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It revises it to the medical institution support the second difficulty wave provision guideline: The difficulty to a new influenza new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus and the second wave provision guideline revision medical institution support.

The anxiety that the infection extends more than 30 administrative divisions, and "The second wave" that becomes popular in the whole country is not avoided after autumn has risen to a new influenza. It is a new management guideline that it is received that World Health Organization (WHO) hiked the warning level to "Phase 6" and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare showed. Bread..Demick..Onagare..for..failure..realistic..countermeasure..say..guideline..operate..medical institution..support..difficulty..remain.

In caring for the person who has the nosocomial infection prevention countermeasure and the undorlying disease that the guideline requested, the seasonality influenza that goes around at the ordinary year is a necessary countermeasure. It can be said that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is requesting the thoroughness in "Natural provision" from people and the medical institution.

However, the situation maintenance doesn't advance only by showing, "Examine it in the principle all medical institutions". The burden that rests upon the medical institution such as securing the extension of general patient and exoergic patient's plutonium separations and the diagnosis and treatment time and the hospitalization sickbeds is large. The fiscal action is needed in advancing the inside and the countermeasure of the doctor deficiency. Actually, the municipality is advancing an original aid package in Sendaishi and Tokyo where the medical institution has already cooperated in the new patient diagnosis and treatment. The doctor and the nursing master are requesting the compensation of the secondary infection lingua situation from the Japan Medical Association.

Moreover, a necessary countermeasure is not only a medical treatment side. There are support to parents who cannot go to work in the closure and closing of the school and the day nursery as a piece. There is a possibility that the public anxiety rises, too, if a big influence goes out to the activity such as enterprises though the countermeasure is insufficient. The country should include the ideal way of the relevant information providing, and speed up the discussion about the concrete measure to keep the society with serenity.

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NPO "Emergency brim hospital network" (short title and heme net) brought the finding that health care cost became cheap for 50,000-1,160,000 yen 4-18 shortening the number of days in the hospital compared with the case carried the ambulance, too, when the patient who got a severely ill in the traffic accident was transported by the doctor helicopter together. The Ken'akira Murata Director General of the heme net speaks, "The doctor helicopter not only was enlarged a lifesaving possibility but also was made clear the medical treatment economically by corresponding enough", and appeals for the materiality of the doctor helicopter spread. 【 Tsukimi Goda ]

It is four hospitals of Nippon Medical School Chiba north total hospital (Chiba Prefecture)* Inetanigen association hospital (Hokkaido)* Kurume University hospital (Fukuoka Prefecture)* Tokai University hospital (Kanagawa Prefecture) that investigated. The age and the severity are arranged to the patient transported the ambulance for until December, '07 after the doctor helicopter is introduced (01-05 years) and the comparison lingua.

When having examined it by 68 people (25 doctor helicopter transportation people) carried by each city in Yotsukaido, Fuli, and Yachimata in Chiba, the average hospitalization days of the patient carried by the doctor helicopter were 21.3 days, and it was fewer than the patient carried the ambulance during 17.8 days on the average. The brim was about 1.33 million yen while the ambulance was about 2.49 million yen in the average forehead of health care cost.

Besides this, it shortened also by Hokkaido for 3.8 days for 5.9 days for 8.3 days in Kanagawa in Fukuoka. When health care cost was also cheap for the amount and about 50,000-990,000 yen, it is Iu.

Having introduced the doctor helicopter stays in 16 Dofu in the whole country prefecture. The heme net calls for nationwide disposition receiving this consequence, and again.

The doctor helicopter starts the system that the country assists the half the price of the annual cost (about 170 million yen a plane) for 01 years. In addition, the half of the burden share of the municipality will be treated with the special local grant tax at the end on March this year.

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When it became easy to grow to the virus gathered from the patient with a new influenza in the sea city in China in the person, and the mutation with the possibility that pathogenesis increases was found, Kawaoka Gihiroshi (regulus hill and stopping fathom) professor of University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Science clarified the 19th.

Besides, the Kawaoka professor is speaking though a similar virus is not found so far, "It is necessary not to expand the virus with this mutation or to monitor carefully".

This virus was severed by the female patient of 22 years in Shanghai City in May. The female malady has recovered.

The gene named PB2 makes the protein that takes part in the virus replication among eight genes of the virus. In this virus, it differed from the new virus that had been gathered up to now in all parts of the world, and the 627th amino-acid of the PB2 protein had replaced no "Glutamate" and "Lysine".

It is assumed that it becomes easy to grow for here to become a lysine by bird's virus by nursing (nurse), and this part is a lysine in the a type influenza virus that becomes popular by the person every year.

The Kawaoka professor is assuming that he or she wants to affirm whether pathogenesis increases by this mutation by the animal study.

The genetic evidence of the virus is open to the public in the data base of the virus of the United States.

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It reported on "Situation in each country of a new influenza by influenza A (H1N1) and difficulty of Japan" and the title Shite emergencies in the 49th Japanese respiratory apparatus society science lecture meeting held in Tokyo on the 13th, and Osudani Genshi in the Touhoku University graduate school medicine system research course microbiology field was declared to be "A large-scale infection enlargement happens surely domestically within half a year". Moreover, the infection to the asthmatic patient and the pregnant woman introduces the perception that it is likely to make it to the severely ill. It was specified that the possibility that the patient who held the risk factor dies by the stable fraction was high with the widespread infection.

Risk possession such as bronchial asthmas to 80 percent of inpatient

Mr. Osudani is a clarification lingua from the latest data of the New York City, U.S. as for features of this influenza. The number of inpatients at the time of, June 12 is 567 people, and 226 people are increased compared with June 2. The dead increased by nine people and became 16 people. It was 21% of the entire inpatient that needed caring with ICU, and the patient for whom mechanical ventilation (respirator) was necessary also had reached 10%.

The number of inpatients increases from 100 person data of ten Hikuma by 219 people when the group of especially 25-64 years old is seen. The dead swelled up to ten people along with it, too. The inpatient explained and Mr. Osudani explained, "It is not only necessarily a young layer that made to the severely ill" from the increasing calositas and the so on drastic also in the layer of 0-4 years old and 65 years old or more.

Moreover, 80% of the inpatient has the bronchial asthma, the pregnancy, and 2 years old or less and risk factors such as the sugar diabeteses, and it reports on the data assumed that 12 examples of all death cases were 65 years old or less. The patient with an obesity suggested that there be a possibility of entering the high‐risk group.

Mr. Osudani guesses that most of the example of the deterioration into serious illness is a virus pneumonia based on information from the WHO affiliate further. It was described, "It is ..control of the virus replication.. basic not to be made at all" ..based on the airway of the treated all example in pathologic autopsies having been filled with the virus in New York for the reason for the deterioration into serious illness.. ..certain...

The doubt in the effect in the example of the anti-Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full medicine deterioration into serious illness.

Mr. Osudani showed the perception with "The infection enlargement continued obviously, and it was gradually clarified now" about the new influenza that was able to be put within the country. It was enumerated that the multitude was confirmed to the example (example that was not specified the source of infection) without the epidemiology link as the rationale, and stressed, "It should be thought that it was signs that the infection had extended naturally in the community that the person who did not understand the source of infection had gone out".

If the infection expands to the pregnant woman etc. in the community, the patient who makes it to the severely ill at a constant rate appears, and the situation in which the death case comes out, too is show also in the country based on such a situation as for the view of not being avoided. It was described, "This was high and the possibility of would occur in the future was high also in Japan".

Moreover, it introduced the estimate that the dead who exceeded 120,000 people if the morbidity to the new influenza assumed by the action planning in the country was 25% of the population (about 32 million people), and the lethality went up up to 0.4% went out. Usually..seasonality..influenza..the same degree of..lethality..dead..a lot..child..in one's fifties..adult..occupy..situation..become..social..impact..at all..differ..shape..go out..foresee.

The anti‐influenza agent treatment to the example of the deterioration into serious illness is made remarks, "Even if full Tami and Rirenza are handled to the case to which the virus pneumonia is caused and the breeding of the virus is not suppressed at all, it doesn't seem to be effective". It was assumed that the countermeasure that controlled the virus replication at the early stage became future tasks.

Is the second wave domestically in October?

Besides this, the assertion of the anxiety in a domestic health care system to accept the example of the deterioration into serious illness. It was appealed, "What does such a patient do the multiple lingua situation in the current health care system that there was a region without ICU at all either?"When the considerable confusion is caused in the medical institution at the stage of the morbidity 5%, it is Iu also even in New York assumed that the countermeasure to a new influenza is the most advanced in the world according to Mr. Osudani.

As for the declaration of threat level "Phase 6" by WHO, Mr. Osudani is "There is a possibility that the influenza virus extends all over the world on a large scale and very big damage happens" and a clarification. To alert the world strongly when the new model was different from the seasonality influenza, WHO showed knowledge of having determined the declaration.

It explained that the purpose was to judge that the lethality due to new influenza fell under between 2% at a Spanish influenza from about 0.1% at the seasonality influenza for WHO's having expressed present bread Demick, "Moderate".

Posture in which it gazed the southern hemisphere of the situation in which the infection had expanded where it was assumed, "Our being looking now did not experience ..So help me.. very much in initial bread Demick at a real influenza season where in the on earth", and received the winter of the future worldwide was shown.

Especially, if knowledge that the infection has spread rapidly in Australia is shown, and it rushes into bread Demick at a dash as it is, the perception that it may expand to Southeast Asia is announced. It was assumed, "Then, infected person's influx was not stopped to Japan at all", and, according to circumstances, assumed the idea that the possibility of receiving "The second wave" of a domestic fashion in ten - November was enough.


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The consultation rate of specific medical check up and alias "Metabo medical check up" in fiscal year 2008 intended for 40-74 years old having remained on 25% averages of 15 government ordinance city except Kyoto, Kobe, and Hiroshima where data is not in order among the national health insurance subscribers in 18 government-designated major cities has understood the 24th in total of Kyodo News Service.

It was stood out in relief by there were gaps in the realities and the implementation situation for which the approach of cities, towns, and villages was late at the first year in fiscal year 2008 though the set point out which the country hung until 12 fiscal years was 65%.

A specific medical check up is thought to be no expansion of the consultation rate such as well-known deficiencies though discovers the meta Bolick syndrome with a high risk such as cardiac infarcts (infarction) from the abdominal extension girth, the blood pressure, and the blood glucose, etc. at the early stage, and started by the aim to which health care cost is decreased by the health guidance.

Consultation rate..low..old old..medical care..support..penal provision..department..possibility..provide..future..municipality..a lot..implementation..situation..harden..consultation..increase..for..countermeasure..big..difficulty..become.

When the situation of the government ordinance city was seen, the consultation rate of a specific medical check up was the highest 49% of Sendaishi, and only exceeded 40 percent. Next, the order of Chiba (36%), Saitama (35%), and Niigata (30%). 10-20% level both of this other cities.

The consultation rate that had turned out this time also had a lot of municipalities near the consultation rate of "Basic medical check up" executed to the resident object in fiscal year 2007, and had the municipality by which the half had fallen at the level.

The reason for the consultation rate depression includes "Understanding deficiency of the system", "Pulmonary regurgitation deficiency", "The person endowed with generous girth did not want to be called Metabo, and a thin person refrained from the consultation if he or she was unrelated", and "The image of Metabo was too strong", etc.

The numerical value of each city is an outlook that will vary by a present tentative value in the future.

- Metabo medical check up

Alias name of Metabo medical check up specific medical check up. It was introduced for the lipids abnormal, the hypertonic, and the symptom of the hyperglycemia to come in succession in the obesity of the offal fat type, for arteriosclerotic etc. to advance, and to prevent the meta Bolick syndrome to which the hazard of the cardiac infarct (infarction) and the stroke rose in April, 2008. As a rule, the person who has two outliers or more in the blood pressure, the lipid, and the blood sugar in addition to the abdominal extension girth is assumed those who correspond Metabo and one person to be Metabo reserve, and respectively, becomes the subject of the health guidance. It is an aim to control health care cost by the amelioration etc. of the life-style.

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After World Health Organization (WHO) had hiked the threat level for the first time on April 27, the new influenza infection person who was able to put it within the country exceeded 1000 people in about two months.

The symptom installing is not shown ..infection.. now, and chairman Shigeru Omi of the council of the specialist of the new influenza task force of the government is specifying, "The virus influx from the southern hemisphere where the infection expands rapidly will not be avoided in the future, and the situation ..today.. might continue at the summer time".

The effect of the closure countermeasure is brought and it has declined in total of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that brings the fashion situation every appearance of disease day together though a domestic infected person faced the peak with 67 people on May 17 in which herd infection exists in the high school in Hyogo Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture. However, 42 people develop on the tenth of the same month when a new infection is affirmed in elementary and junior high schools in Fukuokashi etc. in the beginning of June, and the log of the peak of second. The homecoming person's from foreign countries appearances of disease have increased besides the infection come one after another in the Tokyo internal high school etc. afterwards, too. The infected person is affirmed about 40-50 people a day after the 19th when this ministry switched the total to one time during the week, and the fashion has the possibility of it is in the third "Mountain".

