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Daikin Industries announced that they demonstrated the decomposition of new influenza virus (H1N1) by 100%, and the removal of the air cleaning technology of this company that was called "Streamer discharge" on the 15th by a joint research with the Vietnamese national hygiene epidemiological study place. The demonstration of 100% decomposition is the first in the world and Iu. It is announced that it was demonstrated that the technology of the electrolysis water of this company that uses it for the air cleaner etc. decreased the number of this viruses by 99% or more over a new influenza as for Sanyo Electric in August. The streamer discharge is a technology that decomposes the virus and pollen, etc. by generating the electron with strong oxidative decomposition power. In the experiment, the cell that inoculated a new influenza virus was put on the provision that reproduced the inside of the air cleaner and the streamer discharge was continued for four hours. As a result, the virus is a confirmation lingua as the cell is normality as for the extinction lingua. Daikin is announcing that they demonstrated the decomposition of this technology of avian influenza virus (H5N1) by 100% in May. The streamer discharge technology is developed in 04, and has been installed in the air cleaner and the air conditioner etc. of this company. The technology that decomposes a new influenza virus by 100% is installed in three models such as the humidifying air cleaners put on the market on September 11 in the amount of the electrical discharge by 1.5 times since conventional. Source: Http://

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. developed the technology that increased the sensibility to 100 times that of the current state by the simple test that examined the presence of the infection of the influenza. Plan to put chip and automatic judgement provision for high virulent bird flu (H5N1) virus inspection on the market in 2011. When it will be possible to correspond to a new influenza for a certain period including the case where it mutates to the high virulent after the purchase of the sample, it is Iu.

The simple test is a mechanism that appears by the chemical reaction if the specimen taken from subject's nose and throat is taken in the chip that paints solution, and there is a virus a thick line and is informed of. This company was able to judge tens of thousands of solutions by applying the photographic film technology for one million virus populations that were original developments, and conventional lower limit. The experiment with the H5N1 virus and the confirmation lingua.


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  and the indemnity of the drug manufacturer when lawsuits of the import vaccine of a new influenza due to the side reaction damage occur. It corresponds according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare by receiving the request of the drug manufacturer of the discharge concerning the side reaction as the condition of the vaccine sales. The development of legal systems is necessary to connect such an agreement with the drug manufacturer, and the legislation preparation for the extraordinary Diet session submission will become full-scale in the government in the future. 【 Kenji Shimizu ]

The vaccination subject in the fiscal year that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare assumes is about 54 million people. As for the vaccines that can be produced domestically, the deficiency is scheduled to be covered by the import in 30 million the greatest people when one person is assumed to be inoculation twice.

Two companies (Glaxo SmithKline of the drug manufacturer major (Britain) and Novartis (Switzerland)) and it negotiates with the import. It is requested that the discharge be included in the agreement for which country, and according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in both companies, the pledge is a difficult situation and Iu as long as it doesn't agree.

There is salvation system that a constant forehead is paid from the contribution of the drug manufacturer for the side reaction of the medicine regardless of the presence of drug manufacturer and doctors' faults in case of Japan. However, it is also possible that the aggrieved party causes the damages suit with the ingluvies food. When lawsuits come one after another in each country, the drug manufacturer is requesting the discharge because there is a risk that management is pressed.

However, the country's connecting the agreement that doesn't cap the amount has the constraint on Public Finance Law, and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare medicine food bureau assumes, "The law that becomes the rationale of the spending is necessary". The government starts the work of the stuff for the extraordinary Diet session.

There is a system to the drug manufacturer etc. that cannot file suit in the United States etc. according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare when the aggrieved party receives a public compensation. The introduction in Japan is not easy though a new such case discharge is unnecessary relate to the right to receive the litigation secured in the constitution.

 - Language new influenza vaccine

Adjuvant of the nonuse enters in Japan for the vaccine that Japan is discussing the import, and the technology of the cell culture that has not been established in Japan is used. Inoculation starts in the end of December through the approval of the pharmaceutical Affiars Law if it is early. The home manufacture is manufactured by the method of using the egg similar to for conventional seasonality, and is an outlook of the inoculation start in the end of October.

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 「Perhaps, "Change of power" starts happening by the influenza virus.
  A Hong Kong type and A Soviet type will be almost lost. 」―。Mr. Keita, Touhoku University graduate school medicine system research course lecturer Morikane (infection control and inspection diagnostics) specified it so by a former chief researcher of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases infectious disease information center in the lecture meeting held recently in Tokyo.

Mr. Morikane historically specifies a Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full virus by the lecture, "When the new had come out, the virus that was the mainstream till then had been expelled".
A Spanish type Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full virus that was the mainstream of the fashion till then : at an Asian type Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full accrual of 1957.
When an Asian type Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full virus the Hong Kong type Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full of 68 years was replaced to an accrual lingua Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full virus respectively newly, the clarification lingua.
It was assumed, "The power of a new Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full virus was and there was a possibility to be expelled when only this was strong (A Hong Kong type and A Soviet type of seasonality :)" on that.
On the other hand, the state's having continued not extinguishing of A Hong Kong type at the accrual ..A Soviet type.. lingua, and the concomitance :.
"It is historically unusual" and the indication. A Spanish type Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full virus that became popular before looked like the system of A Soviet type Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full virus, and it was assumed that there were a lot of people who had the immunity of a Spanish type full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus, and was a possibility that "Power" of A Soviet type becomes weak.

Moreover, the perception of assuming, "Story of the world different from the a type", and not extinguishing it along with the accrual of a new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus was shown about a B type Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full virus.

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When the clinical test (trial) in Japan of a new influenza vaccine would be started from next week on the seventh, Japan corporation of medicine manufacture major Novartis in Switzerland clarified it.

The cooperation of 320 people in total of 200 adults and 120 infant is received in a domestic hospital, the vaccine is inoculated, effectiveness and safety are confirmed, and it makes it to the data to receive the approval of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Expectation that consequence's turning out becomes about December.

Because only domestic production's worth is insufficient the charge rate for a new Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full vaccine, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is under discussion as for the import.

As for the import vaccine such as this company, because the domestic production vaccine and the element use the difference and immunity adjuvant that heightens an effect, the confirmation of safety etc. is needed domestically.

- Former article: Http://

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A genetic screening is scheduled not to do.

Among 19 players who had been participating in the Germany Munchen expedition until August 24th - September 1st The positive reaction of the a type went out when the simple test was received after it returned home because four people appealed for the symptom of the exoergic etc.

