence is extensive if becoming 'It is ..going out..' and 'It is ..taking moving..' and 'It is ..the gathering..' ..: even of the metropolitan area at the same level as Kansai... The damage at the third 2 secondaries by a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus such as the chain-reaction bankruptcies of the shopping street might occur, too. A new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus has already been assumed to be a hypovirulence. It just wishes the regulation not to be become strong. 」The trend in the metropolitan area is watched in prayed feelings.

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Seven‐Eleven Japan of the convenience store biggest business decided the policy of starting 24 hour of the nonproprietary drug sales according to the revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law enforcement in June on June 1. The test marketing is begun in the Tokyo internal number store, and it aims at sales by the national scale while ascertaining the purchase trend etc.

"Enrollment seller" whose qualification is easier than the pharmacist is newly established by the revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law enforcement, and it comes to be able to sell the cold medicine and the nonproprietary drug such as I (nonproprietary drug) even in the convenience store.
As for the sales marketplace of the nonproprietary drug, each convenience store company discusses the entry in very few growing markets. The competition is instigating of intensification because decision calositas of it as for the entry.  the biggest seven

Seven is Ain Pharmaciez of the ethical pharmacy biggest business and collaboration in August last year. The deployment in the convenience store also makes the best use of this framework the schedule of the new company for the drugstore management the establishment at the end of this month.

Seven was limited only at time zone where the pharmacist existed though the pharmacist was selling the nonproprietary drug in about 20 shops in the merchant that were the pharmacies before now. Several employees have already judged that the purchase Shite descending and 24 hour sales are possible enrollment seller's qualification.

FamilyMart is experimentally a deployment in the convenience store industry segments in Tokyo 2 store as for an nonproprietary drug sales time restrictive.

- Seven‐Eleven Japan

- Http:// ..../seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. Holdings code/3382

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 「The medicine net sales regulation is excess. The argument again in the Diet for the mail order continuation」――The problem that the mail order of the nonproprietary drug (nonproprietary drug) is regulated by departmental regulations in the revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law of the enforcement schedule on June 1, the specialist and the user such as young lawmakers and Motomiya castle Prefectural governor of Shiro Asano of ruling and opposition parties strongly appeal for the gathering net sales continuation to the hall of the assembly member of the House of Representatives on May 21, and the criticism lingua of posture in the country.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare regulates the mail order of the nonproprietary drug by the net and calling, etc. by departmental regulations as "If it is not a face-to-face selling, safety cannot be secured". The argument is not settled though repulsion such as the net industry segments and users is received and the study committee was held. The way things are going, the greater part of people cannot buy the nonproprietary drug with the net though Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is proposing that only the resident in the solitary island etc. perceive the use of the mail order for two years as a transitional measure.

"It has the doubt in this ministerial ordinance also in the government party. "――The assembly member of those who called and the Liberal-Democratic Party of Hiromuna Seko - the House of Councilors started so. Is thought wanting put it on) in the Diet though there is no time up to the ministerial ordinance enforcement ..the appeal of the net mail order like first of all present can do continuation.. ..(on of the argument.. ..along.. ..the floatage...

However, when it was decided also for timing before ruling and opposition parties, "There are considerably a person who tries to defend rights and interests of industry segments in the intraparty and a person who holds prejudice in the net" (Kenji Tamura and assembly member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party), and the House of Representatives are elected to exist, not to be able to become a monolith as a party, and to act by bipartisanism, it is Iu.

Call..gather..assembly member..besides..Liberal-Democratic Party..Yasukazu..House of Representatives..assembly member..Democratic Party..Suzuki..House of Councilors..assembly member..Koichiro..House of Representatives..assembly member..Eiichiro..House of Representatives..assembly「It is necessary to provide the period neatly discussed in the Diet etc.If it is not possible to buy it with the net suddenly as it is, ..two.. of PSE law (Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Law) 」Assembly member Ichimura worries solving. Assembly member Suzuki speaks, "I want to stop government official's run-away".

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Profession Erlebnistypus Theme Park for children in Hyogo Prefecture Nishinomiyashi "Kizzania Koshien"
It was decided to close from the 19th to the 25th temporarily. "Prevention of new Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full infection enlargement" and Iu.

"(Entrance was reserved) A prior contact to the guest was difficult, and the site may do the bewilderment" (announced to public) and it judges it though closing on the 18th was discussed. It was decided to do business as usual on the same day.
As for the detail of the restart of closed dawning, it is Iu when informing on the homepage etc.

The attendance of Kizzania is about 2,000 people a day. It is almost buried by the reservation on the weekend until the end of August.
The infected person with a new influenza is found, and the company that directs the inside and the employee who expands the phobia between people "Layoff" has gone out.
"The person who goes out to foreign countries in GW by the travel and the business trip doesn't reach go to the office. "
「Stripes lingua of the instruction ..the standby.. at home by about three days for ten days.  the employee who went out to other countries several where it travels to MexicoThe subject is about 380 people. 」(Fujitsu)
The implementation of a countermeasure similar as for Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and "It asks the homecoming employee from Mexico, the United States, and Canada for the self-imposed control of going to the office of ten days" (Hitachi) Sharp. Yokohamashi, Osaka University, and Osaka Kyoiku University, etc. are executing it excluding the enterprise.

Mr. Hirozo, that is, personnel consultant Kan'no says.
「In the purpose of the enterprise, 1 and 2 are "Self-defense. "When the infected person goes out to its company by any chance and it extends to in-house, it is inscrutable, and the lowering reputation of the company becomes big as for the business operation minus. The double punch is fatal in this depression of business. Therefore, might the idea that it wants to manage to hold it off in home. 」
The foreigner is surprised though feelings are understood. Anyway, it is thought that it is also strange that the Japanese does the face mask.

「Washroom because not aerial infection but droplet infection. Even if the face mask is done in the town, it is meaningless. 」(American journalist)It says.  
However, another journalist said so.

「Hereafter, a new influenza will become it for true Onagare though it looks exaggerated now. Japan is desire Masuyo when practicing well in preparation for that time. 」(columnist and Mr. mark Shriver)

Felt person comes to get "Assessment" done by the behaving at home sooner or later now.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced that it was affirmed that the consequence of a detailed PCR inspection of the Kobeshi environmental health laboratory and four students had been newly infected with the new model by the prefectural Kobe high school of which the high school student to whom the infection of a new influenza was affirmed commuted on the 17th.

When he or she belongs to the same volleyball club as the schoolboy to whom the infection is affirmed for the first time domestically, two people are Iu among men and women of the 2-3th grader according to Kobeshi four people.

One high school boy are both of four people of the 37-39-degree exoergic of the level, and is Iu according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare when there is symptoms such as the tussises and the wrist pains.

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"The child is where" Closing and the closure ... Coping method of the papa mama who exercises.

