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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced the finding of not filling the safety standard concerning fire prevention and the shelter road, and violating the building standards law to 60 percent of a without notice pay old age home where the report based on Old-Age Welfare Law was not done. This ministry requested the thoroughness in the correction guidance to the facilities owner etc. each administrative divisions.

The fire accident that ten people died by rest home" is received, and the request of the diplomatic relation ministry and each administrative divisions is an implementation ..this investigation.. ..without notice pay old age home ".. lingua of Gunma Prefecture Shibukawashi in March at the end of April. The object facilities were 446, and this ministry arranged 406 that the check is completed sooner or later.

The building-code violation was found in 258 facilities that hit 63.5%. When the breach concerning the emergency lighting was concretely 196 (48.3%), ..breach concerning the partition.. ..breach concerning 99 (24.4%) and smoke control equipment.. 77 (19.0%) each other most.

As for the correction guidance ending and 45 remainder facilities, Setokiten and 213 facilities are the correction instructional plannings in April among 258 facilities with the breach.


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