The simple test and when it was negative, it is Iu that three people are the exoergic linguas in Germany besides.
Policy that other players and staff who take it also take countermeasure of layoff of about one week.

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It announced on person in question's formula homepage on the fourth.

Shimizu canceled the appearance of event "FM FUKUI BEAT PHOENIX 2009" held in Fukui on the fifth in "There is a possibility that the infection expands to the customer and other performers".

Source: Http://

Image: Syouta of Shimizu

Futoshi Official Web Site of Shimizu/

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The positive reaction of the influenza A went out when Kasuga received the simple test this day in the exoergic lingua straightening and the hospital.
Therefore, home will be recuperated until discontinuing present work by doctor's instruction, and curing.
Present, and both parties' Masayasu Wakabayashi (30) is malfunction Hanai and Iu.

As for Audrey, the life performed to Nippon Television Network Corporation system "24-hour TV program" of 29-30.
Tomohisa Yamashita (24) of NEWS that serves as the chairperson and Ryo Nishigoribe (24) have been infected with the influenza A with this program, too.

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TBS was decided for Ryo Nishikido(24) of NEWS to receive the infection lingua from the popular idol group to the a type influenza with the possibility of a new influenza, and to change the contents broadcast on the fourth of the third of drama "Dog of the ortho loss" under appearance (the seventh story), and to broadcast "Urgent live broadcasting special volume".

After bad health due to hyperpyrexia is appealed while collecting the drama on August 31, and the infection of the influenza is affirmed in the hospital, Nishigoribe recuperates home. There was a deferred Roku part in Nishigoribe's appearance scene in the seventh story, and this bureau was discussing the counter measure.

Dog of ortho loss

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Unemployed woman (60) in saitama prefecture Shikishi understands and having encountered the cheat damage of 1.98 million yen in total by the lie's being told has understood the fifth from a man who took off his second son (30) , saying that "It is not possible to move by the influenza". The prefectural police Asaka station clarified it. The shake to take advantage of going around of a new influenza is put and investigated as a fraud case.

According to the same police station, it had a telephone call from a man who introduced himself his second son in the unemployed female house , saying that "It was not possible to move by getting influenza" around 7:30PM of the second this month.

The woman would be said by the same man the next day, "It wants you to pay because it was not able to move by the influenza though the date for repayment of one's loan had passed" etc. , and transfer 1.98 million yen in total to the specified account etc.


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  where the closed countermeasure was taken by the influenza public on the fourth, and had been acknowledged. As for the prefecture, "Digital divide" seems to be going to occur to the school name of other municipalities between the dissemination Shite descending and the municipality though it is an aim to prevent the harmful rumor.

To rouse care to the neighbourhood, the prefecture is making the school name closed by the influenza public by the real name at any time.
A new influenza is an accrual in plural of city schools according to the same city educational commitee since June this year. The prefecture poured in and the inquiry "To which shuttle bus does the child take?" poured in to the dissemination lingua ..the closed school name.., the school, and the city. It is Iu when in the inside, there was a school to which the social studies field trip was refused, too.

The person in charge in the prefecture : , saying that "Utsunomiyashi that was the core city also originally had also by the public health center, and esteemed the opinion" while assumption. 「There is a difference in information inside a prefecture. I want to do equally in reality. 」It is perplexed.

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Health Minister Masuzoe : in the conference after the Cabinet Council on the fourth.
The policy of making it free of charge of the inoculation charge of a new influenza vaccine was clarified to the low income.

About other those who inoculate it, charges of the vaccine are individual burden Hanai for the country to do the batch purchase from the pharmaceutical firm.

The individual basically bears the inoculation charge in which vaccination is paid to the medical institution besides the charge for medicine for the idea that an individual full amount burden assumes to be basic "Arbitrary inoculation" to the government.

As for the inoculation charge, it is expected 6000-7000 yen by two times.

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that are called therapy that uses the extraction of inside where the government regulates the circulation of the remedy and cow's urines and ghee has increased in India that is increasing the death toll due to new influenza. The purpose is to harden immune strength by tradition therapy of India that has been inherited for a long time for hundreds of years and "Ayurveda", and to prevent the infection.

An Indian government reports on the dead due to the first new influenza domestically in the this country southwest Pune, and 100 people or more have already died now on August 3. Influenza medication "Full Tami" of Swiss drug manufacturer Rosh puts the circulation regulation so that the government may secure the charge rate in the hospital at a regional infection, and people have taken prevention by ayurveda in addition to the medicine of the unauthorization that has arrived on the market.

The difficulty of the influenza countermeasure of India that entered the subordinate position 50countries the medical treatment welfare spending by the calositas became a relief by the method of treatment of the unauthorization beginning to be used. When it reaches about 1.6 billion dollars year (about 148.1 billion yen), and it has expanded in the proportion of 12% in the annual rate, the top line of the ayurveda remedy in India is Iu according to the investigation of inferior part of the vestibular ganglion committee of this national health insurance Takeshi and the family welfare ministry.

This committee called people that it received the inspection in the designated hospital when a serious symptom of the influenza appeared, and treated August with the remedy such as full Tami that had been authorized. On the other hand, it is assumed that it is also effective to improve immune strength by the conventional therapy so that the trifling ailment or the symptom should not gone out.

Ayurveda is therapy the entire outlook to harmonize the body, the mind, and feelings, and to aim to prevent morbus beforehand.

When it uses the hybrid lingua one, the ayurveda specialist master and Gopal Vorra of NPO (noncorporation) Gorvigan Anusandan Kendra in "The agent of which it originates the cow is researched" India are Iu as the influenza prevention treatment as for the extraction, the milk-clotting (card) from cow's excretion (tile Setsu) thing, and milk and ghee, etc.

Moreover, group Deanne Foundation that guides the yogi is recommending that immune strength to the influenza is hardened the nasal pits by inhaling, and massaging the foot by mustard oil warm ghee. private company..Kerala..ayurveda..executive..director..anil..Kumarl..last month..speak..prevention of line..simulataneous..period..increase.

On the other hand, pediatrics department Director-General and Raful Nagpal in the Max India subsidiary Max health care hospital that carried on eight horn hospital and the clinic in New Delhi said, "An enough verification that showed the effect is necessary for formulating some agents to the patient though it did not dissent to the remedy of ayurveda".