About 70 percent of the infected person is a generation according to this ministry young below one's teens. Current report Hanai of deterioration into serious illness. The person in charge of this ministry stresses "It is certain that the infected person who the record of overseas travel etc. , and either doesn't understand the source of infection at all has come out by the stable fraction" and the extension of the infection gradually, "7-80 percent of the infected person has already cured, and the patient doesn't increase rapidly" while perceived.

The government has the policy of no present hike of the action planning to the third stage (spread expectation etc.) from a present second stage (early stage of a domestic accrual), and speeding up the maintenance of the health care system that prioritizes the treatment of the patient such as the people who have the pregnant woman and the old ailment for since autumn when the second wave of the fashion is expected who might make it to the severely ill etc.

21,449 people.  the United States in number of worlds of total infected persons according to announcement of WHO (As at 24) many exceeding 55,000 peopleChile is 4315 people in the southern hemisphere that enters winter, and Australia goes out and 238 people also have gone out also the dead by 2857 people etc. and spurt inside in the entire world.

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It has been understood in total of World Health Organization (WHO) until the 25th that a new influenza infection has expanded rapidly in Southeast Asia. The infection was affirmed in each country except Myanmar among Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) joining 10countries, and overseas Japanese's infected person also went out in Thailand and the Philippines. WHO is tightening one's guard to the duplication fashion with a high virulent bird flu.

ASEAN region internal infected persons who were 183 people as of 15 days this month swelled up to eight times or more every less than ten days of 1545 characters WHO's totaling as of 24 days. It is told that secondary infection has extended in each country, and Peter coding Lee report government of WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (Manila) specifies, "The place where the inspection situation is not in order exceeds and a number of infected persons that a lot, and is actual exceeds the total drastic".

The dead keep going out in Southeast Asia because of the infection to the person with the bird flu. Indonesia where 115 people of most in the world have died also announces first example of a new influenza infection in this country on the 24th. The Spari health service aspect expressed concern to assumption, "If two horn influenza virus mixed it, the lethality might become 50-60%", and becoming strong the toxicity of the virus by the mutation etc.

Coding Lee report government is a clarification , saying that "There is a country where the medical resource is limited, too and if the fashion expands, treatment to the patient is not complete". The impact upon society also has become aggravated as affairs of the house stop in the Philippines because of the infection of the staff of the house.

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The political corporation and the league of the doctor of the prefecture of the Ibaraki Prefecture academy of medicine announced that 1266 of 3472 like the member and the family etc. of this league who was the Liberal-Democratic Party party member had decided the Liberal-Democratic Party leaving a party on the 25th.

It dissents to the latter half of the year medical-care system for the elderly, and the decision of the recommendation of the candidate of the Democratic Party in House of Representatives election for the next term by all of the seven small electoral districts in the prefecture though this league was the Liberal-Democratic Party support conventionally. The recommendation of leaving a party from LDP chapter is received, and the executive such as chairmen has already left Haranaka Katsumasa (and go ..not putting..) a party.

The member and families of this league are belonging of the Liberal-Democratic Party Ibaraki Prefecture medical treatment association branch. This league was paying the membership fee of 3472 from the membership fee by the batch.

This league had to pay privately in the continuation of the party member because secession from the branch was decided ..membership fee.. directly, and ..all members.. investigated the intention. It was 46 people that answered that the party member was continued, and 1266 people sent back the report of leaving a party of enclosing. In the answer doing, uncertain addresses were 2160 inclusion people.

The Haranaka chairman spoke, "Consequence to which general member's doctors had favoured the idea of the executive".

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The new influenza countermeasure, and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare holds the first nationwide meeting that gathers assistant general managers in charge in administrative divisions and the government ordinance city in Tokyo on the 26th, and is clarification lingua as for the contents of a new management guideline of the domestic countermeasure revised on the 19th.

), and a healthy director of a bureau of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ..(of Hirozo Ueda.. : to about 200 person in charge in the whole country. 「At true match in the future. It is necessary to straighten the situation the country and the local government's having the common view to make the social ferment a minimum, and in union. 」It greeted it. 

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare will settle on the revision guideline that gives priority to the action on the severely ill person in preparation for "The second wave" of the expected fashion this autumn. (1)The trifling ailment person treats by the patient in all medical institutions, and is coming up with the policy such as - of (2) surveillance's (surveillance) assumed to be a recuperation at home stopping the infected person's complement grasp, squeezing to the detection at the early stage of the mass outbreak, and executing detail (PCR) inspection.

In the meeting, it was described that surveillance the policy of uniform the whole country moving operation procedure in the middle of July being shown dug and was good at the decision of the shift day according to the situation such as the hospitals in the region of and the health care system.

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The symptom of a transitory diarrhoea and the vomitus (vomiting) will be after the meal presented in a short time, the food poisoning for which the causative agent cannot be specified comes one after another in last few years and the metropolitan area, the Inland Sea nearshore, and the Hokuriku region, etc. , and the public health center in local is anxious to correspondence , saying that "There is no taking way of the preventive measures against reoccurrence".

The dealings municipality requests the investigation of the national scale to the country as "It is widely generated". Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare requests the research analysis to a national institution, and the case capture is advanced.

The cardinal symptom 〈1〉 is diarrhoea, vomitus 〈2〉, and even the appearance of disease is also after the meal early in the trifling ailment the restitution according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare etc. in the food poisoning for which the causative agent cannot be specified.  about 4 or 5 hours on the average and short 〈3〉--There is a common point. The public health center etc. are detected neither the bacillus nor the toxin that it causes inspection Shite, etc. , and are specified neither the leftover nor the vomit and diarrhoea thing for the cause. It is Iu when there is a similar case in the having syndrome complaint res that doesn't arrive either so that it is concluded the food poisoning.

The Kurashikishi public health center in Okayama Prefecture was centered, and the food poisoning and the complaint res of an unclear cause were assumed to 27 Inland Sea nearshore prefecture city in last summer, 20 municipalities of 21 municipalities that answered were "It is" who has made the questionnaire. 32 because of summer in 29 fiscal year 2006, 87 fiscal year 2007, and fiscal year 2008. There were in total a lot of 51 Hiroshima prefectures and 27 etc. Hyogo Prefecture about 2 and a half years.

In addition, the same public health center assumed, 54 municipalities of the consequence heard from 97 municipalities such as administrative divisions and the government ordinance cities in the whole country except the Setouchi district and 70 municipalities that answered were "It is" at the beginning of this year. Increase, and to 112 with 27 fiscal year 2004, 40 fiscal year 2005, 71 fiscal year 2006, and 89 fiscal year 2007 in fiscal year 2008 when totaling it. Regional and there were in total a lot of 52 Tokyo, 41 Chiba Prefecture, and 33 etc. Fukui Prefecture about three years recently.

Councilor Akihiko Yoshioka in the same public health center that takes charge of the investigation「The number of patients is tens of people per one from several. In becoming hundreds of people or more a year」With the indication. 「As for the known bacillus, time until entering the inside of the body and growing is already long a little more. There is a possibility caused by an unknown material. 」It makes and it ..investigation.. is scheduled to continue.

Similar res of about ten every these two years requests and accrual lingua Ishikawa Prefecture etc. also request specific of the cause to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare at the end of last year. It is Iu when having come up in conversation in the meeting of the person in charge of the municipality in the metropolitan area on February this year.

There is an age assumed to be "Unclear the cause" when the causative agent of the main food poisoning goes back to the past now. In the lime wash virus with most numbers of patients of last year's food poisonings, it was 1997 that the genetic screening established, and the country added it to the causative agent.

The request is received from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and Yoshiko Konishi and hygiene microorganism Director-General of National Institute of Health Sciences that works on advice to the municipality :. 「It cannot be said yet that cases with various places are the same phenomena. In addition, the capture and it is necessary to analyze the case. 」It speaks.  Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare assumes, "Dearth of information still though there is a possibility of leading to the discovery singular in recent years, too".

It is not reported as "Food poisoning" when the causative agent cannot be specified even if the symptom like the food poisoning such as the having syndrome complaint res vomituses and the diarrhoeas is presented, and it is treated as having syndrome complaint res. The administration side's carefully judging it because the cause facilities become suspension of business etc. if it is concluded the food poisoning also affects it. If there is a situation of the meal of plural groups in the same facilities etc. even if the causative agent is not detected, it is concluded the food poisoning, and is post to statistics of the country.

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Full a new Dipterocarpus tuberculatus: The resident doctor is infection Saitama City Hospital.

Medical practice resident doctor's woman (24) announced on the 22nd the infection lingua to a new influenza Saitama City Hospital (same city Midoriku).

The record of overseas travel was evening of the 18th - morning of the 19th and when taking charge of the duty of the emergency room, examined the female patient who had gone out the a type positive by the simple test though was contact as the infected person who not was, and had already turned out either.

Director Akira Murayama is speaking, "There is an infection lingua possibility when examining it".
The saitama prefecture internal infected person is the 17th person.


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Five students in his/her teens who entered a country in the United States high school school excursion group for sightseeing in South Korea were affirmed and the infection lingua was affirmed to the new kind influenza.

The health service welfare family part central influenza task force is in 25 advanced student of the United States school excursion group people (Include it by four teachers) that by way of United States Hawaii Japan (JL955 flight) on last the 22nd, and entered South Korea.   When as many as four people such as co-eds of 2 co-eds, 1 schoolboy, and 17 years old of 19 years from whom the infection was doubted following one co-ed of 17 years of a Philipino nationality having received the judgment of Mi Katashi on the 22nd were affirmed as influenza A (H1N1) positive, it made it to 24 Hiari.

It was selected by an excellent student in the Hawaii region, and they, school excursion groups that had gone out to an overseas cultural inquiry for the lead teacher's guidance, were isolated now.


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- China is new model of the first domestically success Dipterocarpus tuberculatus flu in the vaccine production.

The major medicine manufacturer in China such as Shincasha.
It was announced that the Araragi living being (Henan Province) succeeded in the vaccine production of a new influenza for the first time domestically on the 22nd. The outlook that the implementation Shite effectiveness is affirmed, and inoculation starts in September of the clinical test from July. Up to now, the infection of 400 people or more has been affirmed in mainland China.

It is announced that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare starts the vaccine manufacturing on the 19th in Japan in the middle of July.


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In China
What situation?
It was announced that a new influenza infection of 58 people would be newly affirmed in 24 hours in the past until 6PM the same day at night of the 21st in a Chinese continent part as for Chinese government and Medical Division, and the number of total infected persons became 414 people.
Hong Kong's Department of Health announces that 65 infected persons are affirmed on the 21st and they became 320 total people. The number of Chinese range of new influenza infection people together with three of 60 people and Macau (Macau) in Taiwan is power to approach 797 people and 800 people in total.

Five people were affirmed the infection of one person by Guangdong Province respectively in 24 hours in the past until 6:00PM of the 21st in each ministry in Chekiang, Konami, Yomokawa, and Kahoku in 7 people and Fujian Province in 11 people and Beijing City in 31 people and Shanghai City according to Chinese government and Medical Division.

The total infected person exceeded 50 people in Beijing and the sea city and Guangdong Province where a lot of going of foreign countries and the person in and out existed in a Chinese continent.
Moreover, the number of infected persons has increased also in the inland of Yomokawa, Guizhou, Un'nan, Enishi, and Yamanishi, etc.Not only the edge water side ..domestic infection.. operation in ..descending accrual Shite.. future but also it is scheduled to make efforts further in the prevention of infection in the country.

According to Medical Division, 215 people were the hospitalization be under treatments among 414 total infected persons, and 199 people assumed the recovery and left hospital.

The infection of two people was newly affirmed in Taiwan on the 18th, and it became 60 total people. The first one infected person was affirmed in Macau on the 18th, and it was understood that as many as two people who had arrived at Macau by the same airplane as this patient had been infected, too on the 20th.

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Nettoratings is Nielsen online on the 25th.
The data summary was announced in May, 2009 of internet use trend examination "NetView".
It turned out that the number of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that sent information on a new influenza and site user in Osaka Prefecture increased according to it.

In a new influenza, the edge is originated in herd infection in Mexico and the United States in the end of April, and the infection is enlargement in worldwide. The influences such as affirming the example of the infection in Japan-domestic in May, and taking the closure countermeasure of the junior high school and the high school such as Osaka Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture have gone out. The page that consolidated information on a new influenza was set up specially on the portal site such as Yahoo JAPAN besides the site of the government and the local government. Afterwards, it is making it quietly now though a riot excessive as the face mask is bought up happened, too. However, a substantial threat progresses, and needs care to deal with bread Demick in one side.

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The post office office worker of the return in the United States is an infection.

The Tokyo branch office of the post office company that took charge of the over-the-counter customer service in the Japanese postal administration group announced that it turned out that it was infected and the 22nd man employee (43) of the Akasakadori post office work to which it had returned home from the United States on the 18th had infected with a new influenza.

The man stays from the 11th to the 18th in the United States and Hawaii according to this company at the vacation.
It arrived at New Tokyo International Airport by 21 Northwest flights. It works by wearing the face mask though there was a symptom of the cough on the 19th.
It takes charge of the over-the-counter customer service until 11:00AM - 1:00PM. In that case, it is Iu when having dealt with about 80 guests.