・Closing and the closure of the same city of it were affirmed the first domestic infection of a new influenza in Kobeshi on the 16th, and were the day-care centers in the vicinity, the kindergartens, and were the schools such as elementary, junior high and senior high school.
It is possible that similar treatment is taken when the accrual is affirmed in the region where I live. If he or she does very, the working parents who have the juvenile child might be good.

"It was not thought that the influence of a new influenza went out so near oneself. "Third grade of elementary school (8) and kindergartner
 (3) a services facilities for the the parents' family is Kyushu, it cannot rely on parents.
It is said, "Where should be entrusted the child, and it has a pain in the head".

The case where the infection is doubted temporarily notified the district internal day-care center the effect that did not close now though accrual lingua Yokohamashi canceled events of the garden garden opening and the alternating current child care, etc.Itabashi Ward advances the day-care center and the preparation for providing an urgent day-care center for the guardian who gets a necessary job for the maintenance of a social function such as doctors is advanced when closing.
Osakashi is assumed to be "I want to request understanding when it cannot help taking off work from the proprietor" when becoming closing.

Movement has gone out also between private day-care centers. The day-care center in 61 places in the whole country is managed, and "JP Holdings" that employs about 1000 child care people is spoken, "I want to cooperate within the range possible as the child care person is dispatched according to the request if there are no restrictions on outings etc. when the day-care center closes, and the municipality necessity by all means and temporary takes care of a child for the social function maintenance".

The nature is a debt for the child's care.  treat in the company when it is necessary to take off work
"Association of parents who think about the day nursery" representative of network of the day-care center user who makes the metropolitan area a center Aki Fukoin (In who blows) speaks, "Let's first affirm the possibility of closing to the day-care center and the municipality, speak the situation to the office beforehand, and obtain understanding".

It is important to describe that it is due to new influenza when the day-care center closes, and the rest is offered to the company firmly.
Yonhap News Agency in South Korea succeeded in the vaccine development of a new influenza on the 18th the research team as big as the loyalty south of this country, and reported that the outlook that providing for general becomes possible in about September if it was early.

This team is Iu when assuming, "It is thought it is the first in the world".

The research team developed the share that became original of the vaccine by using the virus having been sent by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) according to Yonhap News Agency.

When the share is ready to be provided free of charge if the each country government etc. request it having reported the development success to CDC, the research team is Iu.
The case where a Japanese researcher is absent from an overseas academic society because of the influence to which the infected person of a new swine influenza is affirmed in all parts of the world, and the international academic society scheduled in Japan-domestic is discontinued in haste has gone out. There is a researcher who is requesting the companion to correspond calmly, too.

Everybody that scientific judgment is possible ..".." ..I hopeing objective judgment that is not overreaction..Such E-mail reached about 190 people such as Japanese researchers of the laser technology recently. The purpose is to call for the participation to the international conference opened in the United States Maryland on the 31st.

It was being written that the person related to the academic society in the United States was specifying for the society absence of the researcher in Japan to stand out in mail. When the researcher of another country also seeming is such movement Hanai, and includes a local researcher who calls "Only Japan is ...... why" and mysterious and a new influenza "Tokyo flu (Tokyo influenza)",

Prof. Kenichi Ueda of University of Electronic-Communication that participates in this academic society is speaking, "It worries about the fall of a sense of existence of Japan in the international scene when becoming a situation to which a large amount of cancellation goes out only of Japan".

The number also of universities that ask the teacher and the student for self-imposed control and the restriction of making a passage has increased because of the control of infection.
University of Tokyo requested the making a passage self-imposed control to the accrual country to the student body and the school personnel at the end of April. The period is "For the time being. "The inauguration ceremony of The University of Tokyo Atacama astronomical observatory in South America Chile scheduled on May 5 is an adjournment lingua. Those from the accrual country who return home record the temperature for ten days, and are requesting that the face mask is done on the college premises.
In addition, Hokkaido University, Touhoku University, Nagoya University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, and Kyushu University have decided self-imposed control and the ban of making a passage.

On the other hand, the University of Tokyo association of an American movie and the media society scheduled to 21-24 was discontinued Josai International University inside the campus in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. 1/3 is offer Takara among about 750 people to schedule to attend from 32countries as for absence.

When the academic society bureau in the United States reports the possibility to be forced to stay at the hotel to be when the patient with a new influenza goes out by the international mail where it goes to Japan and it marks absences, it is Iu according to the this university media faculty when absence increased at a dash. The University of Tokyo association was a commemoration rally of the 50th anniversary, and the symposium and the screening association were postponed this university inside the campus.
As for Cabinet Office, the domestic infection enlargement of a new influenza is received on the 18th, and Prime Minister Taro Aso calls people calm correspondence.
It was announced that the television commercial of administration briefers would be thrown sequentially in the commercial broadcast each bureau.

The Prime Minister stresses in the commercial, "If the proper treatment is received at the early stage, do not fear it".
When the symptom of the exoergic etc. goes out, the inquiry counter in the public health center etc. is requested to call.
The commercial starts broadcasting for 15 seconds by 2 varieties of 30 seconds on the 19th.
・It was received that a new influenza had expanded in Japan, and the South Korea government specified Japan for "Critical section" dated the 17th. It quarantines inside the plane when there is a passenger from whom the infection is doubted besides all passenger's follow-ups enter from Japan a country by aircraft and ship are done.
"Japanese hotchpotch" of the article in great demand disappeared from the shop of convenience store major FamilyMart in Kobeshi where the infection of a new influenza was affirmed on the 17th. FamilyMart that is the self-imposed control of the Japanese hotchpotch sales for the infection enlargement prevention is partially of 93 Kobeshi internal stores, Osaka Prefecture, and Kyoto Prefecture 192 stores of the district of 99 stores in total. This company is describing, "Spray (The lamplight is waited) infection is prevented".

It is Iu in the store with the Kobeshi internal , saying that "All Japanese hotchpotches that from the headquarters on the night of the 16th when high school student's infection was affirmed the report, and sold the shop were disposed of". The influenza virus is assumed to be inactivation if the core temperature of food heats it for one minute or more in the state of 75 degrees or more. In this shop, the voice with "Exaggerated" came out of the user ..good when having sold it heating it to 80 degrees or more with the Japanese hotchpotch pan in the vicinity of the cash register.., too. However, Iu when keeping assuming, "I want to do doing because of the suppression of customer's infection risk even a little" in this shop, and controlling it voluntarily.

In FamilyMart, the instruction of the all workers's face mask wearing besides the Japanese hotchpotch sales self-imposed control. "The face mask for the employee reached from the headquarters on the 17th" is Iu in the store with the Kobeshi internal , saying that "All members would search for the pharmacy 16, turn, and wear it".

The ion of a super major makes the employee's face mask wearing a duty in JUSCO in Osaka Prefecture Toyonakashi in addition to Kobeshi and Hyogo Prefecture Ashiyashi and Ibarakishi, Daiei, and Saty, etc.The part-time job work of the high school student and the university student is a present suspension lingua in 55 stores in total.
Ito‐Yokado also wears the face mask in the food counter of Osaka Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, and Hyogo Prefecture in 11 stores in total.
The employee was made for convenience store biggest Seven‐Eleven Japan to wear the face mask in about 80 stores such as Toyonakashi following in Kobeshi.