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The entrance exam is held at the average to which the infection of a new influenza extends on a nationwide scale and the university in saitama prefecture Sakadoshi on the sixth, and the university is an entrance exam of taking the prevention of the infection as all examinees wear the face mask.

The entrance exam selected by report generation and the interview, etc. is being held by Kagawa Nutrition College in saitama prefecture Sakadoshi on the sixth.
At the university, the tent was provided in the vicinity of the school gate so that the infection should not extend as a countermeasure of the influenza among examinees, the antiseptic solution was prepared, and the staff distributed the face mask to examinees.
It starts at 10:00AM, all 173 examinees wear the face mask, and the examination is taken to the examination.
The examinee who offered the examination on another day though the countermeasure that was able to be taken an examination renewing on another day was taken about the examinee from whom the infection Shite examination was not taken to the influenza at the university if the certificate from the doctor was mailed after it contacted the university. Standing governor of Kagawa Nutrition College Tadahiko Someya It was spoken, "The limit that the university was able also to do wants to correspond because the university examination was a problem through life for the examinee".

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Expectation that import vaccine reaches within the country around next end on December this year - January.
68 million of the majorities of people can be prepared including the home manufacture by the end of current year. When 140 billion yen is needed as a charge of the vaccine securing, it is Iu.

This ministry is 54 million people and trials in the country as for the number of people for which the vaccine is necessary. Baby's 19 million parents of the person who has the health care practitioner and the old ailment, the pregnant woman, the infant, and six less than months in total are scheduled to be prioritized, and the vaccine of 18 million produced domestically is inoculated sequentially in the end of October. An insufficient amount is covered with the import vaccine, and the inoculation object is expanded to the senior citizen of the smallness, the inside, the high school student, and 65 years or more.

It is necessary to open the vaccine of a new influenza every 2-3 weeks, and to inoculate it two times. The public expense burden is discussed in the low income though actual expenses of 6000-7000 yen are basically the individual payments.

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A new dissemination = influenza vaccine on the inoculation priority and four and policy idea-Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Permanent vice-minister Kunio of the rice field of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare : at the regular news conference on the third.
It was clarified to make the policy idea of the vaccine of a new influenza to provide the priority etc. of the inoculation subject public on the fourth.
The purpose, the amount of securing, and the priority etc. of inoculation are included in the policy idea according to this ministry.
When the policy is shown again because the adjustment with Ministry of Finance is more necessary, the ideal way of the chargeout is Iu.
After showing the policy idea, the offering of the opinion from people. It formally decides to an outside specialist after the opinion is requested, and the inoculation start is an outlook that becomes the end of October.

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A new influenza enters the fashion period, and not only the face mask but also an alcoholic antiseptic solution is a shortage of stock in the pharmacy in various places.
It doesn't catch up with the order though the manufacturer operates full and produces shops.
The school that received the new school term is impatient to the situation of waiting of arrival of goods.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is calling, "Prevent it in gargle and the washroom even if there is no antiseptic solution".

In the drugstore in Nagoyashi Chikusaku, merchandise is not put as for a shelf of the antiseptic solution alone.
The same shop vice-chief as "State of running out of stock on August 20" (24). Woman (56) who lives in the district : in front of the shelf The anxiety is so , saying that "It worries though it is when the antiseptic solution is bought because the few left".

After the dead with a new influenza had gone out in the middle of August, sales of the antiseptic solution were increased to 40 times in the Taxodium japonicum pharmacy (aichi prefecture Anjoshi) where with 484 stores in the whole country compared with the previous year. Sales increased in East Sea 3 prefecture by a factor of 3.5 compared with 10 days till then as for the Taxodium japonicum Yama chemical of 109 store expansions (Nagoyashi Chikusaku) after the 19th of which the dead had gone out in the same city.

The manufacturer is frantic with production. The Ken medicine manufacture of the biggest business (Osakashi) is "There was an order of one income tax year in two weeks from the lantern festival dawning. "
The fashion period arrives earlier than the expectation though it was scheduled to increase production in November in preparation for the fashion in winter. It is Iu now when it takes deliver goods the minimum two months.

The director of the Kurokawa Masaji development department of Albors that the photograph of merchandise is printed in the newspaper etc. (same city)
 「Ten times or more at the ordinary year are manufactured. The order has not come to this unexpectedly as for company operation in about 58 years. 」It is surprised. 

In the state of the shortage of stock, each school is puzzled.
The Nagoyashi Nishiyama smallness (Meitoku) to which 1147 children go to school is the end of August.
The antiseptic solution was said by the trader to the order lingua, "It takes one month". It thinks about the substitution of the medical application ethanol used at the shot as the last resort.

The antiseptic solution that the same city Enishi smallness (Nishiku) obtained is five of half the order linguas. It is before one month that the remainder reaches, and it is spoken, "I want to try to prevent the washroom gargle by thoroughly five for the time being".

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare new influenza countermeasure promotion headquarters「It is possible not to prevent it if there is no antiseptic solution. Gargle and the thoroughness in the washroom」It makes it.

Http:// in the Nagoyashi internal drugstore due to new influenza on the second when the antiseptic solution and the face mask became shortage of stocks counter =.

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The purpose is for the influence might go out to the enterprise activity if the infection extends further. New correspondence seems to be urged according to the deployment in the future though a reaction settled compared with this spring when the infected person was found for the first time stands out.

Asahi Breweries issued instructions to nine shops of the whole country to ask the visitor for the disinfection of the hand at the entrance on the 21st. When whether it discontinues it this time is shortly judged, it is Iu though visitor's acceptance was discontinued in two shops of Kansai at one o'clock this spring.

When heat was generated to all employees on the 20th or the infected person went out to the family, Panasonic pressed care to refrain from going to work.
The confirmation of receiving the doctor's diagnosis at once when Sanyo Electric also enters August, there are a cough and a soreness of the throat, and there is an exoergic of 38 degrees or more. The business trip of not urgent is controlled voluntarily inside and outside the country now.

As for Mazda, the thoroughness in the inhibition of infection is notified to the employee by there is washroom Yaso on the fifth. It was arranged to control going to work voluntarily until the doctor judged that the employee to whom the infection came to light made it take a rest for seven days, and might not infect others.
As for Resona Bank and Sumitomo Trust & Banking, washroom Yaso is asking the bank clerk for the thoroughness in being again.

The reason for a new influenza is that the widespread infection was still expected by the hypovirulence in there are a lot of calm correspondences compared with time when the first infected person domestically was found in May.