The man consults the Arakawa Ward internal public health center because the symptom was not improved.
The infection turned out in the hospital on the consequence and 21 of a detailed genetic screening.


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The post office office worker of the return in the United States is an infection.

The Tokyo branch office of the post office company that took charge of the over-the-counter customer service in the Japanese postal administration group announced that it turned out that it was infected and the 22nd man employee (43) of the Akasakadori post office work to which it had returned home from the United States on the 18th had infected with a new influenza.

The man stays from the 11th to the 18th in the United States and Hawaii according to this company at the vacation.
It arrived at New Tokyo International Airport by 21 Northwest flights. It works by wearing the face mask though there was a symptom of the cough on the 19th.
It takes charge of the over-the-counter customer service until 11:00AM - 1:00PM. In that case, it is Iu when having dealt with about 80 guests.

The man consults the Arakawa Ward internal public health center because the symptom was not improved.
The infection turned out in the hospital on the consequence and 21 of a detailed genetic screening.


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"Meal mixed with Chinese medicine (anther tray) train" of the Yoro railway that runs Gifu inside a prefecture is popular. To escape from inside where the number of passengers every year decreases and loss making operations continue and "Situation in which not the passenger but air is carried", it plans. At popularity when it surpasses expectations, it is Iu now when having operated it in March when the reservation until the first half of July was almost buried.

The meal mixed with Chinese medicine train uses one car of three car organization. It will run between Ogaki and Kuwana where the passenger can enjoy the scenery of magnificent nature such as a deep tail plains and Yoro mountain ranges while tasting the meal mixed with Chinese medicine dish in about one and a half hours.

In the dish, it starts from the blend lingua aperitif, and even the desserts of the tempura of the vegetable of the season that was able to be gathered in local, the boiled food, the black Allium sativum chocolate, and the Taraxacum platycarpum Dahlst. tea are 15 goods in total as for the herbal medicine. The effect of the meal mixed with Chinese medicine, the sightseeing spot is guided at intervals of the meal, and the meal mixed with Chinese medicine goods are sold.

One is operated at time of daytime of Thursday and Saturday every week, and capacity is 15-40 people. The reservation for next month of the next day starts in a day of every month.
The fee is an adult 5000 yen, and infant 4500 yen with a free ticket of a day of this railway.

http://www.jiji.com/jc/c?G=ind_30&k=2009062100074 * image (meal mixed with Chinese medicine dish of the Yoro railway) About http://www.jiji.com/news/kiji_photos/20090621at22t.jpg * meal mixed with Chinese medicine train
・Yoro railway Hypersensitivity pneumonitis(PDF)
・Hisashi Yorocoyashinazen Hypersensitivity pneumonitis

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The operational experience also : in "Mr. drug".

The revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law was enforced this month, and new qualification "Enrollment seller" that was able to sell most of the nonproprietary drug such as cold medicines was provided. It catches , saying that new "Business opportunity" ..this.., and movement to try to take this qualification has extended to Hari (Shin and moxa cautery) master, Judo orthopedist, and aestheticians. There is a person who works as "Mr. drug" at the Oroshi wholesale store in Toyamashi to pile up "Operational experience" of one year or more that becomes an examination condition, too.

- In the pharmaceutical Affiars Law revision"Enrollment seller"

「The needle : from the outside of the body. The Chinese medicine : from the inside. The point to alter the body's chemistry is the same in a different method of treatment. 」Sono Katsuya (44) who opens Hari (Shin and moxa cautery) academy in Tokyo Hachiojishi speaks.
The purchase of enrollment seller's qualification in Tokyo last December. To sell the Chinese medicine in the store established as an annex in the Hari academy, I will acquire the license of the store sales.

Up to now, the prescribed drug has not sold if it is not a pharmacist. However, the enrollment seller who passed the examination that administrative divisions executed came to be able also to sell the medicine with not high risk of the side reaction by the revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law.

Sono「The patient also thinks that there is a sense of security because a public qualification. If you come to be able to do wide treatment using the needle together with the Chinese medicine」With Iu.

Because "Operational experience" of medicine sales of one year or more was necessary for the enrollment seller's examination, Sono acquired the experience by home remedy wholesale wholesale store "Shop of Shotaro Okuda" of Toyamashi. It worked as "Mr. drug" that visited the home etc. and arranged the medicine at Tokyo.

This company holds "Free training association" in nationwide various places with the customer such as Hokkaido and Nara for enrollment seller's qualification applicant. It explains the examination paper. When the beam, the moxa cautery, manual therapeutics, and the esthetics dealings, etc. gather, too it is Iu though there are a lot of "Mr. drug" for the attendee.
There are ..Sono.. similar and people who pile up the operational experience as "Mr. drug" of this company, too and when the number has increased, too it is Iu. 「In a lot of people's who think Changsu about law revision there. On this occasion, I want to tell the psyche of the medicine sales that value the face-to-face selling. 」With this company.

Incorporated school "Tokyo medicine special school" (Edogawa Ward, Tokyo) provided the curriculum of the system of two years 08 year when enrollment seller's qualification was acquired. The practice has been included in the curriculum during one year such as drugstores. When member of society's concern is also high because there are salaries while practicing, it is Iu.
The number of document requests doubles, and the number of accesses of homepages is Iu in scores of times immediately after the enforcement of the revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law in June when it increased.

In the student, there is an employee who goes to school being backed up to the bonesetting academy in the office, too. A certain Judo orthopedist who goes to this school is aiming at enrollment seller's qualification by thinking about the independence in the future.

In this school, cooperation with other special schools where a good sports sweat shirt etc. are trained is a under discussion , saying that "If the medicine can be sold, various businesses come to be good to not only the convenience store and the drugstore but also aestheticians, etc. at the deployment depending on the idea".

【 enrollment seller ]
Qualification of administrative divisions newly set up by revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law of enforcement in June. It is possible to take an examination if sales of the medicine and there is a operational experience of one year or more. The reform bill classifies the nonproprietary drug into the 1-3th kind in order with a high risk.
As for the 2nd and three kinds that account for about 90 percent such as general cold medicines, the enrollment seller sells though only the pharmacist sells as usual as for the medicine of the first kind, too. There was an examination twice fiscal year 2008 inside a prefecture, and 1601 people in total took an examination and 865 people passed. Mr. drug of the old age fights hard.

- Source http://mytown.asahi.com/toyama/news.php?k_id=17000000906220001

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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced the finding of not filling the safety standard concerning fire prevention and the shelter road, and violating the building standards law to 60 percent of a without notice pay old age home where the report based on Old-Age Welfare Law was not done. This ministry requested the thoroughness in the correction guidance to the facilities owner etc. each administrative divisions.

The fire accident that ten people died by rest home" is received, and the request of the diplomatic relation ministry and each administrative divisions is an implementation ..this investigation.. ..without notice pay old age home ".. lingua of Gunma Prefecture Shibukawashi in March at the end of April. The object facilities were 446, and this ministry arranged 406 that the check is completed sooner or later.

The building-code violation was found in 258 facilities that hit 63.5%. When the breach concerning the emergency lighting was concretely 196 (48.3%), ..breach concerning the partition.. ..breach concerning 99 (24.4%) and smoke control equipment.. 77 (19.0%) each other most.

As for the correction guidance ending and 45 remainder facilities, Setokiten and 213 facilities are the correction instructional plannings in April among 258 facilities with the breach.


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It reduces as the tax is drastic for the vehicle which is economical on fuel etc. , and I see from the object of reduction of taxes of the special vehicle for disabled persons corresponding to the wheel chair etc. ..exclusion.. though it has started since so-called "Eco-friendly car reduction of taxes" is current year.  do to take time to the calculation of fuel costThe complaint of unfairness is sent from the site of welfare, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will review the system.

When the government buys the car that considers the environment such as electric cars and fuel-misers for three years from April this year even if the purchase substitution of the car is urged from both sides of anticyclic measures and the environmental measure or the car inspection is received, the eco-friendly car reduction of taxes : in the one to reduce the purchase tax and the Tonnage Tax, etc. drastic.   For instance, when the new car of a hybrid type of 2.8 million yen is bought, it becomes the reduction of taxes of about 180,000 yen.

However, neither the elderly person nor the handicapped person used that preferential treatment was received as it was limited to the model of the benchmark type that was mass-produced and marketed in general, and it was possible to get on and off like the wheel chair and the special vehicle for disabled persons remodeled to the Yasui way was not an object of reduction of taxes though it filled the basis of the high mileage etc.

The complaint of unfairness is sent from the site of welfare one after another though Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is describing this, "The body becomes heavy for the remodeled car, it is necessary to calculate fuel cost one per one, and take time".
The Miyagi thickness Director General of incorporated nonprofit organization "Setagaya mini-cab inhabitants of a ward's meeting" that manages the welfare taxi intended for the handicapped person and the elderly person in Tokyo「If the Tonnage Tax is reduced, the saving money at many 10000 cyclotomies can be able to be done, and to lighten user's burden. Because the reduction of taxes effect is also large in facilities where the number is held, I want you to mend unfairness. 」The review is appealed to describe.

This will be received and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport review the system as the tax is reduced about the special vehicle for disabled persons that will be sold in the future as well as a across-the-board model. However, the difficulty remains though it doesn't know what such a special vehicle for disabled persons does the reduction of taxes to the special vehicle for disabled persons sold after this April by about 30,000 a year being sold, too.

- Source

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The man of the Nara Prefecture living that turned out a new influenza positive in Tokyo on the 19th receives the instruction of the capital, and it has been understood to have returned from Tokyo to Kyoto with an ordinary reserved seat of Shinkansen for "Recuperation at home".

The prefecture that received the report from the capital : to the commotion that the executive meets to Kyoto Station with the car panicking at night , saying that "It might be infected with surroundings".
There was no guideline in the country that assumed such a case, and "Temperature gradient" became remarkable correspondence between municipalities.

The man is a graduate student of this prefecture Sakuraishi living according to the prefecture in his twenties. It stays Hawaii since the 11th, and it returns home on the 16th. It went to Tokyo on the 17th, and the warmth was felt on the 18th. There were 38.1 degrees, and when consulting a physician in the hospital on the morning of the 19th, the genetic screening was received, and the diagnosis of the positive was received at about 3-4 PM.

The man is asked, "Is the hospitalization of about one week or the layoff?", and answers, "Come home". The face mask was done, it got on the standard car reserved seat of Shinkansen with one family of the accompaniment around 5:00PM, and toward Kyoto. Afterwards, the prefecture that received the report from the public health center in Tokyo Minatoku contacts man's cellular phone panicking. Shinkansen arrived at Kyoto while exchanging it though it was requested that it move to the first-class carriage both so ons where it asked the conductor and the person did not exist within two meters.

The prefecture persuades waiting at "The pregnant woman and the child might have gotten on" and the station though the man planned to return to Nara by train.
The man is carried to the hospital in this prefecture Kashiharashi by come car, and is hospitalized at 11:00PM. When it settles down, the condition is Iu.

The patient is made to select "Is hospitalization or the layoff?" in the capital on June 10, and when the train and the public transport such as Bath are used when coming home is chosen, it is Iu according to the capital infectious disease countermeasure section. 「It is heard that the face mask is done, and the person came to surroundings in few seats. It is infected outside the capital, and there some examples to come back to Tokyo by public transport, too. 」

On the other hand, the healthy safety director of a bureau of Fumio Takesue in Nara Prefecture that voluntarily met it :. 「Positive..diagnostic..besides..a lot..passenger..provide..public transport..patient..return..have..countermeasure..infectious disease..correspondence..please.At least in a few days, I wanted you to treat first of all until it settled down the symptom. 」
It spoke. 

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It worried about surgeon's deficiency, specific nonprofit activity (NPO) corporation "The anxiety meeting of gone from Japan of the surgeon to act" (meeting that increased the number of a short title and young man surgery system doctor) that proposed the countermeasure was started up, and the briefing of the establishment gist was held in Tokyo on the 19th.

In the doctor deficiency problem, obstetrician and pediatrist's problems are actively taken up. However, it was good when the number also of medicals who aimed at the surgeon decreased to about 70 percent of the peak, and it worried about the decay of the future surgical medical treatment and the incorporated nonprofit organization started.

It is Akira Matsumoto (former president of Johnson & Johnson) in the president. The president international medical treatment welfare Osoi of Masaki Kitashima and Susumu Satomi and presidents of the Japan Surgical Society assumed the position of the director.

Policy of will develop activity that makes appeal - to government of education (2) announcing to public (3) for (1) Department of Medicine lives to have surgeon's mission pillar in the future.


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Standing governor Toshio Nakagawa of the Japan Medical Association : in a regular conference on June 17.
It is severe and the criticism lingua of "Review it by taxpayer's aspect - medical practitioner and medical doctor in hospital's medical treatment fee allocations" of the morning newspaper dated the Sankei Shimbun the 15th and the title lingua articles , saying that "Erroneous findings of fact is also extreme".