In ASICS of the sports manufacturer major, (Kobeshi), the decision of the policy perceiving going to the office and the retirement from a corporation of the employee who avoided the commuter rush.
It is assumed, "When the entrusting destination is not found, exempt from going to the office because closing the day-care center and the old age assistance facilities is successive" in this company.
The new influenza infection person of the multitude was newly affirmed in Osaka Prefecture at midnight of the 17th and the calositas was received, governor Toru Hashishita held the emergency press briefing in the prefecture before dawn of the 18th, and "Fashion warnings statement" based on the action planning of the prefecture was put out.
In the prefecture internal all junior high schools, the closure for seven days of the high school is assertions.
It was called students, "Be do not go out because the school became a rest, and quiet at home".

The conference that started at 1:30AM of the 18th, and governor Hashishita is a clarification as for the specification of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the prefecture whole area for the infection enlargement prevention region.
「The level of the infection hazard went up further in the prefecture. It is necessary to get it over with prefecture Tamikazu Maru. 」Fashion..fear..declare.

The infection of the school child in Yaoshi in which a current infection extensional area and the point of contact are not located is affirmed, and the calositas and it values it.
The sense of crisis was shown , saying that "It is necessary to have knowledge that the infection had extended by the whole area of Kansai".
To 135 new Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full, domestic infected persons ... Five students in Kobe in new.
・Kobeshi was announced that a new influenza infection of four schoolboys and one schoolgirl was newly affirmed in the prefectural Hyogo high school (Kobeshi) on the 18th.
A domestic infected person became 135 people by this.

・For the infected person who would turn out by the 17th, the student at a private Cra high school and the junior high school in plural public high schools in the Hyogo prefecture and Osaka Prefecture Ibarakishi was centers. The infection was newly affirmed to the student at two horn high school of Osaka prefectural etc. besides the number of the student at these each school and family's infected person increased further. The infection of a girl in the sixth grade of elementary school who did not have the point of contact with the affiliate in the Cra high school and the junior high school in Osaka Prefecture Yaoshi before dawn of the 18th turned out.
Five-years old boy and maximus are the man of 60 years in minimus among 25 new infected persons whom Kobeshi announced on the morning of the 18th.
Less than ten years old and the infected person's more than one's sixties Hyogo and having turned out in both prefectures in Osaka show the extension for the first time at each age.

It was clarified one after another that the member of society also was included in infected person's average.
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank announced on the 18th that the female bank clerk of the Sangu branch was an infection lingua. This bank clerk took charge of the over-the-counter customer service and it usually worked on the 15th.
A female clerk in Kobeshi to which it worked for convenience store "Daily Dipterocarpus tuberculatus Sannomiya 2 branch" in the JR Sannomiya yard in his/her fifties announced on the 18th the infection lingua to a new influenza the West Japan JR daily service net. (abbreviation of part)

・In Hyogo Prefecture, the infected person is going out to not only the student at five horn in the prefecture high school such as the Kobe high schools and affiliate but also bank clerks, and the age group has extended from 5 to 60 years old. (excerpt)

・- from Hanshin area whether report of "Positive" that comes unexpectedly is first step to signs of "Hanshin large infection" or "Infection islands" whenever time is chased(excerpt)
A new influenza infection of high school students in Osaka was affirmed, and the calositas was received, and the adjournment of a domestic school excursion was decided in Tokushima Prefecture as the common school come one after another.
The prefectural education board confronts the cities, towns, and villages educational commitee and the prefectural school administrator on the ninth.
The notification assumed to be "Please reexamine the implementation such as school excursions including discontinuance" was sent.
The prefectural school that decides the adjournment : according to the prefecture educational commitee.
Ten schools (high school and special school for handicapped children that scheduled school excursion domestic etc. by the end of May) in total.
As for the destination, Hokkaido and Tokyo, etc. were scheduled.
The Tokushimashi educational commitee that receives the notification of the prefecture educational commitee notifies the municipal school a similar contents.
34 schools (the smallness, the inside, and the high school that scheduled the Kansai district, Okinawa, and Hokkaido, etc. at the travel destination in May and the first ten days of June) in total are the decision linguas and Iu according to the city educational commitee as for the adjournment.
Full a new Dipterocarpus tuberculatus: Calm Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology to the school excursion discontinuance that requests correspondence.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology put out the document that requested calm correspondence from going out of movement to discontinue and to postpone everything from the anxiety to a new influenza infection to not only foreign countries but also domestic school excursions to the each administrative divisions board of education on the 14th.

The document「No situation from which the reexamination such as domestic school excursions including self-imposed control is requested at the present stage. I hope appropriate correspondence on the basis of the accurate intelligence the consultation with the administrative divisions health service department etc. often. 」It makes it.  
The same high school in Osakashi as a new positive of one boy and nine "Thickness" people.

Nine Osakashi announced to a new influenza (swine influenza) the problem with a thick infection lingua misdoubt that another one schoolboy of the same city living that went to this high school had shown a new positive by the inspection of the city on the morning of the 17th.

The specimen is sent to National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and a more detailed inspection is advanced.
The schoolboy is Iu in case of the sit up and take notice though he has been hospitalized in the infectious disease specification medical institution.
It is received that the Tokushima Prefecture board of education notified the cities, towns, and villages educational commitee etc. from the fear to a new influenza the reexamination including canceling the school excursion, and multi governor Hiroshi Nakaima in Okinawa Prefecture : by the 14th.   The document requested not to allow the school excursion for the Tokushima Prefecture educational commitee to be canceled as "The situation of thorough was straightened by the countermeasure, and a lot of tourists were visiting Okinawa usually" was sent.

Okinawa Prefecture's dependency to the tourism industry is high, and students on school excursion are 400,000 people or more annually. However, the number of tourists fell below the previous year this moon for five months from November last year in serial because of the depression, and the prefecture stressed, "The countermeasure to be able to prevent the overreaction to a new influenza from extending was stricken".

The person in charge of the Tokushima Prefecture educational commitee assumes, "The document cannot correspond at once though received".

Two schools of Tokushima Prefecture in the junior high school have already canceled the school excursion to Okinawa, and one school is an adjournment lingua according to Okinawa Prefecture.
When both were travel schedules at the end of May, it is Iu.
Governor Toshizo of the well in Hyogo Prefecture : in the conference on the 17th.
It was clarified to appeal for appropriate correspondence to each governor as "There was a prefecture that told it by naming , saying that 'Did not go to Kobe'" in National Governors・ Association opened on the 18th, and to request the countermeasure of the rumor damage prevention from the country.

A countermeasure similar as for Shizuoka Prefecture is discussed about seven days every 980 people such as students at the junior high school where the Kitakyushushi educational commitee visited Kobeshi etc. in the school excursion on the 16th over this infection attendance and besides assuming the suspension of going to work. The policy requested to the inhabitants of the prefecture that Yamanashi Prefecture also controls the travel and the business trip to Hyogo Prefecture voluntarily has been decided.