At present, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank to which the bank clerk in May made all bank clerks in an infection lingua side and the same office wait at home doesn't respond "It is corresponding to appropriateness based on information on the government. " (announce to public).
Washroom Yaso is restricting that it is to calling now though Kobe Steel also obligated the face mask wearing when commuting to Kansai circle's business establishment and about 7,000 employees in the ironworks in May.

The source

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The vaccine alerted the vaccine ..general population of the world.. ..straightening Hanai.. completely also the vaccine division of research length of marry pole key knee (Marie-Paule Kieny) of WHO as did not have dependence.

Key knee Director-General showed the policy of supporting it so that each country might obtain a lot of vaccines as much as possible.
The half was described 10-20 dollars (about 900-1800 yen) further about the price of the draft in the country of a half of that a low revenue in the country of the revenue of the Nakahodo degree in the country of the fat income as the outlook that became a stepwise price decision.

Britain and France receive the first vaccine at the end of the previous month, and are beginning inoculating in preparation for the secondary wave for Onagare expected in the northern part.

The source
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Sales of the sanitary good such as face masks are spurts since the infected person is confirmed first in May, and the anxiety that becomes a shortage of stock from autumn to the winter of an original fashion period begins to appear, too.

Health Minister Masuzoe is the 20th the next day who has made virtual "Fashion declaration".
Ito‐Yokado of seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. Holdings subsidiary of the circulation major put out the directive to each shop , saying that "It is requested to the guest, 'The face mask is up to two points a person'".
It is Iu according to the publicist in case of 5-6 times sales annually though it settles down the infected person in May affirmed for the first time.

Nationwide face mask Industrial Society of the industry segments group
After May when the movement of buying up stood out, it is assumed, "Do not cause the bewilderment to the fashion period from autumn".
The time of the stockpile and production increase situations of 300 million a month that locates and becomes the pace twice at the ordinary year while exchanging information with Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare have been straightened until August.
This Industrial Society「It is outside assumption that the fashion started in summer. I want to ask for calm correspondence so as not to run to buy up to the user. 」It makes it. 

In "Secomutorastoshistemuz" (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo) that treated corporate new influenza countermeasure goods etc. , the document request of the antiseptic solution and protective clothing increased from the 19th of the fashion declaration in May though the demand "It wanted the face mask" was most.
This company guesses, "It might be thought that it is not possible to correspond to a real fashion only by the face mask".

After the 19th, about five times the order at the ordinary year are drawn to "Samoa" (Chuoku) to manufacture and to sell the antiseptic solution.
Especially, increasing is an order from the individual through the Internet etc.
There was a telephone "I want to go to the shop for taking now", too.
The state and Iu with whom production doesn't catch up though operating time of the plant is extended.
The professional baseball and Hanshin : about the jet balloon flight that is the special product of the assistance stand.
The start of the balloon sales self-imposed control and the cooperation calling to the fan from the Hiroshima war done in Kyocera Dom Osaka on the 21st because of the control of infection.
Any balloon did not sail on this day.
It resumed in the end of June though similar self-imposed control was done in May.

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SANYO ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. has started the seasonality influenza virus up to now by the electrolysis water technology that cultivates it for years, and has proven effective to the control of various viruses through a joint research with the government researcher.
This time, when doing a joint research with the Gunma Prefecture hygiene environment laboratory, this electrolysis water technology newly affirmed a high effect about "New influenza virus" that had raged since the spring of this year in the control.
Our company will develop the research and the application of the electrolysis water technology further based on the demonstration data obtained for this a joint research in the future.

Ⅰ.Effect of electrolysis water demonstrated newly at this time
The infective unit of the new influenza clinical strain (quantitative value in which the infectivity of the virus is shown) by the electrolysis water technology of Sanyo Electric A confirmation stripes lingua of can the control of 99% or more. (omission)

Ⅱ.About the detail of the effect verification
1.Reduction effect of new influenza virus infection titer with electrolysis water
The infective unit of a new influenza virus of the reduction effect of the infective unit to a new influenza virus with the electrolysis water to the electrolysis water of consequence that did the verification experiment and free residual chlorine concentration 2mg/L by making it contact for ten minutes A confirmation stripes lingua of can the control of 99% or more.

The test method: The adjustment lingua electrolysis water and the new influenza virus suspension are contacted to free residual chlorine concentration 2mg/L for ten minutes, and assessment of the reduction effect of the viral infectivity.
Measuring method: Viral infectivity (tissue culture infectious dosis 50%) metrology *5 that uses dog kidney tubule epithelial cell origin (MDCK cell).
The joint research institution: Gunma Prefecture hygiene environment laboratory

2.From the consequence of the reduction effect of the infective unit with water of the electrolysis of the mechanism for suppression of a new influenza virus (presumption) with the electrolysis water
The effectiveness of the virus washer function was affirmed to a new influenza virus as well as the seasonality influenza virus.
It is thought that degeneration and the decomposition of these proteins happen because it reacts with the viral protein that the active oxygen species of 2 varieties that exist in the electrolysis water (electrolysis hypochlorite and OH radical) is indispensable to the viral infection, and the infective unit of the virus can be controlled.

- Head Ozawa's of Gunma Prefecture hygiene environment laboratory comment
The respiratory virus including a new influenza virus spreads by the spray and aerial infection. Therefore, it is thought that it is effective to the control of infection to remove the virus discharged in air promptly due to tussis etc.
It is important that the suppression effect of the virus with the air cleaner use the technology probat in a scientific manner from not visible.
As for this yield, the electrolysis water thinks new influenza virus (H1N1) to be very much as the first research that demonstrates the inactivation (kill) in a scientific manner about the meaning. (henceforth abbreviation)

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A new influenza: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare discontinues the report of the number of patients.

When the infectious disease law enforcement regulations were revised on the 25th, and the herd infection of a new influenza occurred, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare discontinued the report of the number of patients from administrative divisions to the country. It was judged that the meaning of an individual grasp of the number of patients weakened because it had entered the fashion period. If the fashion expands in addition, ..plan.. Iu who discontinues the number of cases report of herd infection.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare kept understanding the complement of the patient since a domestic accrual in May on July 23, and the report of the suspected case was requested the new model and the lock-in lingua patient only when herd infection occurred after the 24th. Lock-in patients are 1197 people to the number of reports of herd infection until August 16, and suspected cases are 3593 people. It continues and the patient and the inpatient who has the undorlying disease are requested to report.

