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"Meal mixed with Chinese medicine (anther tray) train" of the Yoro railway that runs Gifu inside a prefecture is popular. To escape from inside where the number of passengers every year decreases and loss making operations continue and "Situation in which not the passenger but air is carried", it plans. At popularity when it surpasses expectations, it is Iu now when having operated it in March when the reservation until the first half of July was almost buried.

The meal mixed with Chinese medicine train uses one car of three car organization. It will run between Ogaki and Kuwana where the passenger can enjoy the scenery of magnificent nature such as a deep tail plains and Yoro mountain ranges while tasting the meal mixed with Chinese medicine dish in about one and a half hours.

In the dish, it starts from the blend lingua aperitif, and even the desserts of the tempura of the vegetable of the season that was able to be gathered in local, the boiled food, the black Allium sativum chocolate, and the Taraxacum platycarpum Dahlst. tea are 15 goods in total as for the herbal medicine. The effect of the meal mixed with Chinese medicine, the sightseeing spot is guided at intervals of the meal, and the meal mixed with Chinese medicine goods are sold.

One is operated at time of daytime of Thursday and Saturday every week, and capacity is 15-40 people. The reservation for next month of the next day starts in a day of every month.
The fee is an adult 5000 yen, and infant 4500 yen with a free ticket of a day of this railway. * image (meal mixed with Chinese medicine dish of the Yoro railway) About * meal mixed with Chinese medicine train
・Yoro railway Hypersensitivity pneumonitis(PDF)
・Hisashi Yorocoyashinazen Hypersensitivity pneumonitis

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The operational experience also : in "Mr. drug".

The revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law was enforced this month, and new qualification "Enrollment seller" that was able to sell most of the nonproprietary drug such as cold medicines was provided. It catches , saying that new "Business opportunity" ..this.., and movement to try to take this qualification has extended to Hari (Shin and moxa cautery) master, Judo orthopedist, and aestheticians. There is a person who works as "Mr. drug" at the Oroshi wholesale store in Toyamashi to pile up "Operational experience" of one year or more that becomes an examination condition, too.

- In the pharmaceutical Affiars Law revision"Enrollment seller"

「The needle : from the outside of the body. The Chinese medicine : from the inside. The point to alter the body's chemistry is the same in a different method of treatment. 」Sono Katsuya (44) who opens Hari (Shin and moxa cautery) academy in Tokyo Hachiojishi speaks.
The purchase of enrollment seller's qualification in Tokyo last December. To sell the Chinese medicine in the store established as an annex in the Hari academy, I will acquire the license of the store sales.

Up to now, the prescribed drug has not sold if it is not a pharmacist. However, the enrollment seller who passed the examination that administrative divisions executed came to be able also to sell the medicine with not high risk of the side reaction by the revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law.

Sono「The patient also thinks that there is a sense of security because a public qualification. If you come to be able to do wide treatment using the needle together with the Chinese medicine」With Iu.

Because "Operational experience" of medicine sales of one year or more was necessary for the enrollment seller's examination, Sono acquired the experience by home remedy wholesale wholesale store "Shop of Shotaro Okuda" of Toyamashi. It worked as "Mr. drug" that visited the home etc. and arranged the medicine at Tokyo.

This company holds "Free training association" in nationwide various places with the customer such as Hokkaido and Nara for enrollment seller's qualification applicant. It explains the examination paper. When the beam, the moxa cautery, manual therapeutics, and the esthetics dealings, etc. gather, too it is Iu though there are a lot of "Mr. drug" for the attendee.
There are ..Sono.. similar and people who pile up the operational experience as "Mr. drug" of this company, too and when the number has increased, too it is Iu. 「In a lot of people's who think Changsu about law revision there. On this occasion, I want to tell the psyche of the medicine sales that value the face-to-face selling. 」With this company.

Incorporated school "Tokyo medicine special school" (Edogawa Ward, Tokyo) provided the curriculum of the system of two years 08 year when enrollment seller's qualification was acquired. The practice has been included in the curriculum during one year such as drugstores. When member of society's concern is also high because there are salaries while practicing, it is Iu.
The number of document requests doubles, and the number of accesses of homepages is Iu in scores of times immediately after the enforcement of the revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law in June when it increased.

In the student, there is an employee who goes to school being backed up to the bonesetting academy in the office, too. A certain Judo orthopedist who goes to this school is aiming at enrollment seller's qualification by thinking about the independence in the future.

In this school, cooperation with other special schools where a good sports sweat shirt etc. are trained is a under discussion , saying that "If the medicine can be sold, various businesses come to be good to not only the convenience store and the drugstore but also aestheticians, etc. at the deployment depending on the idea".

【 enrollment seller ]
Qualification of administrative divisions newly set up by revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law of enforcement in June. It is possible to take an examination if sales of the medicine and there is a operational experience of one year or more. The reform bill classifies the nonproprietary drug into the 1-3th kind in order with a high risk.
As for the 2nd and three kinds that account for about 90 percent such as general cold medicines, the enrollment seller sells though only the pharmacist sells as usual as for the medicine of the first kind, too. There was an examination twice fiscal year 2008 inside a prefecture, and 1601 people in total took an examination and 865 people passed. Mr. drug of the old age fights hard.

- Source

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