Mr. Nakagawa specifies the description with "The main reason why medical doctor in hospital wanted to become a medical practitioner was 'Hard work is not reflected in salaries' in the academy of medicine investigation" as not the day medicine but Central Social Insurance Medical Council's (Central Social Insurance Medical Council) investigation.   The criticism of the implementation subject of the investigation , saying that "It wants you to write the article from confirmation Shite as minimum manners".
Moreover,「There are a lot of people who open a business with a positive dream to do the medical treatment of my ideal, too. It tramples down such feelings. 」It described. 

Moreover, it is demanded to express medical practitioner's affairs, "The overtime diagnosis and treatment and the house call are hardly done for 2.5 the weekly holiday days" etc. , saying that "It wants you to show the evidence". 「A lot of medical institutions are scarce treating the medical institution that takes a rest completely at half a day of the weekday on the weekend on Saturday. It treats it at nighttime when You bet it is. 」Object..on condition that..Sankei..article..arbitrary decision..one..outrageous..stress.

In addition,「There are Central Social Insurance Medical Council in doing the reform before, and there is a representative of the public interest commissioner and the health insurance group, too. However, the influence power of the academy of medicine that centers on the medical practitioner is still overwhelming. 」Description..guess..assessment..give..very..problem..indication.
It was described, "The expression is very impolite as if public interest commissioner and payment side commissioner's influence was weak".


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"Nurse practitioner (NP)" in which the nursing master formulates primary care and the medicine attracts attention as a solution of the doctor deficiency among the health care practitioners. The voice for which it hopes to the medical treatment site of the obstetrics department and the pediatrics department that worries because of a serious doctor deficiency stands out though it is not introduced in Japan by the nursing license widespread in foreign countries. There are a lot of hemihedry and an opposite theories from which the university that holds the training course of the NP qualification expecting the introduction in the future is derived, too.  (Snamot year)

An international medical treatment welfare large graduate school (Tokyo Minatoku) establishes the NP training course in April this year.
11 old-timer nursing masters of the experience of five years or more who gather from the whole country attend a lecture. It attends 2 and 3 all members lectures a week from the desire that it wants to acquire useful in situ knowledge though the examination and the medicine cannot be formulated on the medical treatment site even if the course is completed. Yuzawa 8 inlet professor who takes charge of the course speaks with "Everyone is enthusiastic".

In the hospital in Osakashi, Noriko Nakayama (42) who goes to school spending eight time from Osaka in night train Bath undertakes the patient's healthy guidance as "Sugar diabetes recognition nursing master". As for the adjustment of the medicine, there are actually a lot of proposals in the doctor though doctor's instruction is necessary. It is expected, "Coming up to now if the NP system can be done comes to be perceived".


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When the toxin of Clostridium botulinum is administered to three (Mr.) nerve that tells the central nervous system the perception of the region of face, associate professor Yoshizo Matsuka of the Okayama University graduate school (implant regeneration prosthetics) et al. are the Rattus norvegicus var. albinus experiments and confirmation linguas as for there is a possibility of softening the prosopalgia.
As for this toxin, there is a benefit such as producible at a low price compared with morphine etc. , and practical use is expected as a new alternative of the soreness relaxation of the cancer.

Two professor Megumi Oguma of a large this graduate school (pathogenic bacterium study) used only the neurotoxin from the complex of a neurotoxin and a nontoxic protein in the botulinal toxin and the plutonium separation and purifying what were used.

Associate professor Matsuka et al. Rattus norvegicus var. albinus's bind) nerve with the silk thread, generate the prosopalgia artificially, and are ..tip (.. shots as for the toxin.
It was suppressed to about 1/2 compared with the mouse that did not inject the toxin, and the effect continued for about two weeks when it stimulated and the degree of pain was measured to the face with the provision.

In addition, about 1/3 of the Rattus norvegicus var. albinus that the amount of the neurotransmitter that told the soreness had not injected with the toxin when the trigeminal ganglion cell was examined.


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The first dead in a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus and Australia ... 26-years old man south Australian state health service ministry of the chronic case announced that infection lingua man (26) died in a new influenza in the hospital in state capital Adelaide city on the afternoon of the same day on the 19th.

The new influenza infection person's having died in Asia Pacific region is the first.

When it is affirmed on the 18th as a new influenza, and he died by the complication with the chronic case, the man is Iu. The example of the confirmation of a new influenza rises to the spurt Shite descending and 2300 people or more in Australia in the southern hemisphere that entered winter.


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"Countermeasure excess" Osakashi credit union investigation of new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus and enterprise of 80 percent

This new swine influenza countermeasure : in doing too much. ――。When Osaka City Shinkin Bank heard administration and the response of the school and the enterprise from the Osaka Prefecture internal small- and medium-sized enterprises, it was answered, 79.4% was "Excess".

The investigation is the middle of June. 1320 customer companies answered. Manufacture accounted for category of business for 45%.

As for the closure, the closed countermeasure, the event discontinuance, and the business trip discontinuance, etc. 79.4%, and 19.8%, and "It is ..the paint of the life.." was 0.8 .."Excess".. .."Propriety".. %. Especially, there were 83.1%"Excess" in the retail business including the eating and drinking.

In adverse effects to its company, the total of "It was very much" and "It was" is 23.8%. There were 29.6% enterprise that assumed, "It was if prolonged", too and 50 percent was exceeded when matching it. 61.0%, and "The activity shrinks (shrank)" was 34.9 ....contents (multiple answer).. "Sales setback".. %, etc.Especially, there were adverse effects in 60.7% in the retail business, and 88.0% answered sooner or later that sales decreased.


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The group of Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo is a confirmation stripes lingua as for the mutation while the virus of the new influenza detected in China expands the infection, and the win of new Yasui's of more increasing characteristic in the human inside of the body.
It is specified that the health injury might grow if the mutating virus spreads.

The group of Prof. Kawaoka Gihiroshi of Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo is detailed and an analysis stripes lingua as for information on the gene registered in the data base though it doesn't know what mutation has occurred to the virus of a new influenza that has spread to every country in the world. As a result, it was understood that the virus detected from the woman of 22 years had caused a new mutation by China and the sea at the end of last month. It was a gene that was called PB2 that worked when the virus copied oneself and it grew, a human cell that the mutation had occurred, and the mutation that increased more efficiently had occurred. The Kawaoka professor : though the mutation of this part has not occurred in the virus of a new influenza that has spread to each country now. 「If the virus that causes the mutation spreads, the health injury might grow as the symptom becomes heavy. Gazing whether the proportion of the person who gets the mutation and the severely ill of the virus in cooperation with each country is changeless etc. is important. 」It speaks. 


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Two graduate students at < new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus > Waseda University are steady and the infectious disease is steady.

Waseda University assumed that a new influenza infection of two graduate students at the reason engineering art academy was affirmed on the 20th, decided the undergraduate student, the graduate student, and the assistant of the fourth grader or more of the creation Science and Engineering Institute enterprise system engineering major that two people belonged, and the countermeasure assumed to be a layoff was decided for eight days from the same day to the 27th.

Both of two people according to Tokyo and the homepage of Waseda University for the man, are in one's twenties of the Kawasakishi living 22 years old of the Shinjuku Ward living.
The symptom is Iu in case of stable and the sit up and take notice.
The educational research and extracurricular activities etc. of another faculty are assumed to do as usual according to Waseda University.

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Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that advanced the review of the new influenza countermeasure made the system of quarantine of the health care system and the airport flexible drastic on the 19th, and announced the new management guideline brought close to a usual seasonality countermeasure. Serious case's such as securing the sickbed lifesaving is overriding from the judgment that the enlargement of the infection because of the winter of "Hypovirulence" the virus, and autumn is not avoided. It switches in stages on the same day.

The management guideline assumed the control of explosions of the number of patients from the standpoint that a drastic increase of the patient may happen from autumn to winter, and lagging the enlargement time of the infection to be a basic policy.
The burden of the medical institution is reduced by suppressing a rapid increase in the number of patients, and the maintenance of the health care system to the severely ill person is aimed at.

Concretely, the abolition of a countermeasure division now at the time of execute it separately for "Spurt region" in which "Small number of regions" that the patient accrual is few and patients' spurts are seen.
Correspondence near the spurt region will be taken in all regions.

In the health care system, the hospitalization countermeasure in the infectious disease specification medical institution is stopped as a rule, and it is assumed the recuperation at home.
Hospitalization was enabled also in the general medical treatment institution in the case for which hospitalization was necessary.


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A new influenza infection of two female office workers of 25 years both ..the living.. was announced on the 18th Naganoshi the confirmation lingua to the city. Two people travel to 13-17 around United States Hawaii together. The same city assumes that the person and the range of the action that contacted thickly after it returns home are limited, and doesn't request the self-imposed control such as the closure, closing, and going out of the school and the day nursery.
The infection confirmation in the prefecture became five people in total.

Two people arrive at New Tokyo International Airport by the woman and another three people in total according to Naganoshi on the afternoon of the 17th.
It returned to the same city by Nagano Shinkansen etc.
One person wore the face mask in the aircraft, and there was an exoergic of 38.2 degrees in an in-flight inspection when returning home.
The febris did not fall, it consulted the Naganoshi public health center about the telephone on the morning of the 18th, and the infection was affirmed by simple test and detail (PCR) inspections.

Because the symptom went out on the evening of the same day, another person is a confirmation as for the inspection lingua and the infection.
The same public health center : though this woman came from Nagano Station by train. 「There is no symptom when coming home, and neither the conversation nor the cough are done in the train. It doesn't go out even on the 18th, and the possibility of the infection enlargement is a low. 」It makes it. 

The condition is steady though there is both symptoms of the exoergic etc. when in hospital. Symptom Hanai and, at present, Iu though the person who thickly contacts with two people is taking full Tami with parents who cohabit respectively by five women in total who went with the travel preventing it.

The countermeasure of the closure etc. was decided to receive the infection confirmation, for Naganoshi to hold the meeting of the Ichishin type influenza crisis task force on the evening of the 18th, and not to be taken.
The same public health center accepts the consultation by the telephone for 24 hours on the same day.

On the other hand, the same city decided that it did not establish it "Exoergic outpatient" assumed providing when the infected person went out in the city on the night of the 18th now though was affirmed the infection of the Tokyo internal man who stayed in Matsumotoshi.


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It was clarified that the investigation concerning the late-started goods use promotion that the Tokyo pharmacist assn did, and there were only only 2.6% late-started goods amendment rate.
The pharmacy not described at all accounted for the clarification by the pharmacist for 36% while there were 14% pharmacy where the recipe of 50% or more was described.
The investigation of the pharmacy not described at all is necessary in the capital medicine for further use promotion.

The investigation is the implementation lingua one because it assumes the basic data of the late-started goods use promotion.
All recipes that had been received in a day, October 28 last year were investigated for 1000 pharmacies of the whole area of Tokyo.
The number of schedule recovery is 941 pharmacies (recovery factor 94.1%). The number of sheets of the recipe that became a research objective is 69,718 pieces, and it corresponds to 20% of the average recipe of a day by same month's whole area of Tokyo.


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If a new effect is affirmed by reviewing the usage and the dose of an existing medicine, it makes it to the patent object. ――。

The intellectual property strategy headquarters of the government comes up with a new medical treatment patent strategy. It is an aim to safeguard as a patent, and to press the research and development investment to the enterprise if the novelty such as decreasing the risk of the side reaction by reviewing the dose method even if the element is the same is perceived. It includes in the promotion plan in fiscal year 2009 shortly decided, and if it is early, the outlook that revises the criteria for examination of the patent act within the year.

For instance, the patient should take the medicine up to now for osteoporosis (cormorant fisherman) remedy that is every day. The element comes to only have to take it once a consequence being developed for the medicine into which the side reaction doesn't change even if the amount at seven batches is thoroughly brought together in one time and a week if this medicine is taken though cannot lie for the side reaction prevention of the esophagitis after it takes it 30 minutes, and patient's burden has decreased. It proposes that such a case be made a patent object in the future.

When it lodges a patent application, the patent of the material that the effect is perceived in treatment is first requested, and acquired by the medicine manufacturer. Afterwards, the usage and the dose "100 milligrams are 2-3 twice a day" are decided at the stage of the making and selling approval based on the pharmaceutical Affiars Law.

The one that this plan targets this as "New medicine" in patent fillings when medicine of "50 milligrams are 1 a day once" is made from for instance the same element.
The purchase lingua manufacturer comes to be newly good at the purchase of the patent of "50 Miri" of the patent of "100 Miri" before the patent term cuts though the patent term is assumed to be 25 usual years at most of 20 years. Another manufacturer can also enter, and a cheap, late-started medicine will compete in the market with the forerunner medicine that adds the device to the dose method if 20 years that are the patent terms of the material are passed.

"Method of the medical treatment" (operative and treatment) is off the subject though the patent system of Japan makes the invention of medical equipment and the medicine a patent object as "Product invention".

"Revision European Patent Convention in 2000" came into effect in Europe in December, '07, and a new effect discovery of the medicine was assumed to be "Safeguard it as a product invention though it did not safeguard as a method".
As the material, when the usage dose is different even if it is the same and how for effective is different, it tries to follow this this time, and it is judged that "Product invention" and construction can be done, and to expand the patent object.