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The import from foreign countries of the vaccine for a new influenza has rapidly worn reality. A necessary vaccine is declared to be "For 53 million" domestically as Health Minister Yoichi Masuzoe renews, and the idea of covering an insufficient amount by the import in a domestic manufacturing is stressed. In addition, even the outlook that applied "Exception approval" on an omissible pharmaceutical Affiars Law for the first time showed a domestic clinical test (trial) to the import vaccine contingent on approval in foreign countries. It is possible to exchange or -.  an international criticism to the import Japan of developed countries problem Hanai in the safety of the import vaccine

- One year from half a year

Approval in the country based on the pharmaceutical Affiars Law is needed to circulate the medicine domestically. It is necessary to pass the trial domestically to obtain approval and to pass the review by the country on the implementation lingua. However, the period of one year from half a year is required even if it is short, and it is not in time for approval at all in a real fashion in the country of a new influenza as usual when stepping on this procedure.

Then, having surfaced is application of the exception approval. HIV (aids virus) infection problem by the unheated blood product before was founded to supply the medicine that had to be used in the emergency to the lesson promptly as for this system in 1996. However, it has been applied up to now and it never exists with the calositas.

The emergency import of the vaccine has the example in the past. The blanket operation lingua of the live vaccine in the emergency import and 13 million infants from the former Soviet Union and Canada because the poliomyelitis (infant paralysis) greatly goes around in 60, and the live vaccine had not been authorized at this time domestically in 61. A supralegal countermeasure before the exception approval was able to be done.

- Different type

The vaccine for the new influenza that four companies of the country are manufacturing need not newly receive approval in the country for the same manufacturing method as the vaccine for the seasonality influenza used every year.

On the other hand, the type is different as the material that reinforces the immunity that is called "Adjuvant" has been added as for an overseas vaccine from the vaccine in Japan though the government is advancing the negotiation with plural overseas manufacturers.

 「At least, data ..what one the vaccine is.. is useless in case of not being. It is approved in foreign countries it is not recommended by the person in 'Safe perhaps' domestically though it thinks the effect to be if it tries to inoculate it widely. 」

The center head specifies it so Okabe Nobuhiko of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases infectious disease information center also who is the member of the council of the specialist of the new influenza task force of the government (and Hiko Nobu).

Similarly, as "One's personal observation" and a condition that imports the vaccine though it refuses in a skill practice from which chairman Shigeru Omi of the council (It sees and grow thick) was opened in Tokyo on the 20th「The one only to do the clarification to safety might be necessary. There may be even a judgment of not using it when understanding if safety is not good. 」The view is shown.

 - "Regrettable impression"

Running short internationally at first is inevitable though the supply of the vaccine starts in September in an early point in foreign countries. There is a criticism in the import of Japan where there are abundantly possession of the vaccine manufacturer of four companies within the country, and Influenza medication, too and the medical treatment situation is in order of the vaccine in that situation, too.

Kuniko of Shindo (halberd of -) medical affairs government of World Health Organization (WHO) : in July when the import policy was shown for the first time. 「Regrettable impression. The international society might be surprised. 」With the indication. The dissemination lingua of the proposal such as "It is necessary to think about validity from an international aspect widely" of the group of the biosis medical ethics system of University of Tokyo this month. An opinion not positive is not few in the import in a domestic specialist.

Health Minister Masuzoe is speaking, "I want to make an effort ..not going to another country because of buying up of Japan..".

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such as the new influenza infection hospitalization universities: A man in his sixties is mass outbreak/Kagoshima also by three schools such as the infection hospitalization universities.

The prefecture announced to a new influenza on the 25th that a man of the infection lingua Kagoshimashi living in one's sixties had been hospitalized in the same city internal medical institution on the 21st. The symptom of the pulmonitis such as the respiratory distresses was appealed, and the respirator was used for the first time inside a prefecture. It is Iu when tending to the restitution.

The man appealed for the exoergic and the respiratory distress on the 19th, affirmed a new infection on the 21st, and was hospitalized according to the healthy improvement section. It is Iu when there was a trouble of the hypertonic and hyperuricemia.

Moreover, there was a mass outbreak in Circle cultural * prefectural Shoyo high school * Aira established by the town Shigetomi junior high school of Kagoshima International University of Japan according to this division.

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A new influenza: The prefecture enters "Fashion period" the this moon, too and spurt/Hyogo.

The prefecture announced that a new influenza of the prefecture entered "Fashion season" on the 25th. The number of patient reports from the medical institution that ..flu victim including the new model.. understood the fixed point became 1.19 a medical institution in one week until the 16th this month. It is thought that most is a new patient. Washroom Yaso is asking the prefecture for enforcing it is.

The number of patients of 194 places rose to 231 people among the fixed point medical institutions in 199 places in the prefecture. When one a medical institution is exceeded, it is assumed the fashion start. 0.05 0.45 or 9 days were 0.91 during the week until August 2 though the same level as the ordinary year until July 12.

Moreover, the number of new influenza patients and the number of pseudosyndrome people that there was a report in the prefecture in one week until August 23 are totals 92. Junior high school students are 22 people among these. Amagasakishi was 26 in each city town, and Onoshi was 17.

 - Seven Hyogoku staff and "New model" infection confirmations

On the other hand, the Kobeshi public health center announced that seven staff of the Hyogoku health service Social Affairs Division safeguard section had been infected with a new influenza on the 25th. It comes one after another to 21-23, it turns out the a type positive, and is recuperating 7 people and home. Infections to other staff and the citizens who contact thickly are not affirmed.

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A new influenza: It ..eight person.. doubts it by the out-of-door activity. --Hospital in Osaka and Habikino

Osaka prefectural respiratory apparatus and the allergia medical center (Osaka Prefecture Habikinoshi) announced to the out-of-door activity of a central the same pediatrics department on the 25th that eight people in total such as the participation lingua hospitalization, outpatients, and staff would be thought to be an infection lingua by a new influenza. The infection lock-in is one inpatient of nine years. Both deterioration into serious illnesses are Iu if it doesn't do.

It is done at 21-23 and the prefectural youth oceanic center (this prefecture Misakimachi), and hospitalization, the outpatient, the staff, and 110 people in the total of the volunteer are the participation linguas in the out-of-door activity according to the center. Two inpatients isolated to the private room among eight people, and two staff assumed the layoff.