The well governor is a criticism lingua, having said "Feeling called a contaminated zone" , saying that "Naming so as not to go to Kansai might promote the harmful rumor".

Moreover, Kobeshi demands the foundation of the compensation system to the medical institution etc. that stop the general practice by health care practitioner's secondary infection that undertakes the treatment of a new influenza etc. compared with the Toolrou Toita Minister state affairs officer who visited the same city and the exoergic outpatient's establishment on the 17th.
The staff increase dispatches of the doctors engaged in the specialist and the exoergic outpatient of the epidemiological investigation were requested.
Full a new Dipterocarpus tuberculatus: A school district difference unnecessary inspection and specimen annulment Kobeshi are instructions.

・It has been understood that Kobeshi directed disposal of the specimen of another schoolboy of Kobe Technical College (Kobeshi Nishiku) of which the new influenza patient went out on the 17th. There is a possibility of missing the widespread infection, and the voice of the doubt comes out.

An a type full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus and it turns out a schoolboy in the simple test of a clinic outside three districts on the morning of the 16th. When the clinic consults the same city exoergic consultation center「The usual full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus correspondence because no school district in the high school of which the patient of a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus commutes. Please dispose of the specimen. 」It answered.  

The specimen is not disposed of and this clinic is preserved. The head official「How do you do if it is a new Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full patient?It returns to the house when Sweet as, and there is a possibility of spreading. 」It resented it.  It is thought that it has not been examined about this student yet on the night of the 17th though the infection turned out in Kobe Technical College.

The range is decided because it is not possible to correspond to the spurt of the inspection request, and when he or she requested the medical institution to examine it in a across-the-board clinic, the patient outside the object region is Iu according to the city.

Moreover, it was said, "Wait at home because it was thought a usual influenza" though the clinic of prefectural year's the second grade of high-school schoolboy who became the a type positive by the simple test in same city Kitaku was inquired of the city public health center on the 16th. The doctor specified, "The infection might be expanded overlooking it in case of the new model".
Governor Hashishita of the enlargement is an assertion in the whole area of Osaka Prefecture as for the closure.

・The enlargement of a new influenza was received, and governor Toru Hashishita in Osaka Prefecture had a press conference before dawn of the 18th, described, "The closure of the junior high school and the high school was held by the whole area in the prefecture", and showed the policy of expanding the region of the temporary school closing to the whole area in the prefecture.

Governor Hashishita spoke, "Round Tona prefecture Tamikazu wants to get over this emergency".

The period of the closure is seven days. Infected person's confirmation comes one after another, and the temporary school closing has exceeded a part of of the 1000 schools in the region in Osaka Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture so far.
・The infection of 84 people such as high school students and teacher in this prefecture and Osaka Prefecture was newly affirmed by the announcement such as Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare before dawn of the 18th following the infection to a new influenza (swine influenza) being affirmed by eight students of Kobeshi at two schools in Hyogo prefectural high school.

There are a lot of high school students who do not have the record of overseas travel, and are a lot of students who appeal for the exoergic etc. in the high school where the infected person exists, too.
Kobeshi and Osaka Prefecture, etc. took a large-scale closure countermeasure to hold off herd infection that centered on the high school, and the number of closures exceeded 1400 schools. When "Domestic infection" was included by as many as four people who turned out in quarantine with 92 characters and New Tokyo International Airport in this, a domestic number of infected persons became 96 people in total.

The family etc. of affirming the infection at 1:00AM of the 18th of 36 students, lecturer, and the student of the height of Kansai University Kuranaka (Ibarakishi) in Osaka Prefecture. In Hyogo Prefecture, one student of three students and prefectural Yoka (iodination) height (foster father (spinney) city) of 11 students of six shrill (Kobeshi) of 9 students and prefectural Kobe high (same as above), 12 students of a guardian and prefectural Hyogo high (same as above), and the height of prefectural Takasago (Takasagoshi), the teacher, and 11 high school students in the prefecture, etc.Because the junior high school of establishing as an annex also includes, and about 190 people appealed for the symptom of the influenza in Kansai University Cra, Osaka Prefecture etc. are proceeding with the investigation.
In addition, the infection of university students in this prefecture Suitashi besides girl (11) in Osaka Prefecture Yaoshi the sixth grade of elementary school is affirmed, and the possibility to which secondary infection is advanced has come out widely. (excerpt)

・To move a domestic countermeasure of a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus of the government from "Second stage" to "The third stage (infection expansion phase)" in the interview at the afternoon of the 17th, the person in charge of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare showed knowledge with premature. (excerpt)

・- from Hanshin area whether report of "Positive" that comes unexpectedly is first step to signs of "Hanshin large infection" or "Infection islands" whenever time is chased(excerpt)

・Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is tightening one's guard , saying that "The infectivity is strong" though assumes, "The fashion is not a spread in the region by the school center". (excerpt)
Self-defense countermeasure that extends to sales spurt and the citizens of face mask

・The movement of self-defense has extended between the citizens.

In drug shop "Central branch of Sangu Min Koku" that exists in the downtown of Kobe and Sangu, those who come to a store have increased from the morning of the 16th. The guest who bought the face mask of entering by one box 60 pieces temporarily queued up outside the shop by 40 people or more.
When about 1000 boxes an hour including two stores of the vicinity sold, it is Iu.

Woman (48) in Hyogo Prefecture Harimacho where the face mask was bought while shopping「It was relieved for purchase. Because I also have high school student's son, the shock. 」。Woman (56) in Kobeshi where the home helper has been「It was sold out though it had turned round the pharmacy where some. Because it cannot help approaching the work blade and the person, it takes care enough. 」It spoke.

・In "Sannomiya Center-gai" in the vicinity of JR Sannomiya Station that is the downtown of the Kobe the greatest, both face masks are sold all in plural drugstores in daytime, and there is even no inventory. Still, to buy the face mask, the guest visited one after another. Woman (34) in Kobeshi that was not able to be bought answered the coverage of daily sports in the expression to be embarrassed , saying that "It was not anywhere . Let's seemed to extend still in the future, and did very very".

It sold also in other stores as 100 pieces or more flew roughly including the inventory. Woman (20) in Kobeshi where the face mask was able to be bought safely anxiously spoke with "The university was rest for a while, and grew serious" though she was pleased, "It was finally found looking for about five".
Moreover, woman (31) in Kobeshi of having already hoarded about 100 pieces :. 「When the news of a new influenza was originally seen, the face mask was bought thinking that the absolute necessity. Though That's a relief might have been good it」The compound expression.  (excerpt)
The infection in the country of a new influenza (swine influenza) is affirmed for the first time, and the calositas is received, and the countermeasure also for the enterprise to prevent the infection enlargement is done in earnest centering on the Kansai region.

Movement to request the face mask wearing from the employee has extended at a dash by the served distribution industry etc.