The Patent Office affiliate「It leads to patient's quality of life and the improvement of the facility if the taking frequency etc. are decreased by devising the usage dose. Moreover, reserve force to which the pharmaceutical industry advances the research and development of another new medicine by safeguarding it as a new patent extends, too. 」It expects it.  The pharmaceutical industry side is spoken, "It comes to be able to provide the medicine that the burden is fewer for the patient by devoting one's energies to the research of the commercialization lingua new medicine in addition at last".

- Source

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Dai-nippon Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. announced that they put ulcus ventriculi (Let's be or existed) remedy for the first horse domestically on the market on July 1 on the 19th.

It is thought that the more than half of a domestic active service race horse is a stress ulcus ventriculi, and seems to become good news for the race horse.

The same element as the ulcus ventriculi medicine for man is contained, U.S. Merial of the animal drug major manufactures, and Dai-nippon Sumitomo sells this remedy. The unapproval in Japan in foreign countries though sold by 20 countries or more. Up to now, man's medicine has been often converted to the treatment of horse's ulcus ventriculi in Japan.

The race horse is exposed to a strong stress in the movement of the race, the training of every day, and the long distance on which the turgescence is forced etc. according to Dai-nippon Sumitomo.

In a clinical consequence recently at the time of used the endoscope by the veterinarian, the more than half is at least Iu when having developed as for the ulcus ventriculi.

- Dai-nippon Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (4506) Http://www.ds-pharma.co.jp/

- Source

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Man who worries because of Usuge where 12 million people in the country crack Tomoi. Banyu Pharmaceutical (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) puts "Propecia" on the market as an prescribed drug in 2005, the marketplace expands further, and the language of "AGA" that is the generic name of the male pattern baldness is becoming major though a lot of Usuge countermeasure merchandise has been marketed, too. In such and a new product seem to be developed, and to be generated publicity.

In hair treatment specialty hospital "Shironishi clinic" (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo and director Kazuhiro Kobayashi), geled depilation remedy "Minoxidil gel" that becomes the first in the world is developed in cooperation with associate professor Hajime Inoue of St. Marianna University School of Medicine. A domestic medical institution starts the formulation that becomes the first on June 23.

The minoxidil is known as the first over-the-counter drug domestically in 11 by "RiUP" that Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. put on the market by the component concentration 1%. "Minoxidil gel" assumes the concentration to be 7%, and aims at a higher effect. It is features that it flows from the diseased part because of a gel different from the liquid, it is not easy to fall, and the usage is good at the adjustment according to the part.

It is assumed that it is assumed, "I want to use it for the Usuge countermeasure of the frontal region of head (borders of the hair) said that it will not be easy to get good results" in this clinic, and treats by a related medical treatment facility of Shinjuku, Ginza, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka in five places.

- It flows for not the liquid but the gel http://www.business-i.jp/news/ind-page/news/200906170123a1.jpg ..features.. it is not easy to fall.

- The concentration of the minoxidil is 7%. It becomes the trump card of the trichogenous promotion or http://www.business-i.jp/news/ind-page/news/200906170123a2.jpg.

- Release of Shironishi clinic

- Source

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- Private consignee's "Withdrawal" proposal receiving

First-ever national PFI hospital and the Kochi medical center (Kochishi pond) frustrated it in year fifth of an open board. When the prefecture and the Kochishi hospital enterprise group that manages the center receive the proposal of consignee's special purpose company (SPC) "Kochi medical treatment Peefai", and the discussion for the PFI cancellation of contract is started, 16 table listed up daily changes discernment lingua. Enterprise group "The agreement end leads to the administrative improvement". How on earth has the hospital management by the PFI method whose public expense derating must be a purpose become it?

- Director Horimi"The diagnosis and treatment is continuation. "

"Will attach to the table of the conference for the agreement end. "In enterprise group Congress that was the center on the 16th, the head of the enterprise of Takaaki Yamazaki is an indifferent assertion lingua.

It is at the middle of May to percuss the rescission from SPC informally in the enterprise group , saying that "It is one method in the administrative improvement that SPC parts from affairs". Up to now, the enterprise group that worries because of loss making operations has analyzed, "There is no meaning that continues the PFI business under the present situation". In addition, the overhead of about 500 million yen a year paid to SPC was a problem. Formal percussion is received on June 8, and the enterprise group is an acknowledgment of order lingua.

PFI (private finance initiative) is a method that uses the private capital and the management know-how for the purpose, and maintains the public institution as for derating of the municipality. SPC that Orix etc. invest bears construction, the chemical procurement, and the school lunch services, etc. other than the medical practice for the medical center, and the contract amount is about 213 billion yen for 30 years. The reduction of 17.7 billion yen was expected from the prefecture and the city operating directly.

However, expenditure increases though the medical profession earnings expanded after an open board of 05 years, too. It becomes the deficit of about 2.1 billion yen because settlement of accounts is expected of last year, and the accumulated deficit since an open board has mounted up to about eight billion yen. The capital of about 760 million yen is short-circuited at the end of last year, and it to the situation to which the prefecture and Kochishi assist the capital. Enterprise group Congress urged an early administrative improvement on the enterprise group, and strengthened "The view of the rescission" and pressure.

It shows a loss to hold a necessary division publicly and an Yasui public hospital also in the leaving no margin. It is a reduction of material cost such as chemicals and consumables that SPC procures to be expected in the PFI business. It changes by about 30% after an open board though the ratio of targets that occupied it to the medical profession earnings (hospitalization and outpatient earnings) was assumed to be 23.4% at the PFI agreement. The Ftiyutaca president : between SPC about a reason not advanced by the reduction in material cost. 「The hospitalization diagnosis and treatment unit price rose more than the assumption at that time. The chemical etc. become large amount of money in providing with an advanced medical treatment, too. 」It describes. 

The enterprise group started "Public hospital reform plan" decision according to the guideline that the country provided last year. It aimed at making to the surplus at 11 fiscal years, and the expense reduction of 870 million yen was expected. 600 million yen is a SPC amount. The consignment fee reduction paid to the cooperation enterprise to which SPC in addition to the material cost reduction consigned affairs was requested.

"It is difficult to respond to the request" and it answers SPC against this. The PFI effect was insisted on, "(30 years) one calculated through the entire business period". Knowledge with "The cooperation enterprise could not help discussing the refusal of the affairs acceptance of order" was shown, and the opinion of both traced parallel lines to the consignment fee reduction.
"It is difficult to continue the PFI business without doing the review. "An honest governor Ozaki is who has made the depressed remark in a regular interview in January this year. The governor visited chairman Hiroaki Nishimyo of SPC main stockholder's Orix real estate, and had requested cooperation in the expense reduction several days before the interview. As for the conclusion, the enterprise group and SPC review the concern system again. --。The agreement disappeared substantially.

SPC proposes withdrawing by the fourth meeting, and frustrating the PFI business has been decided though the discussion work of both who started thus. The enterprise group and SPC start the work of the filling in the future for the rescission basic agreement this autumn. The contents says, "A money story becomes a center" (enterprise group), and advances the adjustment such as cancellation money.

The charge of the purchase about 11.8 billion yen of facilities such as plants and buildings in addition to the cancellation money about 2 billion 35 million yen is an accrual lingua in the precedent of Omihachiman municipal General Hospital (Shiga Prefecture) that became first-ever national PFI cancellation in the government hospital in the municipality.

The head of the Yamazaki enterprise is "After all, the proposal at the agreement wants not to be good of the outlook of the material cost 23.4%, and was very, and to probat the PFI business. "Director Tadashi Horimi「Neither the medical treatment site nor the inhabitants of the prefecture are affected by the rescission. I want you to be relieved because it accomplishes a conventional system of the diagnosis and treatment. 」It calls. 

An honest governor Ozaki comments, "It is thought that the administrative improvement will advance as a medical center that can use it at ease in the thorough expenditure cut because the enterprise group manages affairs immediately in the future" about the rescission. Mayor Tomoya of Okazaki also「Because SPC parts from affairs, the responsibility and the role of the enterprise group become more important. I want to support it in cooperation with the prefecture being possible to do. 」
The conversation was announced.

- Aspect
- Were there the people and confidential relations with government?

"I want to advance the conference by knowledge of partner with the enterprise group. "The Ftiyutaca president was answering coverage so between SPC before.
However, it withdraws from the business to the conclusion. There was a difference of the idea between the enterprise group and SPC in the backdrop of the rescission.

Frank is an argument over 23.4% of material cost such as chemicals. The enterprise group that wants to aim at the revenue and expenditure amelioration in a short term is "One defended as an agreement. "SPC that insisted on achievement in the contract term (30 years) on the other hand fought back , saying that "Target to the end". PFI business that states government and the people collaboration. It is really ended not to be able to find the breakthrough, and confidential relations were constructed or the doubt remains though there might be a complaint of both.

Everything doesn't necessarily go well because the prefecture and operating Kochishi directly though the rescission by the just cause "Administrative improvement".
The head of the enterprise of Takaaki Yamazaki also enumerated future tasks , saying that "Earning growth was aimed at, and trimmed costs very".

Indispensable medical center to inhabitants of the prefecture as hospital that bears advanced medical treatment of prefecture. It is necessary to check "What was PFI?" enough, and to stare at operating directly tightly though the maintenance of the medical treatment level was natural.

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The sickbed where partus (birth) are treated on April 1, 2009 becomes 2634 alcoves, and is a setback lingua according to the obstetrics department clinical research of the prefecture that Kanagawa Prefecture brought together on the 15th.  6% every three years (164 alcoves)Moderation and the abolition of the sickbed stand out from the deficiency of a full-time medicine.
11 facilities will assume, "It is undecided whether to treat birth" in the coming year, and there is an anxiety that the deficiency feeling of the obstetrics department sickbed becomes strong further, too.

The number of partus sickbeds is a hospital and total of the clinic. Yokohamashi accounts for the break-down of the sickbed for 1091 alcoves and about 40 percent of the whole.
Other region such as 404 alcoves and Sagamiharashi and Shonan became 1139 alcoves in Kawasakishi.

The number of sickbeds has decreased by 24 alcoves in a setback 3 years in a row compared with April 1 last year. The number such as clinics has decreased by two facilities with the hospital that treats partus compared with 162 facilities and preceding fiscal years.

The maintenance of the medical service cannot be likely to be done to the backdrop by the doctor deficiency, and to have increased the hospital that cannot help abolishing the sickbed. Daiwa City Hospital stops the acceptance of birth by 08 year-end because it becomes impossible for the doctor not to suffice and to have done the maintenance of the medical service it. The acceptance was able to be resumed by securing two doctors for 09 Toshiharu.


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College man (18) of the Nagoyashi living going home to Tsushi announced on the 15th the infection lingua to a new influenza Mie Prefecture. The infection confirmation in this prefecture is the first. The patient newly became and the accrual and the infected person became 629 people in total in 25 administrative divisions also in each prefecture in Niigata, Nagano, and Tottori etc.

Hanai overseas making a passage Reki goes out to the university student according to Mie Prefecture and the infected person has gone out at the university in the aichi prefecture under attending school on the same day. It develops on the night of the 14th, and the Tsushi internal medical institution is consulted a physician on the 15th.
It settles down the condition.


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Is the domestic infection start April?

One month has passed on 16 days since the infection in the country of a new influenza was affirmed for the first time in Kobeshi on the 16th of last month.
In the investigation of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare though the first appearance of disease had been estimated the fifth of last month up to now
It is understood that there is a possibility that the infection had already started in April, and advances detailed analysis in preparation for the fashion in the future.

The infection in the country of a new influenza extends to the whole country after it is affirmed for the first time in Kobeshi on the 16th of last month, and the infected person has gone up too much by 600 people about 26 administrative divisions.
It was thought that it was a high school boy in Kobeshi that developed, and symptoms had gone out of a new influenza earliest for a current investigation of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on at least the fifth of last month.

However, the exoergic in the investigation afterwards during a day of last month in the staff at the Kobeshi internal high school etc.
I see ..new...  appealed for the symptom of the influenzaMinistry of Health, Labour and Welfare is analyzing for the virus of a new influenza to have entered within the country in April, and for the possibility that the infection starts to exist from not having of this staff making a passage Reki immediately before.
Person's appearance of disease time when the infection was affirmed as Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare continues and the analysis of the infection route etc. are advanced, and the countermeasure since this autumn when a real fashion is feared is discussed.


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The man of same city internal in one's twenties announced on the 14th the infection lingua to a new influenza Fukuyamashi.
If he has not gone to a domestic region of which there is no making a passage Reki to foreign countries, and the infected person has already gone out, the man is Iu according to the same city.

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Woman (27) of this prefecture Iidashi living announced on the 14th the infection lingua to a new influenza Nagano Prefecture.

The infection confirmation in this prefecture is the first. The woman appeals for the febris and 37.4 pain heads, etc. , and is hospitalized in Iida City Hospital.
The woman ..1-9.. was traveling to United States Hawaii. In the condition, it is stable, and if it has not gone out, the symptom Iu in a thick contact like the family etc.