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A new influenza: It is 13 person infection be imprisoned person, it is a staff, and trifling ailment in facility for the disabled. --Takatori/Nara

It was announced to welfare for the disabled facilities "Katori work in which the hill of ..spear.. Gino" of Takatoricho Kangakuji, and new influenza the be imprisoned person and 13 people in the total of the staff on the 25th the prefecture the infection lingua. All sit up and take notices by the trifling ailment. The herd infection of ten people or more having come to light by the social welfare facility of the prefecture is the first.

Patients are 20, and 4 staff according to the prefecture in their thirties with nine be imprisoned people 10-in his/her forties. The be imprisoned person of a woman in her forties appealed for the exoergic on the 16th. Because a new influenza infection was affirmed to one of 13 by the genetic screening, the prefecture thinks that the other as many as 12 people are infection linguas. Facilities were decided the self-imposed control of the acceptance of the expert place until the 28th.

Inside a prefecture, the patient has increased to the second eyes by the fixed point investigation of 55 medical institutions with 1.85 people on the average a medical institution in the whole country after Okinawa Prefecture.

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Kyoto Prefecture announced that the opening ceremony that 47 students at the prefectural Momoyama high school (Kyotoshi Fushimiku) had been scheduling to a new influenza on the infection lingua straightening and 26 was expected by one Hinobe on the 25th.

47 people are 14 people the grader and 33 the second grader people according to the high school. The symptom of the exoergic etc. was appealed to 6-25. Both of the symptom are light, and when being recuperating at home, are Iu.

Ten of the infected persons are participation in 13-16 to the training camp in the implementation lingua volleyball club. The high school expects that there will be a possibility that the infection extends to other students after it training camps of this.

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A new influenza: The patient spurt administration, the school, and herd infection are fear/Shiga also in the prefecture.

The patient increases rapidly from middle of August internally and inside a prefecture in the extension of going around of a new influenza in the whole country. The mass outbreak in the school and the office is nine only a week of 17-23. In the future, the possibilities of the majority that the number of patients increases further are high in the place in which the child such as the schools and cram schools gathers during summer vacation. The prefecture health promotion section「When the person and the pregnant woman who has the old ailment are infected, it is likely to make it to the severely ill. The consultation to the attending physician ahead of time if there is a symptom」It calls. 

"Mass outbreak" of the prefecture is a case where it sickens for influenza, and two people or more a week are affirmed by the PCR inspection alone in the group of ten people or more as the new model.

19 confirmation of the mass outbreak on July 24 - August 23 according to the prefecture. Five of movement Circle on which it acts Ryukoku University Seta inside the campus is the a type positive and turns out even on the 25th intensively to 21-23 six this month. It developed immediately after the training camp in Hiroshima prefecture of 16-19.

Moreover, it was announced that six man and woman staff 20-in their sixties as for the Ritto post office (Ritto City Anyoji 2) were the a type positives on the 25th. Abnormality is not found in the physical condition of the other 20 staff, and all members do the face mask and it undertakes affairs.

If the summer vacation of the school ends, the possibility that the infection extends further is high. When the closed basis is lowered more than the seasonality influenza on the 25th, and the infected person reaches 15% of the class, Otsushi and Yasu City where the second term starts on the 26th in the greater part of elementary and junior high schools and the kindergartens decide the basis such as making the class closed about the principle the fourth, and are well-known linguas. The idea that the prefecture also hurries up the basis making. The head teacher all over prefectural Moriyama where the class had started on the 25th spoke, "It was requested that the thermometry be done before it went to school to the guardian every morning, and because it did not understand where to infected, was smart".

The inquiry when the medical institution doesn't understand : to "New influenza inquiry counter" (077・528・4983) of the prefecture.

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New influenza: Standard/to which herd infection that exceeds it comes one after another, too Gunma of fashion

The prefecture hygiene environment laboratory clarified becoming 1.09 people exceeding one person from whom the number of patients of the new model a medical institution influenzas of the prefecture on the 34th week (17-23) of the 25th became the standard of the fashion. Moreover, the prefecture announced that there was a case where the infection of 40 people per six group in total is doubted between synchronization inside a prefecture as the herd infection of seven people was doubted in the junior high school in Maebashishi. Each group is a genetic screening and a confirmation lingua as for the infected person.

The prefecture hygiene environment laboratory investigates the medical institution (fixed point) in prefecture 99, and announces the occurrence situation according to the health service welfare office every week. The number of patients a medical institution was 0.83 people on the week 33(10-16).

Summer vacation ends in a lot of elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools, and fear that the infection of a new influenza expands further has gone out inside a prefecture. There is a case where herd infection is doubted at plural schools in the prefecture, and the implementation lingua of the genetic screening the 25th according to the prefecture health service prevention section.

Moreover, there were five person case where the herd infection such as 12 people is doubted with the boy sports club of Isesakishi in the training facilities of 7 people and civil servant in Maebashishi in the high school in Tomiokashi besides the junior high school in Maebashishi according to this division on the week 34. Both symptoms are minor, there is no example of the deterioration into serious illness lingua, and the median follow‐up has been finished. The example that was doubted herd infection became 220 people in total since it switched from the new influenza infection person's complement grasp on the 24th of last month.

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A new influenza: Daisen and seven human population infection elementary school closure and high school class closure/Akita.

Summer vacation ended in public elementary and junior high schools in Akitashi, and the class was resumed on the 25th. The herd infection of a new influenza that has extended to the whole country is an accrual also in the prefecture though children returned to most schools in the prefecture. The closure and the temporary closing of classes of the out of season have occurred.

Seven people in total are herd infection in a new influenza according to the prefecture educational commitee in the elementary school and the high school in the Daisen city. One school in the elementary school closed the school from the 25th to the 28th, and the high school decided that it closed one class. The severely ill person is not and recuperates home.

The girl each two the fourth grader people and 5 and the sixth-year student of one child appealed for the symptom of the exoergic etc. , and one person turned out an elementary school a new influenza on the 23rd. The start lingua decided the class to this school on the 24th and herd infection and the Mite city educational commitee decided the closure. Four people belong to the club of the same mini-bus ket, and are Iu when the activity and there is an infection lingua possibility.

Two schoolboys and one schoolgirl of the same class of the first grader described symptoms in the high school. One person turned out a new influenza on the 24th, and this school decided herd infection and the Mite class closure. The class began on the 21st.

