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- China is new model of the first domestically success Dipterocarpus tuberculatus flu in the vaccine production.

The major medicine manufacturer in China such as Shincasha.
It was announced that the Araragi living being (Henan Province) succeeded in the vaccine production of a new influenza for the first time domestically on the 22nd. The outlook that the implementation Shite effectiveness is affirmed, and inoculation starts in September of the clinical test from July. Up to now, the infection of 400 people or more has been affirmed in mainland China.

It is announced that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare starts the vaccine manufacturing on the 19th in Japan in the middle of July.


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In China
What situation?
It was announced that a new influenza infection of 58 people would be newly affirmed in 24 hours in the past until 6PM the same day at night of the 21st in a Chinese continent part as for Chinese government and Medical Division, and the number of total infected persons became 414 people.
Hong Kong's Department of Health announces that 65 infected persons are affirmed on the 21st and they became 320 total people. The number of Chinese range of new influenza infection people together with three of 60 people and Macau (Macau) in Taiwan is power to approach 797 people and 800 people in total.

Five people were affirmed the infection of one person by Guangdong Province respectively in 24 hours in the past until 6:00PM of the 21st in each ministry in Chekiang, Konami, Yomokawa, and Kahoku in 7 people and Fujian Province in 11 people and Beijing City in 31 people and Shanghai City according to Chinese government and Medical Division.

The total infected person exceeded 50 people in Beijing and the sea city and Guangdong Province where a lot of going of foreign countries and the person in and out existed in a Chinese continent.
Moreover, the number of infected persons has increased also in the inland of Yomokawa, Guizhou, Un'nan, Enishi, and Yamanishi, etc.Not only the edge water side ..domestic infection.. operation in ..descending accrual Shite.. future but also it is scheduled to make efforts further in the prevention of infection in the country.

According to Medical Division, 215 people were the hospitalization be under treatments among 414 total infected persons, and 199 people assumed the recovery and left hospital.

The infection of two people was newly affirmed in Taiwan on the 18th, and it became 60 total people. The first one infected person was affirmed in Macau on the 18th, and it was understood that as many as two people who had arrived at Macau by the same airplane as this patient had been infected, too on the 20th.

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The post office office worker of the return in the United States is an infection.

The Tokyo branch office of the post office company that took charge of the over-the-counter customer service in the Japanese postal administration group announced that it turned out that it was infected and the 22nd man employee (43) of the Akasakadori post office work to which it had returned home from the United States on the 18th had infected with a new influenza.

The man stays from the 11th to the 18th in the United States and Hawaii according to this company at the vacation.
It arrived at New Tokyo International Airport by 21 Northwest flights. It works by wearing the face mask though there was a symptom of the cough on the 19th.
It takes charge of the over-the-counter customer service until 11:00AM - 1:00PM. In that case, it is Iu when having dealt with about 80 guests.

The man consults the Arakawa Ward internal public health center because the symptom was not improved.
The infection turned out in the hospital on the consequence and 21 of a detailed genetic screening.


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