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It has been understood that the virus of a new swine influenza has shape like an elongate bean from the research of Prof. Kawaoka Gihiroshi of University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Science. After U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) becomes popular, fragment Otora . of the virus torn off by processing by centrifugal separator before it takes a picture though the dissemination lingua electron micrograph was globular.
It announced by the British science magazine nature dated the 15th (electronic version).

Mr. Kawaoka did not put and elongate shape of about 1/1,000 Miri in length when having taken a picture was had though there was CDC to remove materials other than the virus ..centrifugal separator... The majority of the virus is removed with impurities when putting it on centrifugal separator, and when a remaining fragment reflected in spheroidal, it is Iu.

Various types like globular and elongate shape, etc. are known to the virus of other kinds of influenzas.

Mr. Kawaoka also ascertained the invasion of a new virus to the inside of the body from person's nose and the tunica mucosa of the throat and the Yasui way and the mutations already.

The influenza virus is waited, and invades the inside of the body in the receptor that the proteins of HA on the surface are in person's nose and the tunica mucosa of the throat. HA, the receptor is dealings like the key and the keyseat, etc. , and the infectivity increases exactly in the circle.
When the ball Yasui way had mutated to person's receptor, a part of HA that originates in pig's virus is Iu.



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The infection of 19 people in total is affirmed inside a prefecture as for a new influenza that World Health Organization (WHO) hiked the warning level to highest "Phase 6" at 0:00AM of the 13th. Nine people were only the Kawasakishi people, stayer, and even the sixth person inside a prefecture was a city affiliate. There are "Only Kawasaki is ...... why" and a staff who looks doubtful only in Ebinashi where seven junior high school students at the same school were affirmed and Yokohamashi of three people in total excluding the same city now, too.
It searched for the backdrop to which the confirmation of the infection come one after another in Kawasakishi. (Saga Hideharu and Touriyouhei)

The first confirmation inside a prefecture was a high school girl in Kawasakishi of which it had just returned home from the United States on May 20.
The infection was affirmed to the classmate in Tokyo, and a private high school in the going to school destination closed the school for one week. Housewife of the travel to mother country for temporary visit lingua in one's thirties for 27 days the second people from the United States. In addition, three men and women of 29-34 years who had had a meal together in Tokyo and man (65) who returned home from the Philippines were affirmed on June 3.

In addition, schoolboy (17) who commuted to man office worker (26) who returned home from United States Hawaii on man (39) and 11 of the Brazilian nationality of which it had come to Japan by in-house training on the tenth and Tokyo internal private amount followed.
The people from whom eight people thickly contact to those from foreign countries who return home or those who return home, and these nine people also are affirmed the infection by serial for four weeks on Wednesday, and have the affiliate "Wednesday of" etc. after May 20 excluding the schoolboy.

- Professional view
The person in charge in the prefecture : about the reason why the confirmation is a lot of in Kawasakishi, having said the personal view. 「It is in the metropolitan area, and there are a lot of points of contact with foreign countries. Yokohamashi few is chance. 」It speaks.  Mami Iwata and new influenza countermeasure charge Director-General in Yokohamashi are Iu , saying that "Even if Yokohama increases, it is not amusing".
Medical Inspector Noboru Sakamoto in Kawasakishi guesses, "In Kawasaki, the large company to which the employee alternates foreign countries is concentrated, it is placed between Tokyo and Yokohama, and the foreign country ..transfer insertion.. ..becoming empty.. is affected also by there are a lot of citizens". It thinks the concentration of the confirmation on Wednesday to be "It moved on the weekend, and having developed at the beginning of the week". Domestic primary infection of infectious disease "West Nile fever" that becomes popular in the United States is affirmed in the same city in the autumn of 2005.


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It starts on a journey to the travel because of a new swine influenza as the third grader of the Takakura Osaka municipal junior high school (Miyakojimaku) to which canceling the school excursion was told at the station immediately before the departure renews on the 21st. The cancel charge : to the immunity in the consideration such as the staying destinations and travel agencies.
Students are swelling his breast in the expectation , saying that "I am this time what, and either want to leave safely".

About 160 the third grader people planned to visit Tokyo Disneyland and National Diet, etc. by the journey from May 18 to the 3rd 2 night stay. However, Osakashi receives the infection enlargement of a new influenza on the morning of the 18th, and is a decision such as elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools together as for canceling the closure and the school excursion. Discontinuance was reported to the contact to the student by principal Hirohisa of Yamanoi at JR Shin-Ohsaka Station in which it had gathered not to be in time, and to take Shinkansen , saying that "Turn back straight though it was regrettable".

That day and students from whom the travel was canceled turned back in the school by the silence. Deserted schoolhouse where an underclassman doesn't exist either.
It is Iu when there was a student who begins to weep, too.
(of Yuya Satomoto mist) You (14) :. 「I thought that it said 'Joke' to Absolutely later though it was surprised for the principal's greeting. It .., '..saying..'.. wished. 」。Mr. (14) Asuka Ohane (The crust :)「The principal thought a low talk of the tension regulator of 'It is certain ..this.. ..something..' because it talked by always bright feeling. However, discontinuance :. To can the belief. 」。

The Yamanoi principal also turns around , saying that "The greeting that only that is difficult is the first time in the teacher life". It is about at 7:30AM of that day to receive the report of discontinuance from the city educational commitee. How to speak for about one hour until the student's telling it worried. Children who gathered in the station bubbled over innocently, the appearance to answer the roll call pimple millet more than always was seen in succession, and it became painful.
The clarification lingua of the current state to which the influenza spreads so as not to damage the student and details closed together.
The offer of the assistance come one after another from graduate's guardians to the school when reported on the travel discontinuance. There was a tutor who had sent the cake to the school from Tokyo when it was able to know the situation in the newspaper, and it to be ..child.. energetic, too.

The Yamanoi principal「I got a lot of warm consideration though children had painful time. The fresh start can be done thanks to you. It is full of the gratitude. 」It spoke. 

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The professor of certain Osudani Touhoku University of a large-scale infection within half a year alerts it in Japan.

The professor of Osudani Jinto University of Hokkaido who took charge of the infectious disease countermeasure with World Health Organization (WHO) lectures it in Tokyo on the 13th. 「A large-scale infection enlargement of a new influenza occurs without fail in Japan within half a year. It occurs in the week or less according to the region if it is early. 」It alerted it. 

The Osudani professor : about a domestic current state. 「There is no epidemiology connection between patients, the case where the source of infection is not specified goes out, and the infection enlargement continues obviously. It is expected that there will be a person who is not presenting by him/herself in the fear of isolation and the layoff either, is not specified the source of infection, and it is wide to the community. 」With the indication.

As an expected scenario「There is a possibility of greatly becoming popular at a dash in the southern hemisphere and Southeast Asia. Then, it is possible that infected person's influx to Japan is not stopped at all, and a regional fashion continues until winter. 」The perception was shown.

The Osudani professor described, "The maintenance of the medical treatment situation to the patient who made it to the severely ill should think seriously by the difficulty in various places".


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Tokyo announced that man (25) of the Toshima Ward living with United States making a passage Reki was infected with a new influenza on the 14th as the confirmation lingua. Moreover, the infection of one person turned out respectively in three people and Osaka Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture in Fukuokashi, and a domestic infected person became 600 people in total.

The man in Toshima Ward returns home from U.S. Hawaii on the tenth. The examination was received in the hospital on the 13th because the symptom of the exoergic etc. had gone out. The condition is stable, and recuperated at home now.

Boy brother of five years old and two years old in same city Hakataku and woman of part both of affirming infection in Fukuokashi (28).

Osaka Prefecture is a woman in Suitashi (29). The infection was affirmed to one of the families on the 12th, and to prevent the infection to other families, it was hospitalized. In Kyoto Prefecture, the infection of boy (12) of the United States living that had visited the Kameokashi internal relative house on the 11th turned out.


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Hokkaido brought the finding of the influence on the road internal sightseeing business due to new influenza together on the 12th. The party traveler is accepted in the road, and the cancellation of about 33,300 people in 274 facilities in the hotel and the inn where the dimension is large by the reservation during the May-July or it postpones, and the damage has mounted up to about 175 million yen. The cancellation of a school excursion and an overseas guest has came one after another at the sightseeing season.

Hokkaido Economic Department is an interview lingua through 1-11 and the promotion of sightseeing in corporate juridical person Hokkaido mechanism, the road internal staying, transportation, and the travel industry group, etc.The investigation to the Hokkaido hotel inn life hygiene guild that about small and medium-sized 1100 facilities joined was answered that the hotel and the inn of about 40 percent affected sales.

Moreover, it investigates by eight regions of Hokkaido main internal in the spa. The number of those who stayed during the April-June is 0.8% decrease- in corresponding ratio to the previous year excluding Lake Akan of unclear 25.9% decrease. The width of the setback largeness continued with hot water-river spa (19.2% decrease), Sounkyo spa (14.1% decrease), and Tokachigawaonsen (10.9%) in the Lake Toya spa.

The influence in Sapporoshi is also large. In the investigation to 22 accommodations such as hotels, 70 percent or more of the whole answers that a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus influences it. The cancellation is an accrual lingua in facilities of 70 percent or less.


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It is interested in the new influenza countermeasure. Sales of the domestic use are good, and manufacturers are activating the sales network enlargement of the business opportunity arrival and the Mite business use.

Sanyo Electric announced that they put the business space cleaner on the market in North America after this autumn on the 16th.
The concern rises to the virus control in air in North America because of the enlargement of a new influenza, and about 30 is donated sequentially to the dispensary waiting room in the airport in New York, the school, and The United Nations Headquaters etc. in May and the examination operation is done. It sells it based on the yield. North America of the full-scale entry is the first also in Europe and China though the examination introduction is done.

"Virus washer function" that suppresses working such as the virus and pollen by 99% or more is installed in the cleaner. A new influenza influences domestically, and the top line in May is good in the this moon proportion 50% increase and the previous year business use with 25% increase in the domestic use.

On the other hand, Sharp announced that they would introduce a part of of Imperial Hotel Tokyo (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) original sterilising ion generation provision that decomposed the virus in air etc. on the 16th and removed it into the AC duct supply opening of the guest room (70 rooms) and restaurants. All guest rooms (about 1000 rooms) and Imperial Hotel Osaka (Osakashi Kitaku), etc. are scheduled to be introduced sequentially.

The generator (24cm in width, the depth 6cm, and about 10cm in height) can ..existing airconditioning system.. post-.. be put up, and the emission of sterilising ion "Plasma cluster ion". Smells such as cigarettes and the sweats that adhere to clothes besides the virus are removed. The electricity bill is about 270 yen a year, and this company thinks that they will attempt the deployment such as the general hospitals besides the hotel in the future. 【 Shingu and child of Sanga Yokoyama ]

- Http://mainichi.jp/select/biz/news/20090617k0000m020169000c.html at News Source every day one-June 17, 2009 jp Mainichi Shimbun:59.

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U.S. medicine manufacture major Baxter International Inc. announced the vaccine of a new swine influenza on the 12th and if it was early, the policy of shipping it in July was announced. The possibility of acting rashly has come out though it was thought that being able the use of the vaccine of a new influenza and became after autumn.

This company receives providing with "Seed" virus from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in May and develops the vaccine according to the announcement. It has already entered mass production, and the state and Iu who is waiting for the approval of the each country government authorities.

Doctor Shucat in CDC is describing in the interview on the 11th, "It is in the future to decide whether to actually inoculate the vaccine".

About the vaccine of a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus, medicine major Novartis in Switzerland has already been entering the manufacturing phase, and another that is scheduled to execute the trial intended for the person in July and the medicine manufacture major of Anglo-French have accelerated the vaccine manufacturing according to Agence France-Presse etc.

- Source

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The sightseeing agency announced that the campaign for the cancellation of the travel such as school excursions to come one after another and to activate sightseeing business in the Kansai region where the blow had been received due to new influenza began in cooperation with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the small- and medium-sized enterprises agency on the 16th.

The activity that tells the charm of Kansai in foreign countries is positively developed besides government and the people' sightseeing affiliates hold the emergency session, and the tourist from the inside and outside the country is called in to Kansai.


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Kansai Paint announced on the 15th that they had started the sale of the revised version of paints for the interior that used the mortar (plaster) that eroded drastic "Ares ordinary plaster" the infectivity of the influenza virus.
It was not dirty by added the character to shed water to the surface of the coating while sustaining the function with an excellent mortar such as deodorant and antimicrobes easily, washed, and Yasui paints were completed.

Mortar begins to attract attention by progression of the disease and a natural boom etc. of the indoor environment such as sick house syndromes recently now though paints of the oil origin are widely widespread. Moreover, there is a benefit that it is not easy to be affected to the oil price because the lime is made a principal ingredient, too.

On the other hand, it has been understood that recently, there is the character for the calcium hydroxide on the surface of mortar with the strong alkalinity to adsorb the influenza virus. This company..investigation..high virulent..avian influenza virus..erode..success.When a similar effect can be expected also of the virus of a new influenza, it is Iu.