According to the prefecture health promotion section, the accrual lingua herd infection is nine in elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools in the entering prefecture in August including this two. It is assumed that summer vacation ends and the infection might increase further at this time when children gather in the school, and the prefecture educational commitee is calling for gargle, the washroom, and the face mask wearing and the voluntary ban on leaving home of the infection lingua situation.

The child goes to school holding homework etc. in the lower reaches of a river elementary school in Akitashi on the 25th by an energetic appearance. The child who received going around of the influenza, applied the face mask, and went to school was seen, too. Principal Hiroshi Sato spoke, "It wanted to persist in the child's healthy observation, and to prevent herd infection from happening".

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The Moriya city is/Ibaraki in the elementary and junior high school all classes to the sterilising medicine disposition.

The Moriya city decided to dispose the sterilising medicine to each classroom in elementary and junior high schools in the city as a new influenza countermeasure for the 24th and the new school term.

The sterilising medicine is working of the chlorine dioxide gas and sterilising major pharmaceutical company's product as for the virus, the bacillus, and the fungus. The city buys 850 pieces by the budget about 1.45 million yen. It disposes it to all classrooms, the school child clubs, the kindergartens, libraries, and city offices, etc. in elementary and junior high schools.

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A new influenza: 11 prefecture tax office staff do not make public up to ten herd infection people or more and/Kagawa.

11 staff (7 men and 4 females) in the prefecture tax office (Takamatsushi Matsushimamachi 1 and head Kazuhisa Inoue)20-in their fifties announced on the 24th the herd infection lingua to a new influenza the prefecture. The infected person did not make ten people public until exceeding it it was at the 14th that the staff originally appealed for the symptom. It seems to call the argument from the angle of the infection enlargement prevention.

The mass outbreak in the prefecture is the fifth according to the prefecture. The infection lingua is a special liquidation countermeasure section, a delinquency liquidation section in the prefecture tax office, and 11 staff of Administration Section. 11 people described symptoms between 14-24. Because the prefecture environmental health research center was an implementation lingua of the PCR inspection (genetic screening), and a positive, it was recognized to new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus the other as many as ten people the infection lingua for one person sooner or later. As for seven people, the reinstatement Shite descending and four people recuperate home now.

The staff of the over-the-counter customer service also went down in the infected person, and this office obligated the face mask wearing even by the staff on the 17th, and took the countermeasure of equipment etc. of the disinfectant and the face mask for Kichou. However, staff's infection was not announced. The Hiroshi section chief of the division of the staff of the prefecture assumes, "I want to consult correspondence when there is an infection in the division with a lot of occasions to receive the inhabitants of the prefecture in the future".
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After the Cabinet Council on the 25th, the Education Minister of Ta Shiotani described a real fashion of a new influenza in the interview, "A lot of infections were seen by the school, and it asked the board of education for the prevention measure of thorough".

It was assumed that there was a possibility that the infection rapidly expands to the summer vacation dawning at the school and said, "(herd infection) It was necessary to understand the realities and to correspond appropriately".

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology is Oshie in the whole country on the 19th.

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A new influenza: The junior high school is temporary closing of classes. --Shirataka/Yamagata

The junior high school in Shiratakamachi entered the temporary closing of classes due to the first new influenza inside a prefecture on the 24th. The temporary closing of classes : until the 28th. Moreover, the patient from whom three people and each new influenzas was suspected in the day nursery in Tsuruokashi descended, and three people started four people the temporary closing of classes and the part closed on the 24th in the elementary school in Sagaeshi in the elementary school in Yamagatashi.

Ten people appealed for the febris and the cough, etc. , and it was affirmed by the genetic screening of one person in the junior high school in Shiratakamachi as a new influenza.

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Six nursing masters who worked for the children's ward announced on the 24th that there was a doubt of the infection in a new influenza the Kyoto University hospital (Kyotoshi Sakyoku). The symptom of six people lightly recuperates home. The infection to the hospitalized child is Iu if not affirmed.

Six people appealed for the symptom of the exoergic etc. to 20-24 according to the hospital. Fireworks in which the inpatient and the family participate are held in the ward on the night of the 19th, and the implementation of the meeting by the nursing master after it ends. Five of six are the participation Shite descending, and, then, when the infection lingua possibility is high, Iu in these events.

When it develops as being in the immunologically deficient state among inpatients who contact with six people, the hospital is a prophylaxis lingua in a hazard and high 12 people and 10 nursing masters who make it to the severely ill as for full Tami.

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Health Minister Yoichi Masuzoe showed the view that the shipment of the vaccine for a new influenza manufacturing it domestically was not very late from a conventional outlook, and became the end of October in the interview after the Cabinet Council on the 25th.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare「It does at the velocity, and it provides the big fashion feared in winter with manufacturing. Even the individual is important taking care about prevention and the health care of the infection enlargement lagging the peak of the fashion that is starting now even a little. 」It makes it. 

"For 53 million" of Mr. Masuzoe is a requirement, and the deficiency is stressed renewing the idea of covering it by the import. The idea of using the system "Exception approval" on the pharmaceutical Affiars Law that omitted the trial in the country contingent on approval in foreign countries was shown when there was urgency upon the import.

It listens to the opinion from aggrieved parties of the specialist and damage of crops by chemicals at the both days of 26 and 27, and the priority of the method and the inoculation of the import and inoculation is discussed. It formally decides it by the end of September.

Though the break-down of 53 million people is a senior citizen of 65 years or more (about 21 million people) (*S) who doesn't have the person (about 10 million people) who has the undorlying disease and the undorlying diseases, the elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools student (about 14 million people), a baby (about six million people) (*S), pregnant woman (about one million people), and a medical follower (about one million people) according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, a producible vaccine is limited as 13 million-17 million people, and might decrease further domestically according to the production status in the future within the year.

The exception approval of the pharmaceutical Affiars Law has not been applied for the medicine in the past, and it is Iu as extralegal measures according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 1961 before this system can be done when there is an emergency import lingua case from the former Soviet Union with Canada as for poliomyelitis (infant paralysis) vaccine.

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A new influenza: No effect in the waterside countermeasure. --Japanese researcher as big as Netherlands Utrecht

 - The infected person 70 percent invades.

To prevent the infected person's invasion by quarantine at the new influenza accrual, researcher Hiroshi Nishiura as big as Netherlands Utrecht brought analysis of "Waterside countermeasure" executed in Japan with "There is little effect" together. It seems to be able to be said that flexible correspondence according to the toxicity of the virus is important. It announces to the issue (Iwanami Shoten) in September of monthly publication "Science" shortly put on the market.