Kansai Super Market that developed the store in Hyogo Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture decided all workers to wear the face mask in four Kobeshi internal stores on the 17th. It is described, "I do not want to make the infection known through the shop". It obligated the washroom to the all workers in four Kobeshi internal stores on the 16th Life Corporation ..wearing and the shop of going in and out of the face mask...

Convenience store "Seven-Eleven" sends about 20,000 face masks for 360 shops in the Hyogo prefecture on the 16th. The clerk is made to wear it in 95 Kobeshi internal stores. Synthesis..Ito mask..wear..obligate.

When business employees who worked Hyogo inside a prefecture were contacted it with the client, Osaka Gas decided to obligate wearing the face mask.

The influence went out to the event partially. J and the reception desk retailing with Daimaru in the subsidiary in haste discontinued a related event of Kagoshima Bussan and the sightseeing exhibition scheduled in a previous door at the Daimaru Kobe branch (Kobeshi Chuoku) on the 16th.

It seems to include traffic in Kansai and another region, and to extend to public transport that carries a lot of travelers the influence.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport requests that it asks passengers for wearing the face mask etc. by the announcement in the poster and the car etc. the railway company, the airline, and Travel Agent, etc. on the 16th. On the same day, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways are instruction linguas in the staff who works for the Kobe airport as for wearing the face mask.

The manufacturer began also to harden the countermeasure. Kobe Steel put out the directive that obligated the face mask wearing at the rising retirement from a corporation from the 16th per about 7000 employee who worked for the Kansai region. NEC decided the policy directed to persist in the health management such as doing person in question and family's thermometries every morning to the employee by the mail so on on the 18th at the beginning of the week.

On the other hand, most does business the department store and Theme Park, etc. as usual.

The Daimaru Kobe branch does business after the 17th as usual. The Takashimaya Osaka branch (Osakashi Chuoku) also does business as usual, and it is Iu , saying that "Check so that the soap of the boudoir should not cut".

After the Universal Studio Japan (Osakashi Konohanaku) in large-scale Theme Park also persists in the employee's health management such as gargle and enforcing the washroom, it keeps doing business as usual.

- Staff of Hankyu Corporation that does affairs by face mask appearance

- Source


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The vegetable that grew up as the soil was not used, and the pesticide did not exist came to queue up super.
It is "Plant factory" to produce that the food company and the steel maker, etc. have managed.
The weather is not controlled and the variety that can still be grown also has Mellit that can be stably produced though it is few and the price is also high.
Does the day when the vegetable of "Shop Soda" becomes the leading part of the table come?--。

Fresh and green lettuce without moth-eaten extends all over.
Lettuce is on and the pool floating when often looking at.
The mutritious liquid sterilized with ozone plays the role of the soil.

Plant factory where it is glazed in Ibaraki Prefecture Tsuchiurashi.
To prevent the pathogenic bacteria from invading, it is necessary to acquire the hat and boots, and to wash one's hand the white robe in entering in the shop.

The pesticide is unnecessary in a thorough hygiene.
The weather is able not to be controlled to keep the temperature, humidity, the water temperature, and duration of sunshine to be optimal by the computer-control, and to grow the vegetable of a stable quality.
The age can be harvested as many as 28 times a year of the the greatest about half of the open culture.

It is associate company "JFE Life. " of the steel maker and JFE Holdings to carry on.
It is Iu , saying that "Pulling against each other has increased because it can do the stable supply through one year".
Old Kawasaki Steel of the antecedent started agriculture by the business diversification at middle of the 80's.

In the investigation of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the plant factory including the type of using together with sunshine is 50 places in the whole country.
The municipality and Nokyo besides the food company such as Q.P. set up and lettuce chiefly, lettuce, and foliage plants such as mums are produced in spring.


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The infection of schoolboy (16) of the second grader and schoolgirl (16) was newly affirmed in the prefectural Kobe high school in Kobeshi.
This and the infected person is three person lingua of Rima Tona.
Moreover, the reaction of the positive has gone out by the simple test about five students who go to the high school according to the Kobeshi internal, and the genetic screening is being done now.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is hurrying up the clarification of Mite and the infection route when there is a possibility that herd infection has occurred.
As many as five people (a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus and another high school) in eight person total also : in domestic secondary infection and Kobe.

・Being infected National Institute of Infectious Diseases to an implementation ..lock-in inspection.. lingua and a new influenza has understood the 16th of schoolboy (16) in Hyogo prefectural Kobe of the Kobeshi living without the record of overseas travel the second grade of high-school and 2 of the schoolgirl (same as above). There was neither making a passage Reki these days. Moreover, Kobeshi was announced that the infection of five people had been newly affirmed in another high school in the city on the same day. It turned out domestic secondary infection that eight characters and infections had expanded in this.

If four people in the airport quarantine of the waterside countermeasure to which the infection is affirmed are included, a domestic infection has become 12 people so far. On the other hand, nine people such as high school girls of the Toyonakashi living in her teens announced on the same day that an infected doubt with a new influenza in the prefectural public hygiene laboratory was thick Osaka Prefecture.
The specimen is transported to the infection laboratory, and the detail inspection is done.

The schoolboy and the schoolgirl to whom the infection is affirmed are schoolboys in the third grade of high-school to whom the infection was affirmed on the same day.
 (17)With the same high school. The confirmation lingua of the infection of five schoolgirls in the Kobe high school and the Hyogo high school (Kobeshi Nagataku) who has made the alternating current game of volleyball.

・It is schoolgirl (16) of the second grader that the dye is thick who goes to an Ibarakishi internal private high school by the Toyonakashi living. There is no making a passage Reki to foreign countries including the family the schoolgirl, and the schoolgirl is in hospital in the Toyonakashi internal hospital.
It puts together and as many as eight people also have gone out of the student who goes to the same school as the schoolgirl and the family the reaction of the positive of the a type by the simple test.
In this school, the school shows a flulike symptom by the other about 100 people, and decides the closure now until the 20th, and is affirming student and family's medical conditions. (abbreviation of part)

swine influenza

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The first infection domestically is solved in a new influenza and "Stop" countermeasure of ..person who are.. 48 person is solved one after another in "Isolation ..affirmed high school student.." to four people and surroundings on the evening of the 15th. A severe action restriction, that is, the situation to date is lost, and daily life becomes possible. However, the slander (slander) based on the misunderstanding and the slander pour in to Osaka Prefecture Neyagawashi etc. in which students' high schools are located. Affiliates are having misgivings about the prejudice etc. so as not to be said (misgivings).

32 of 4 of the isolations and 48 of the stopping are affiliates of the studying abroad for short time. After the eighth when students had returned home, 52 telephones were drawn from the whole country according to Neyagawashi. The telephone of 100 total or more is drawn to the prefecture and the school, and it is Iu in case of the contents to which many criticize administration and students.