There was a flaw that dirt high Yasui did not wash it easily though the mortar paints had been sold in this company since last year.
Revised version "Clean Ares ordinary plaster EZ" that adds the character to shed water is developed there. As for the Yani dirt etc. of dirt from the hand and the cigarette, water and the neutral detergent made the washing possible.

The price is 15,000 yen per four kilo. This company assumes, "I want to harden sales promotion to the educational institution, the medical institution, and Nursing Home, etc. especially as effectual measures of the influenza infection prevention countermeasure".

The source

- Kansai Paint
Http://www.kansai.co.jp/press release http://www.kansai.co.jp/new/press09/090615/index.html

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Japan etc. are - WHO that approach "Transition" = outlook on the world dye situation and "Phase 6".

The Fcda Director General complementary proxy of World Health Organization (WHO) showed knowledge of being in "Transition" to "Phase 6" meant for worldwide Onagare (bread Demick) in the conference on the second for the infection status of a new influenza such as Japan and Britain.
As for the infection status of the entire world, Fcda is analysis , saying that "It is approaching 'Phase 6' though (So far) and 'Phase 5'". However, knowledge of not having arrived at a large-scale infection enlargement was shown, and posture in which the transition in the future was carefully watched was stressed.


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Herd infection up to now, 51 person infection in a Japanese school in new influenza Germany Dusseldolf.

The herd infection of a new influenza extends at a Japanese school in German west Dusseldolf, and the influence reaches a local Japanese society.

The Japanese of the living spoke with "It was surprised because the story of the influenza had not come out for a moment so much in Germany".

In a Japanese school of Germany, in Dusseldolf, 51 people are additionally infected with a new influenza, and the closure until the 19th has been decided the child, the student, and the family so far.

The influence because of the infection has extended as the event in which a Japanese school participates is canceled though this herd infection is received, and "Japanese day" that introduced the Japanese culture on the 13th was opened in this city where a Japanese community of a German the greatest.


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Zaisasadohitoshi council (Finance Minister's advisory panel) proposes the innovation for the cancellation of the doctor deficiency.
It is a pillar such as expanding the medical practice of the regulation and the nursing master of the diagnosis and treatment department (internal medicine department and surgery, etc.) chosen when becoming a doctor.

The medical treatment fee for the medical institution makes the provided formulation of the structure give priority at before the revision at year-end as the medical service is efficient, and there is an aim to restrain the improving theory, too.

It is thought that it piles up in the proposal (statement) to arrange in June, and it wants to reflect it in "Large-boned policy 09" that becomes the guideline of budgetary process in fiscal year 2010. In taking up of Sei Shin in top priority, the doctor is a mechanism in an insufficient diagnosis and treatment department and the region placed in propriety.

The obstetrics department and the surgery of hard work tend to be kept at a distance though the government increased about 860 person number of capacity of university Department of Medicine since last year while popularity gathers in the psychiatry department and the orthopedic surgery recently. Therefore, the discussion of the introduction of constant member Sei at the stage of the national examination etc. is requested.

Http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/keizai/20090526AT3S2300K25052009.html * Zaisasadohitoshi council http://www.mof.go.jp/singikai/zaiseseido/top.htm

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Ministry of Finance plans to press the review of the medical treatment fee system to eliminate doctor's maldistribution to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The aim that shortens the treatment gap of medical doctor in hospital and the medical practitioner, and puts the brake on the doctor's concentration from the severity of working conditions to a specific diagnosis and treatment department and the big city.

The review of the medical treatment fee is included in the proposal (statement) to discuss, and to be going to fil to the Finance Minister next month also in Zaisasadohitoshi council of Finance Minister's advisory panel. Ministry of Finance has the idea that wants to be reflected in "Large-boned policy 09" that becomes basic guidelines of ten annual budgets and to be promoted to the government policy.

The number of doctors has increased from about 230,000 to 14% every 264,000 people every 10 years from 96 years according to Ministry of Finance. However, obstetrics and gynecology is 10.6%, and surgery has decreased by each 7.7% in each diagnosis and treatment department while the psychiatry department is 20%, and the orthopedic surgery increased by each 15%.

The maldistribution accelerates to regional even if it sees. An increase of Aomori and Ehime Prefecture is from 20% every the same 10 years to 6% in the saitama prefecture and Chiba Prefecture though it increased.

Even if the diagnosis and treatment contents is the same, Ministry of Finance puts a present system to which medical practitioner's compensation is being set high by medical doctor in hospital in question. When the number also of doctors who stop medical doctor in hospital 1.8 times or more as high as medical doctor in hospital and aim at the medical practitioner has increased, medical practitioner's average annual salary is Iu. It becomes in the emergency medical service, and especially, the doctor deficiency of the chased AIDS core hospital is serious, and it becomes the cause of patient's "Rotation".

The medical treatment fee is reviewed every two years. Ministry of Finance urges Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to shorten the treatment gap through the budget at ten fiscal years with the following revision. However, if medical practitioner's compensation is reduced, the repulsion such as Central Social Insurance Medical Council that decide the allocation of compensation is inevitable. The resistance of the intraparty is expected also because the Japan Medical Association is a powerful power base of the Liberal-Democratic Party, and whether it achieves it is opaque.

- Source

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The research group such as animal Research Laboratory of Public Health (Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukubashi) announced that they had developed the vaccine that prevented morbus of 2 varieties of the pig of a swine erysipelas with a high lethality and highly contagious pig Mycoplasmal pneumonia only by drinking on the 16th.

Because it is possible to administer it easily by mixing it with the drinking water compared with the vaccine of a conventional shot, the labor is good at the mitigation according to this laboratory.
The price is low, and there is a benefit that the stress doesn't hang to the pig either, too.

After safety is confirmed in the laboratory, the clinical test in the farm when the future aiming at practical use. Afterwards, when it is necessary to pass the safety review as food etc. , it is Iu.

The swine erysipelas is a report zymosis of Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law, and has about 2,000 reports every year. As for pig Mycoplasmal pneumonia, the low delays pig's growth, and causes the lethality secondary infection such as other bacilli. In the investigation of 1995-97 years, by National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations, the infection has extended by there is a positive pig in 96% of hog farms domestic 525.


Piglets that drink artificial milk that mixes vaccine

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
"Face mask purchase collection" incentive in optimism and the merchant.

The school that had closed the school in Kyotoshi etc. resumed on the 26th. On the other hand, such a riot has occurred in Kansai over the face mask to which the shortage of stock continues, too.

The class was resumed also by Kyotoshi in most elementary and junior high schools following Osaka and Hyogo the 25th on the 26th. (abbreviation)Children seriously heard teacher's like the thoroughness in the washroom etc. stories. Osaka and Kobe where the state of the shortage of stock of the face mask continues still even though being regained one's presence of mind. I see ..advancing.. as Changsu of the business of in such and this situation.  buy up and sell the merchant the major on the shopping site

「The store externals in which the face mask is sold on these several days seem to sell very much for the Nissho 10 million yen or more. The store externals of the Nissho 5000 yen or less sold six million yen or more. Such a store externals lie about, and it is terrible. 」(contents of a letter of mail)
Net..article..sales..handle..as you were..recently..reach..E-mail..the..contents of a letter..see..instinctively..eye..doubt.「It takes advantage of person's weakness and this is done though it is not a looter. The company where it has the social influence power. Sho ..this.. should not... 」
(Mr. A)

The consigner of mail was a shopping site major, and optimism. The West Japan Daiichi Kikaku Co. management team of optimism buys, collects face masks in the merchant like Mr. A, and it has frequently recommended it in the bang way mail.

Time was spent between partly the 20th and the 21st last week. (abbreviation)Optimism sent the merchant such mail on the day when one million pieces were delivered to Kobe free of charge by Taiwan in the place where the number of infected persons increased, and the face mask disappeared from the shop in Kobe and Osaka.

「It has already sold all and. It sells in great force.  The face mask with which it stocks for 650 yen seems to sell by 20,000. 」(contents of a letter of mail that reaches from optimism)

It seems to be sent regardless of category of business ..the merchant.. the E-mail of the bang optimism ..way.. recommend the face mask. Shop..face mask..medicine..at all..have.

「Yesterday, Mr. store who sold six million was the store externals of the ladies' fashion, too. The category is not related. Timing and business that takes the order for the time being, and sells it is a speed because it doesn't care about the delivery even if becoming 20 Irusun. 」(contents of a letter of mail that reaches from optimism)

Mr. A in the merchant where mail was received speaks so. "When the shopping mall of the Internet of a Japanese the greatest of optimism Mr. does this, ..morality.. pass too much ..it is... "(Mr. A in optimism merchant)

A group here that makes it from the medical practitioner is providing with the medical device routinely. However, there is no inventory of the face mask now. The contents of a letter of optimism is seen ・・・. 「The taking advantage sales : not to embarrass it. It is evil ways Omo ..evil ways.. ..floatage.. . from the standpoint where the merchandise of the Yasui price is provided at ease this. I want you to cease this. 」(cooperative association of panel doctor of Osaka Prefecture and Cakeyastaca Director General)

(abbreviation)Office of Public Relations of optimism : to the coverage of JNN. 「It is our purpose to correct the deviation of the face mask by the region. Queuing up in the shop can prevent the infection enlargement if it buys it on the net. 」
It wants to do and the expression is spoken, "It is because the other party is a professional merchant if the contents of a letter is extreme, and it is especially thought problem Hanai".  


East Japan Railway announced that the Nakaosa distance revenues such as Shinkansen except the rente became the this moon proportion 17.4% previous year decreases among the operating incomes of the railway (preliminary report) in May on the eighth.
Decreasing rate of the greatest from 1992 possible comparison of data.

It is thought that red-hot discounts of the expressway toll affected it the infection enlargement of a new influenza in addition to the business slowdown in demand such as coupon tickets of Shinkansen due to economic environment progression of the disease.

The adjournment and the cancellation of the school excursion have gone up to 24,000 people in total by about 190 in total at the time of of the first of this company.
When it corresponds to 4% among 17.4% decreases, the influence of the minus of a new influenza that can understand the cancellation of the package tour etc. is Iu.

On the other hand, it is Iu under the influence of the expressway fee discount to show the figure now when difficult.
However, president Satoru Kiyono is a candid advice , saying that "It is thought the one as the entire policy when thinking about the problem of carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaust how".
It was assumed, "Cannot you think a little more?" of the discussion of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport about the implementation on weekdays of the lantern festival etc.

The source
Dentsu announced the topic and the noteworthy merchandise ranking in the first half of the year (from January to May) of 09 years of the ninth. Merchandise to which an economical advantage such as "ETC" that the rural motorway fee on holiday becomes cheap when "Hybrid vehicle" of the eco-friendly car reduction of taxes object and installing it besides "Face mask" came in 1st place because of the new influenza fashion (automatic fare collection system) was received occupied the epistatic.

"Trade-in sale" etc. that were successive Moreover, service stood out Yasui "..translation.. merchandise ..it was.." the department store and super for the reasons for the wound and the crumble of the type, etc. merchandise that had reflected the consumption depression, too.

"Thin-screen TV for ground Dege" of the eco-point object and "Energy saving consumer electronics" (air conditioner and refrigerator) : even the usage of the simultaneous tax audit lingua bonus to 1 and each 2nd place. It came in 3rd place, and it came in "Shopped in the outlet mall" and 5th place and "Low-priced clothes" came in "Traveled abroad" that the strong yen etc. made modestly-priced and 6th place. "Profitable feeling" seems to become a key word ..only the expectation of the last year's results crack ..the bonus this summer.... ..the sales battle...

The investigation executes by the Internet for 1000 men and women of 20-69 years in the whole country on 22th - 24th in May, and is a total lingua from among merchandise and the service enumerated by about 100 items as for the number of selections.

【 topic and noteworthy merchandise in 09 first half of the years of year ]

1st place face mask
2nd place hybrid vehicle
3rd place ETC (automatic fare collection system) The tenth place removing nine family-use game machines eighth place Ishita of translation of thin-screen TV of private brand merchandise of merchandise ..it is.. the seventh place the sixth place sale outlet mall for the fifth place ground Dege of 4th place energy saving consumer electronics

The government is a decision lingua as for the reply brief assumed that television CM charge of the new influenza countermeasure where Prime Minister Taro Aso appeared is 287.83 million yen in the Cabinet Council on the fifth.
Answer to question drift book on assembly member of the House of Representatives Muneo Suzuki (new party the earth).

CM is a contents for which the Prime Minister calls, "I hope of correspondence ..attention of information that the government and the municipality announce.. calm". It was broadcast from the 19th of last month to a day of this month in the whole country.

Mr. Suzuki presented the doubt the Prime Minister's appearance "An exaggerated impression might be given to people by the Prime Minister voluntarily performing, and neutralize the effect rather" and the indication by the question drift book. (JP)

- Source http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/4188055/
It was announced that a domestic base where the vaccine was mass-produced would be constructed in Kagawa Prefecture Kanonjishi so that the foundation Osaka University microorganism disease society of the vaccine manufacturer (Osaka Prefecture Suitashi and east (The lamplight did and was cheap) presidents) might correspond for worldwide Onagare of a new influenza of the high virulence (bread Demick) on the eighth. Management is scheduled to be begun in 13. It aims at the vaccine only to inoculate the half of the whole nation and it aims at a producible conformity situation for half a year.