Narita..come in Canada..Ikuno..unjust..telephone..why..face home..have..go abroad to study..action..criticism..draw."Apologize", "Compensate", and "Bacayaror" When the telephone of the contents that pours, and slanders the student and the teacher personally one-sidedly hangs, too it is Iu as for the hoot ().

The person in charge of the crisis management in Neyagawashi is perplexed to the telephone that is not the mind that comes one after another , saying that "There is a telephone that damages human rights, too".
It is spoken on that, "It is made to pass on correct information tightly and to object for a groundless criticism".

Also in Internet discussion board, "Festival" state that writing pours in. The many「It imports it the virus by using the tax. What ..coming... 」「The trouble is put on others. No cold problem. 」The expression that is not the mind.

"Caesaca support team" that hit the means of coming home and the mass communication correspondence so that students might return without the bewilderment on the 15th was started up in Osaka Prefecture.
In addition, the governor of the Toru Hashishita prefecture calls Health Minister Yoichi Masuzoe on the 13th and it is requested, "It wants you to give the message concerning safety".
To Health Minister Masuzoe immediate「There is no fear of secondary infection at all. I would like you to receive it in the community up to now. Correspondence calmly on the basis of correct information」With the conference lingua.

Stopping is a countermeasure according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare taken to prevent the person in question's diagnosis and treatment and the infection enlargement to surroundings. If the infection might not extend within the country by the countermeasure based on the specialist's proposal based on the finding, it is Iu though the schedule at first of ten days will be shortened in seven days.

It isolates and stopping, and rationale of healthy observation being executed by people who return home under the same cover in addition is "Quarantine Law" and "Communicable Diseases and Medical Care Law"

It is sung to old Infectious Disease Prevention Law by "Above sentence" in the Communicable Diseases and Medical Care Law of the enforcement in 1998 taking the place, "Catching the fact that discrimination and the prejudice not said by the leprosy etc. existed heavily, and making to the lesson are necessary".

The Emiko Iwazaki Sendaishi sub-mayor who has the career of the length etc. of the Sendai quarantine station「Discrimination and the prejudice might not be let to be repeated. There is no what to the infection extends from the person from whom stopping and isolation were solved at all. It only has to accept to the ordinary. 」It speaks. 
It is specified on that, "Should not the country make countermeasures of stopping and isolation, etc. more flexible if it thinks about the hypovirulence?"
Principals have an interview to a Osaka Prefecture Ibarakishi internal private high school of schoolgirls (16) of two years where the positive reaction of eight people was affirmed by detail (PCR) inspection of a new influenza on the night of the 16th.
It was clarified to have recognized the influenza of the old model though the number of students who appealed for bad health in a specific class on the 11th this month increased.

2 and 3 students are absent from class in the second grade of high-school on the 11th according to this school.
The number of absentees increases to 12 people on the 12th.
The decision lingua of the school year closure from the 13th to the 15th.
This school reports on the school year closure to the prefecture and the Ibaraki public health center on the morning of the 13th.
It was clarified, "The student who was describing symptoms did not have the record of overseas travel, and it was heard the old model by the report from the guardian though it was asked as new doubt Hanai".

37 84 people in total were absent due to influenza on the 16th of the class restart due to 47 people and hyperpyrexias, etc. in the whole school.
Therefore, when all the pupils of our school were made to discontinue the fourth three limits, and to come home, it is Iu.
The schoolgirl from whom the doubt became thick originally appealed for the exoergic etc. on the night of the 15th, and consulted a physician the medical institution.

The principal is a repetition , saying that "The student of both was knowledge with the influenza of the old model". 「It was felt that becoming popular at this time was amusing. There might have been sweetness in correspondence. 」It spoke.
About the infection of a new influenza having expanded in Japan-domestic
The Eusideroxylon zwageri influenza countermeasure deputy manager of World Health Organization (WHO) spoke to Kyodo News Service on the 16th, "It had the anxiety and gazed at the transition of the situation".

The infection enlargement in Japan : the warning level of WHO (phase).
Whether to become a judging material hiked to "6" means from present "5" for worldwide Onagare (bread Demick) about「It is necessary to wait for the confirmation of the Japanese Government though it becomes so (To meeting the condition of the hike) if 'Prolonged infection' is affirmed. Japan thinks corresponding to appropriateness. 」It talked.
It was assumed that it was necessary to receive going out of the infected person with a new influenza in Kobeshi, to have a press conference by the well governor in Hyogo Prefecture, and to prevent the enlargement of the infection and put out the emergency declaration on the basis of the plan of the countermeasure of the prefecture.
And, six horn prefectural schools in part and adjacent Ashiyashi in Kobeshi were decided to close the school about one week, and the calositas was clarified to the school and the senior citizen facilities of this district private internal for the closure and closing.

The well governor assumed that it was necessary to receive going out of the infected person with a new influenza in Kobeshi, and to prevent the enlargement of the infection in the prefecture, put out the emergency declaration on the basis of the plan of the new influenza countermeasure of the prefecture, closed the school in Kobeshi Chuoku, Nadaku, Higashinadaku, and it in this, and six horn prefectural school in Ashiyashi was closed for seven days from the 16th to the 22nd. Moreover, the kindergarten where it was private in these three horn districts and Ashiyashi, the school, and the same closure and closing as 426 facilities such as day-care centers and the senior citizen facilities at the period were additionally requested 107 schools. In addition, student's health survey is advanced at a prefectural school all Hyogo prefectures.

The well governor showed the idea of doing his/her best to suppress the enlargement of the infection in the interview in cooperation with the country and Kobeshi.

Hokkaido brought the decision situation of "Public hospital reform plan" fil to Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications together on the 28th.
In a city town village-owned hospital where 93 exists in Hokkaido, the sickbed reduction in 1367 in total will be expected from the doctor deficiency to the end of fiscal year 2013 etc.
It ..influence.. seems it the ideal way of the community medicine like cooperation and the function review, etc. between the hospitals.  there is a possibility of varying, too, when the ..number of reductions.. future

Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications is requesting that it makes the reform plan for the municipality hospital in the whole country on the basis of "Public hospital reform guideline", and makes the ordinary balance ratio a surplus within three years principles.
84 hospitals of 93 hospitals in the road have already settled on the plan according to the road.
However, having hung aiming at making to the surplus until 11 fiscal years has stayed in 62 hospitals.

Ten hospitals are decisions as for the polarity.

It is a shift to the health care facility for the elderly the shape such as establishing in the clinic as an annex that it aims about ..digging.. that schedules the conversion to the clinic and three hospitals such as Uekawa established by the town hospitals by 12 years.  five hospitals such as the Horokanaicho national health insurance hospitals

The source
The inside and the last recourse that the restructuring of the dispatch cutting and the regular member etc. become social issues are parts.
・Part-time job. It is in up trend and Iu at the part-time job according to "Version part-timer white paper of 2009 fiscal years" that job advertisement magazine major "Idem" announced some time ago some the feed though an unprecedented depression. Let's which work how much can able to be earned at the one, and introduce the feed ranking when the latest east and west working part-time.