This society is one of the four influenza vaccine manufacturers that are within the country. Up to now, it has taken the influenza vaccine one year for the preparation to culture the virus by the sperm egg.
Five million people were thresholds in this society at one season.

This time, the adoption of "Cell culture method" that makes a large amount of vaccines from dog's kidney cell without using the sperm egg. It is producible for half a year for 60 million. Several companies already obtain and have manufactured approval in Europe.

The policy assumed to straighten the situation to which the whole nation in preparation for a domestic fashion of the bird flu of the high virulence was able to inoculate the vaccine as soon as possible when the supplementary budget bill was organized in fiscal year 2009 was shown, and this society answered this in the country.

It is made to be newly established in a place away with a present Kanonji laboratory by about two kilo by "Kanonji laboratory strait center". Ten houses such as the research buildings and the manufacturing buildings are scheduled to be constructed with the gross business expense about 35 billion yen in premises of about 16 Cata meter.

Now in this society, the vaccine for the seasonality influenza after the same center operates is ..plan.. Iu who manufactures it from a conventional sperm egg.

It was affirmed that two schoolboys at a private high school in Tokyo and Minatoku had been infected with a new influenza.
This..high school..in addition..exoergic..symptom..appeal..student..teacher..provide..Tokyo..herd infection..stay..Mite..detailed..investigate.

It is two schoolboys of the third grader that the infection affirmed who go to a private, regular high school in Tokyo and Minatoku.
It was affirmed to two people to be infected with a consequence and a new influenza that did genetic testing in the laboratory in Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture on the tenth.
Both are Hanai making a passage Reki to foreign countries.
In this high school, when herd infection in the capital it puts together in addition ..the student and the teacher.. and 12 people are appealing for the symptom of the exoergic etc. might stay up, it investigates ..Mite.. in detail.
The kipper and this high school are to close the school for one week from the 11th according to the capital.


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare would clarify a new influenza infection of 12 people in the Fukuokashi internal elementary and junior high schools by June 8 and the confirmation lingua was clarified.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and it is a schoolboy in the first grade of junior high-school according to Fukuokashi that the infection was originally affirmed.
The boy appeals for the exoergic on the fifth, and consults a physician the exoergic outpatient. The PCR inspection is executed in the prefecture health service environment laboratory on the sixth, and the confirmation lingua of the infection.

In the same municipal elementary school, six people were affirmed the infection of six people by daytime of the eighth thereafter by the junior high school of which the schoolboy commuted.
When it is a under survey, the infection route is Iu. The closure of the same city was one school of the same district as these elementary and junior high schools in the elementary school until the 14th.

The infection is and there is no person about ..being affirmed.. 12 person about travel Reki such as the record of overseas travel, Osaka, and Hyogo walking.

A new swine influenza is one month in the country from accrual Shite. The person from whom it is cut, and the dispatch is dismissed suddenly has come out for the influence to have gone out to the enterprise activity like the travel discontinuance and the business self-imposed control, etc.
It is in the excuse ..the travel to the infection country.. to the dismissed case. The depression and the aspect are waited for, and the personnel reduction might continue.

「Sales drop off due to influenza and the company is dangerous. Because it resigns at the end of next month」。
A woman who worked as a contract worker in the branch in the major travel agency in Tokyo in one's thirties was reported by the superior at the late-May morning gathering.
The cancellation such as school excursions pours in to the shop. It was just spoken half in jest, woman of the dispatch of the colleague and "Do it become our neck?"Four people are contract worker among seven staff of the branch.
As for two people, the septennium and I also have worked for three years. The all members were dismissed.

「There was pride of having supported the shop ..dispatching... It is easily a neck and ....... 」。
The woman grieved.

It was rendered also to a working man in one's twenties as a regular member in the hotel in Kyotoshi ..the dismissal at the end of June...
It is Iu in case of the outlook from which the hotel guest decreases sharply because of a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus, and the employee and the contract worker until year of joining a company third are dismissed in stages.

The mainstay travel agency and the Metropolitan of Tokyo vanish almost because of the reservation cancellation sales in May, stop the business, and advance the preparation for the voluntary bankruptcy motion. It ..cancellation.. ..inside and outside the country.. matched as at 29 JTB in May, it went up to 150,000 people, and the trial with 15.1 billion-yen down astringency was announced.
The travel and sightseeing business are time when the dispatch and the contract employee are found useful at the work before the season of summer vacation in 5 and June in the ordinary year. A familiar day trip increases because of the price cut of the highspeed fee in addition to the depression, and however, "Triple woe" and it is additionally Iu this year as for a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus.
(the rest is omitted)
National Institute of Infectious Diseases sent two vaccine candidates to four vaccine manufacturer companies of the country on June 8. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare clarified it in the conference at the evening of the same day. The sent vaccine candidate is the one received from CSL (Commonwealth serum Laboratories) in Australia on May 30, and 2 according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare though received from New York Medical College in the United States on June 2. When two advanced by development were previously sent in under development, other candidate shares are Iu.

When both of the sent 2 strain of they are recommended stocks of WHO (World Health Organization), after it has an interview of the same day compared with reporters, the new influenza countermeasure promotion department general manager of the department of Yoshio Nanba is clarifications. The outlook with "WHO was sure to show the idea of seasonality (With the new model)(mix proportion rate) in July" was shown, and the breeding and the toxicity were described in the manufacturer till then, confirmation Shite and "I want to do to the state that it was able to begin the vaccine manufacturing".

Face mask distribution of Myoko City to all households

In the purpose of preventive enlightenment of a new influenza, the start lingua of the clan distribution of the medical application face mask on the eighth Myoko City.
The city officer finishes turning by about 10,000 all household households, and ..100,000 total.. face mask by each ten household being distributed by the 19th.

The same city distributes the handbill for the face mask and enlightenment to the covering of the necessity household such as the senior citizen of living alone households made an information shortfall in May.
The handbill by which washroom Yaso called that it was as the face mask was distributed for the household that remained this time.

The city makes efforts to securing the medical application face mask that exists in the state of the shortage of stock on a nationwide scale. Because it was possible to secure it, the distribution to all households was started.
The Arai district is mainly distributed in Myokokogen and the Myoko district on the 15th on the same day.

280 city officers divide into 38 groups after ordinary activities end.
Each household is visited with a map held in one hand. The face mask was distributed , saying that "Please use it to prevent the infection".

A woman in same city Asahimachi in her forties「It is welcome. It importantly keeps it. 」It spoke. 
This airport quarantine station announced the confirmation lingua to Yamanashi Prefecture a new influenza infection about two Kofushi internal girl junior high school students who had arrived from Canada in the tenth the language study training late before dawn at New Tokyo International Airport. Two people were appealing for bad health immediately before the homecoming, and it sat inside the plane on a seat away with other passengers. The prefecture decides for 27 students who return home to be assumed to be a layoff of 6-7 days so that a English-Japanese inside in Yamanashi may attempt the prevention of the infection enlargement after clarifying that two people are the third graders of this school on the register, and is a thick contact with two infection lingua people or speeds up the confirmation.
29 students at this school and 1 teacher of the lead return home from Canada Tronto by 1 flight in Eyre Canada according to the prefecture at 1:15PM (local time) of the 8th. It arrived at New Tokyo International Airport around 2:40PM of the ninth.
Two infection lingua people do the simple test inside the plane by the health officer because it had appealed for symptoms such as the exoergic and the tussises (cough) before it boards it, and are confirmations as for the positive the a type influenza reaction. This quarantine station inspects detail (PCR), and the confirmation lingua of a new influenza infection. Two people were hospitalized in the hospital in the vicinity of the airport.
Two people stay respectively another homestay ahead. It sat inside the plane on a seat away with other students and passenger.
The prefecture that had received the report of the physical condition of two people from the school beforehand was telling Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare the situation as reference information at in-flight quarantine on the morning of the ninth. When quarantining, one student according to the declaration lingua was negative several days ago in case of bad health.
27 people such as students of the remainder arrive at this school in Bath at 8PM the same day. There was no student who had appealed for bad health though the Nakakita public health center did the interview concerning the medical condition. The prefecture requests the physical condition check by the thermometry etc. from students who return home. Moreover, it was thickly contacted in the airport in Canada etc. with two people or affirms it.
29 students stay Canada Ontario states according to this school etc. since April 21.
Ordinary family..individual..homestay..do..locale..high school..language study..training..alternating current..participation..schedule..digest.
The Osaka Prefecture internal high school students to whom the infection was affirmed for the first time domestically in the first ten days of May stay in this state where the student stayed.
A line the this first grade of junior high-school receives the infection enlargement of a new influenza in Canada, and discontinues the visit of the waterfall in Niagara.
This school was sending 200 face masks a line for the inhibition of infection.

Iwate Prefecture and Hiroshima prefecture announced on June 9 the confirmation lingua the patient with a new influenza inside a prefecture.
The infection's having been affirmed in the Tohoku region is the first.

It is a woman of 36 years that was affirmed in Iwate Prefecture. The positive reaction of the influenza A went out by the simple test when heat was generated on the eighth, and the Moriokashi internal medical institution was consulted a physician on the morning of the ninth.
In addition, the PCR inspection was affirmed from the work of this woman in the eating house that the student at the Chiba Prefecture Funabashishi internal junior high school where the infection was affirmed one after another visited in the school excursion etc. to the infection of a new influenza in the Iwate Prefecture environmental health research center on the implementation lingua and the night of the ninth.
If the woman doesn't have making a passage Reki, it is Iu.

Moreover, it is a man in one's fifties that the infection was affirmed for the first time in Hiroshima prefecture who lives in Higashihiroshimashi.
It returned home from the United States on the seventh.

It was clarified that the proportion of the person who did not know the contact to the exoergic outpatient was about 10 percent when the infection to a new influenza was doubted (infection initial stage) whole by the consciousness investigation that marketing company "Polygonum tinctorium Lour. share" (headquarters = Tokyo Minatoku) had done.

Fukuokashi was announced that it had been affirmed that four people were newly infected with a new swine influenza on the seventh. Four people are three students at a municipal Itazuke junior high school and one child at the elementary school with the same board. Infections of one student all over Itazuke are affirmed on the sixth, and the city is examining the infection route etc.Four people were appealing for symptoms such as the exoergic and coughs. The infected person in Fukuoka Prefecture became six people in total by this.

Hyogo Prefecture and Kobeshi understand and not having made it public up to now about a housewife in this prefecture Akashishi where the infection to a new swine influenza was affirmed on May 22 in his thirties has understood the eighth.
Housewife's infection is pressed" "Because of jurisdiction of the prefecture the residential area and the prefecture are pressing "It is affirmed by the inspection of the city and it is Takara" and the responsibility against the same city though the confirmation lingua was Kobeshi each other.

The housewife generates heat on May 20 that was going home to the Kobeshi internal parents' family, and consults a physician the same city internal medical institution according to the clarification of the prefecture and the city. It was affirmed by the genetic screening of the Kobeshi environmental health laboratory (PCR inspection) on the 22nd as a new positive. The housewife returned to Akashishi on the 24th after it had recuperated in the parents' family.

Akashishi of the residential area thought that the prefecture announced for the catchment area of a prefecture healthy welfare office (public health center) and Kobeshi was not made public. On the other hand, a healthy confirmation affairs until returning to Akashishi are affirmed the infection by the inspection of Kobeshi, and are Iu in the prefecture when having thought that the city is making it public from the charge of Kobeshi.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is an amendment from each site of the medical institution according to the residential area on the fourth this month as for the method of totaling the infected person.
The dissemination lingua only after eight days have passed from the confirmation since it noticed try the total of the prefecture according to it.

・The charge of television CM by which Prime Minister Taro Aso (68) calls calm correspondence mounting up to about as much as 287.83 million yen for a new influenza has understood the fifth. Narrator do , saying that "Information from the government" "I hope of calm correspondence" ..the Prime Minister Aso who sat on the chair.. and it calls for CM.

It was clarified by the reply brief to the question drift book on the assembly member of the House of Representatives Muneo Suzuki in the new party earth.
Mr. Muneo is asking in the drift book , saying that "The Aso prime minister performs voluntarily, an exaggerated impression is given to people, and the effect that calls rather calm correspondence is lost".

World Health Organization (WHO) : the warning level of a new influenza (phase) on the ninth.
It entered the final adjustment in the direction hiked to "6" that meant the declaration for worldwide Onagare (bread Demick) from present "5" in the week.
Plural officials of WHO clarified it. To straighten the preparation situation, the dealings staff received the instruction of top management on the assumption of what the Chang Director General declared in the week for Onagare.

Director General opened the member state and a part of interactive teleconference after knowledge with "It is in phase 6 as a phenomenon (Already)" had been shown in reporters on the tenth on the same day, and clarified the schedule to receive the clarification of the infection status directly.
The Fcda Director General complementary proxy was spoken at the regular news conference that preceded this for Onagare, "It is extremely near". (cooperation)




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