In the investigation of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Statistics Bureau, as many as 420,000 proportion people of the previous year also have decreased the number of the full time equivalent and employee in 2008 by 33.99 million people. On the other hand, the number of part-timers (part-time job) remains to the setback of 10,000 proportion people every 8.21 million people of the previous year.

「The influence on the part-time job is not too large though the regular member and the contract employee are in a severe employment environment because of the depression. Demand has risen more and more. 」

It is a person in charge of "Idem person and work laboratory" that issues the part-timer white paper that talks so.

948 yen of 16 Enso in the Kanto area though average hourly earnings of the part-time job were 882 yen of corresponding ratio to the previous year two yen down in Kansai and the East Sea area according to this white paper. It rises slightly with 921 yen of eight Enso on a nationwide scale.

It is an attached table to have done the ranking to regional according to the occupational category as for it.

It is "Pharmacist" and "Nursing master and practical nurse" in east and west in 1st place to be placed in which the expertise that a national qualification is necessary and advanced is requested. The hourly pay greatly pulls another apart.
Job openings are the spurt inside in "Nursing helper". Correspondingly, the hourly pay rose, too and the current state of the medical treatment industry segments that were said, "Always shortage of labor" stood out in relief.

"Attendant in the place of amusement etc." entered the epistatic excluding medical. However, the recreational facilities is wide from the pachinko parlor to Theme Park and the amusement park. The feed is also changeable because of the occupation at time.
Similarly, the driving skill and the experience are controlled as for the feed at "Article delivery driver" of the epistatic.

【Place and environmental Era are important ]

On the other hand..east and west..outstanding..become..convenience zone..feed..control..trend..strong..amount..width..extreme..wide.As the entrance of the part-time job, because a too advanced neither skill nor communication ability are demanded from this kind of service trade, it is entering Yasui. I want to do office Era carefully though it is convenient also to hiding in the company and working.

Average hourly earnings of the part-time job are considerably different by the region. Nerima Ward is 988 yen though average hourly earnings of Katsushika Ward are 1043 yen in Tokyo 23 district. As for Konohanaku, the gap is seen in 854 yen - and the region though Asahiku is 1013 yen in Osakashi. 「There are a lot of senior citizen households, and as for a lot of regions that are, the medical institution concentrates, and are a lot of job offers of medical, too. It might push up average hourly earnings. 」The person in charge says the former rising.

After it makes introductory remarks, "Working part-time as a life defense leverage is not bad", Mr. Shuta Endo who manages side job support site "Side job seeking" :. 「However, it is necessary to do the side job within the range where the influence doesn't go out to the profession. Starting after the flexible situation of the introduction from the acquaintance etc. is made is a sensible way of doing. 」It speaks.  The condition of not only the hourly pay but also the place and the environment important.

- Idem "Version part-timer white paper of 2009 fiscal years"  Http://
Movement that the doctor deficiency reviews the medical practice training system of the new figure doctor to whom cause Tomoi cracks has expanded the ripple in situ.
In Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the substance at the training period will perceive the cutback for one year, and brings the conclusion together at the specialist study committee for the people securing on the 18th at ten fiscal years. However, the doctor who worries has been raising the voice to doubt the effect to a lot of doctor deficiency cancellations that are the purposes of the review , saying that "Can you learn enough in one year?".

"The training of the department to which it is not had a mind to major in is volition. " (doctor of the university hospital) "I may spoil an unmotivated resident doctor and change the system?"(representative of patient group)

The study committee on the second this month was intensely faced of the each commissioner's insistence. The focus : by all means about the regimen that turns round seven diagnosis and treatment department in two years. As for the agreement sect of the cutback, the argument traced parallel lines to "You should decrease the required course, and learn the remainder in the particular field" and anti-nukes for one year , saying that "Reverse to the idea of the diagnosis and treatment upgrading".

Many of new figure doctors were situations in which it belonged to the dispensary of the alma mater (diagnosis and treatment department) before, and it was chased, and the diagnosis and treatment abilities other than the specialty did not grow up easily in the chore either. To correct this, the regimen was introduced. In the investigation of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare study group, as for the number of cases, that the resident doctor experiences in two years, it increases gradually, and the majority is satisfied with the contents.

However, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was without probat the effect the training cutback and started coming review. Health Minister Yoichi Masuzoe spoke from early time with "One year of two years", and the dissenting opinion such as four hospital group councils that about 60 percent of hospitals across the country joined was not reflected in "Basic plan" of the secretariat making.

It is a doctor of the diagnosis and treatment department removed from requiring to hold a strong sense of crisis in the period cutback. President Takuya Kojima of Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology stresses, "As for the risk for an internal medicine department and a surgical patient to complicate the mood depression etc. , it is high, and the training of the psychiatry department is necessary for any specialty".

On the other hand, the young man doctor returns to the university hospital of the core in the region early, and the voice of the doubt comes out to the speculation of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare if training shortens. The pediatrics department lecturer at the university in Kanto「Resident doctor's trend that chooses the serious illness academy of the urban area is strong, and it doesn't remain in the university hospital in period and capacity's amendments. The education that raises the pride that supports the community medicine is important. 」
With the indication. President Akira of the brook of Iwate Medical University also predicts agreeing with the review, "The doctor deficiency of the diagnosis and treatment department with which the working environment like the obstetrics department etc. is severe continues if it doesn't depress it to the capacity setting according to the diagnosis and treatment department".

Graduates of university Department of Medicine are about 8000 people every year. It doesn't become a root solution of the doctor deficiency even if new figure doctor of the number is put in to the worker, and sub-director Hiroshi Honda in the saitama prefecture Saiseikai Kurihashi hospital appeals, "It is necessary to expand doctor's absolute number, and to take a detailed countermeasure corresponding to the fact in the region".

- Language doctor medical practice training
The regimen starts in fiscal year 2004 on the basis of the medical practitioners law, the internal medicine department (six months or more) and surgery and the emergency and the anesthetizing departments are studied in the year first of the principle, and the pediatrics department, obstetrics and gynecology, the psychiatry department, and the regional health care and the medical treatment (one month or more for each) are studied in year second.
Only the internal medicine department (six months or more), emergencies (three months or more), and the community medicines of the review idea (one month or more) were requiring. It is assumed that the resident doctor who chooses the provinces and the university hospital is few, and the offering capacity of each administrative divisions is provided in the review idea though the training destination can be requested to the liberty.

The source

The Ministry of Health

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The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare study group (Japanese gynecologist of representative = Naruaki Kasegi Huili thing) understands about expenses for Birth a baby and the average forehead's according to administrative divisions the first in-situ survey, and having 1.5 the greatest times the regional difference have understood the 14th for the medical institution in the whole country as for the implementation lingua.
Extremely..high..Tokyo..extremely..low..Kumamoto prefecture..national averages.

When the difference of resident's income level is reflected in the regional difference, the study group is analysis. It is assumed that financial support that matches both pregnant women and nursing mothers and the medical institution to regional circumstances is necessary.

It is aggregate amounts of the partus fee, the hospitalization fee, the neonatal management fee, and the room fee, etc. that investigated. The answer was obtained from about 1700 places (the implementation and 59%) for the clinic and the hospital in whole country about 2900 in January this year.

Usual birth is a liberty diagnosis and treatment outside the insurance application, and the price decision is left to the medical institution. There were four times every the highest 810,000 yen and 218,000 yen of minimum the gap when expenses for delivery according to the medical institution were seen.

About 420,000 yen of national averages exceeded 380,000 yen of a present forehead of the lump-sum birth allowance uniform the whole country provided from public medical insurance to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Lump sum money decides the hike of 40,000 yen only by 1 and a half years from October, and becomes a corresponding level in the national averages forehead.

- Source
On the basis of economic partnership agreement (EPA) on Japan and the Philippines
The send-off party of 280 candidates of the Filipino nursing master and the care person dispatched to Japan was held in Manila metropolitan area Quezon City on the eighth.
The majority leave on the tenth.

Break-downs are 92 nursing masters, and 188 nursing people according to a Japanese embassy in the Philippines.
Mr. (39) peer who aimed at the nursing master spoke, "Loneliness and gladness are in halves because it entrusted the child to parents".

At first from Japan, because the candidate who found the employment with a good condition in the Middle East etc. had declined it, it ..job openings.. interrupted though there was a job offer of 429 people.

The candidate trains for six months with facilities of Japan-domestic in five places in the hospital and the nursing facilities in various places the language study training later.

Source: Jp of every day
A worldwide infection enlargement of a new influenza is received, and the face mask that uses the influenza antibody made from the ostrich egg is paid to attention. Prof. Yasuhiro of Tsukamoto (animal hygiene) in the Kyoto Prefectural University biosis environmental science research course develops, and the swine influenza virus that became the prototype of a new virus and it is Iu , saying that confirmation Shite descending and "The effective possibility is extremely high also in a new virus" as for the barrier effect.

The antibody is a material that makes it bond in the inside of the body with the foreign enemy such as viruses (antigen) and inactivate.
The Tsukamoto professor developed the technology that produced a large amount of antibodies with the yolk of the ovum that a female Struthio camelus that had administered the virus had borne.

The filter that oneself soaked the antibody of the influenza virus by established venture business "Orstorittifarma" (plaza ..Kyoto Prefecture Seikacho and the balk..) is manufactured. It is Iu when inactivating with the antibody when the virus passes the filter.

The manufacturer made to the face mask, it sold (100 yen a number), and eight million pieces were sold domestically at the end of March. When the inquiry is successive since a new influenza appears, it is Iu.

The antibody of four kinds of influenza viruses including the same type (H1N1) as a new influenza is used, and the effect has already been affirmed in the swine influenza of the H1N 1 type.

The effect to a new influenza can be expected, and the Tsukamoto professor plans to shortly do the demonstration in cooperation with an overseas institution.

The Tsukamoto professor「The antibody development from a new virus can be done in about one month. It is likely to be able to correspond for the stockpile because there are five year effect of the antibody. 」It speaks.  

- Face mask that used antibody made from ostrich egg

- Distributor's CROSSEED (clo Seed) company limited

- Source
Discontinuance and the adjournment come still one after another though the current time has not concentrated in the autumn of the peak. "It wants children to make memories at the life, and guardian's worry is also large. "A difficult judgment is urged on the school.

A private Shizuoka English-Japanese woman school high school (Shizuokashi) held a temporary guardian association on the second, and told the adjournment of the Canada travel that 80 the second grader people had planned to leave on the seventh.

Travel Agent and a local school that exchanged it received the report, and decided the implementation , saying that "Sweet as" once in the end of April. There is a commotion that the infection is temporarily doubted from the high school student in Yokohama to which it came a lot from Canada, too and however, parents who hold the anxiety are the policy conversion linguas and Iu who discusses it again.
This school is one convex rail, and has the school excursion only once every six years. The head teacher「The conclusion about which it just thinks. After autumn, I want to achieve the travel. 」。

Yamanashi Prefecture Minobu established by the town inferior part of the vestibular ganglion junior high school is an adjournment lingua in about October as for the New Zealand travel that seven the third grader people planned to go. Traveling abroad is started, and this time is the 10th , saying that "I want to make the child who bears the future of the town acquire the international sensibility" though a whole school and a small school of the remainder of 40 people. When the guardian bears responsibility, the cancel charge of 50,000 yen is Iu.

The Fukushima Prefecture Yamatsurimachi Tatiyamatsri junior high school is an adjournment lingua as for the Australia travel of 50 the third grader people. Students support by the financing by the town, go every year, and are Iu if there seemed regrettably to be not a voice either.

The paulownia optical garden high school (Kawasakishi) decided the school excursion to Canada to discontinuance. The second grade of high-school 579 people planned to go to Vancouver on six days of five night stays at the end of May. However, it is Iu when the report that tells the infection enlargement is seen, and discontinuance is decided, and the student was told on April 28, "Student's safety is unwarrantable before for one month" by a return homeroom on the day.

Discontinuance was decided on the 1st in Mite if the situation did not pick up though the language study training was scheduled to be taken in the place where 155 the 5th grader people were U.S. Boston until the Tsuchiura Japan University secondary education school (Ibaraki Prefecture Tsuchiurashi) and 29 ..June 8...

When the travel was finished, it is chased by correspondence. In the saitama prefecture and Tochigi Prefecture, when student's medical condition of the high school that went to foreign countries in April will be affirmed in the future, it is Iu.

About 170,000 school excursions to foreign countries began to increase for 93 years, and made a passage in the junior high school high school according to Japan School Excursion Association in fiscal year 2008. Best 3 of the destination of fiscal year 2008 is Australia (16%), South Korea (14%), and Singapore (11%). It is far, and popularity is persistent, and it is in 9th place North America where it runs up the charge four % Canada.

- Foundation Japan School Excursion Association

- Source
Japan Cosmetic Industry Association that made it from the cosmetics maker etc. announced that it had settled on "New influenza countermeasure guideline" on the 27th. The correspondence policy of the self-imposed control of business etc. to assume the case where the patient was recognized, the accrual lingua swine influenza etc. were "New model" in Mexico and the United States besides the bird flu, and to prevent the infection enlargement was provided.

When serving it, the face mask is worn, and "Practice" to make up the client in the shop is controlled voluntarily in "The first stage" in which a new accrual is affirmed in foreign countries according to the guideline. The contents that the self-imposed control of the entire serving activity in "Second stage" of which the patient went out domestically, and refrains from business as much as possible.

Finally, it is assumed that it entrusts it to the judgment of each company because there is an enterprise that treats the necessity such as soap, too however.

This federation is a composition by 947 companies such as the cosmetics makers. It is Iu when having requested to correspond to each company dated the 23rd on the basis of the guideline.

- Japan Cosmetic Industry Association

- Source



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