It is assumed that the infected person enters into Japan taking the aircraft for 12 hours in analysis, and the analysis lingua of infected person's invasion probability and fashion time of emergence by the inspection of entering a country.

As a result, the infected person who can detect about 60 percent of * all infected persons during 1.4 days on the average with attack simple * diagnostic kit is 6-70 percent at the incubation period. --Condition..infected person..invasion..prevent.

Moreover, when the influence that the waterside countermeasure gave at domestic fashion start time was estimated to the little first stage of the fashion the total of the infected person in which it entered a country was 10-60 people, the delay at the start time stayed in less than half a day.

Japanese Government..April..the end of..foreign person..same..inside..near..attendant passengers..temporary..stop..implementation..lingua.The herd infection of the high school student who doesn't have the making a passage experience is affirmed in the Kinki region in the middle of in May the government assumes, "It was possible ..domestic accrual.. to buy time" though the waterside countermeasure was discontinued.

Mr./Ms. Nishiura「There is little meaning that executes a present waterside countermeasure in case of the toxicity of a present new influenza. However, when a toxic influenza comes to go around, it is worth discussing the stopping countermeasure and the making a passage restriction intended for those who enter a country all. 」It speaks. 

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The Science and Technology Advisory Committee for MSF of Obama U.S. president is a dissemination lingua as for the report that it is and the 24th there is a possibility that 30,000-90,000 people die of new influenza since this autumn.

The report is specified, "The lethality is infected compared with the seasonality influenza and a lot of people are infected because there is no immunity because it is not high". It is recommended that it be necessary to locate, to accelerate the vaccine manufacturing, and be able to do inoculation of the greatest 40 million also at middle of September , saying that "Important threat to public health". The symptom worsens when the pregnant woman and the diabetic, etc. are infected and it is assumed that it is necessary to start inoculating around the Yasui person.

When about 30,000-40,000 people a year have died of seasonality influenza in the United States, it is Iu according to the report.

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The number of reports for each influenza fixed point of the 33rd week (10th - 16th in August) became 1.69. The majority were due to new influenza virus (A(H1N1)pdm), and it entered a real fashion period. How should the medical follower on the country, the provinces, and the site work on the influenza countermeasure now since a further fashion enlargement will be expected in the future?
It was a chief researcher of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases infectious disease information center until this June, and it explained the current state to the Touhoku University infection control and Mr. Keita, inspection diagnostics field lecturer Morikane to whom Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Yoichi Masuzoe served as tela lingua "Advisory board of a new influenza".

 1.Trend of influenza fashion

The 32nd week (3rd - 9th in August) about will double this week of about 60,000 people, and about 110,000 person the 33rd week (10th - 16th in August) when the number of patients is guessed from the data of the influenza ocean weather ship observation of National Institute of Infectious Diseases. The number of patients to which the complete count is done until July 24 is 4986 people, and the number of patients of new influenzas has gone up by the 33rd week 200,000 people near when these are totaled. About 200,000 patients are generated on the week 34(17th - 23th in August) when assuming that this trend continues, and the number of presumption estimate patients is possible the perception of about 400,000 people in the future.

It is enumerated that the season changes as a raw material to make the fashion moderation predicted in autumn in summer, and an individual physical condition that has decreased because of summer heat etc. improves it though it is very difficult to guess the trend in the future. In autumn, the fashion that the seasonality influenza seen in Okinawa in recent years puts in summer in spring becomes small to some degree, too. On the other hand, it accounts for about 60 percent of the whole at the age of 5-19 when the number of patients of new influenzas is seen according to the age, and summer vacation ends, the risk of herd infection rises after the end of August that the school resumes, and the fashion enlargement is feared.

When share (strain) of a new influenza virus becomes popular, an old share is expelled sooner or later. Therefore, any certain thing cannot be said now though it is not amusing even if the seasonality influenza will be expelled to a new influenza this winter.  what fashion trend it becomes

 2.Priority subject of vaccination

There is the following two kinds of strategies of influenza prevention with the vaccine.
-      Individual defense
-      Win of herd immunity

An individual defense is an idea of giving priority over the high‐risk person with the influenza, inoculating, and preventing the deterioration into serious illness and the death. On the other hand, the herd immunity is an idea that aims to slow down the fashion as much as possible or to reduce the dimension of the fashion. Vaccination is given to priority by the person who has the pregnant woman, the infant, and the undorlying disease when seeing from the angle of an individual defense when new influenza this time, and vaccination is given to priority by the young in the point of the herd immunity.

This both are not exclusive in each other, and the latter also can indirectly decrease the occasion of the contraction of the high‐risk person, and, as a result, expect the effect that decreases the deterioration into serious illness and the death. However, it is necessary to stockpile an enough vaccine to the filling of two. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is provisionally calculating a number necessary to decrease "impact" and "spread" of a new influenza for about 100 million 6 thousand(half the number of the overall population of the United States)(CDC press release July 29, 2009 is seen). The priority subject that CDC recommends is as follows.
-      Pregnant woman
-      Person who lives to child of less than six months or is taking care of
-      Medical follower
-      Young of -24 year for six months
-      The person of the high‐risk of a new influenza according to the chronic case or the immunodeficiency by 25-64 years old.

In addition, CDC was assumed that only the vaccine of the limited quantity had the not available possibility in the initial stage, and, hereafter, assumed to be a priority subject of the Osono situation.
-      Pregnant woman
-      Person who lives to child of less than six months or is taking care of
-      Medical follower who receives patient directly
-      Infant of -4 year for six months
-      Young who has chronic case at age of 5-18

The vaccine of about 60 million is needed when assuming half of population as well as the United States though it is thought that the high‐risk person is less than the United States in Japan. However, the vaccines that can be produced within the year are made to 13 million-1700 Manmoto, stay in 3400 total Manmoto even if 2000 Manmoto can be imported, and it doesn't reach 6000 Manmoto. Therefore, I cannot help saying that it is current and it is impossible vaccination from both an individual defense and the herd immunity points. It is difficult to say that the affiliate carried out the argument though the opinion of the correct answer's there which it is necessary to value, and giving priority to an individual defense under the present situation is strong. Is because it is important to form the consensus after various data in respect like the medical treatment cost and cost-effectiveness, etc. is collected after all even if becoming the same conclusion, and the argument is piled up, it Hanai?

It was shown to connect with an optimal consequence to vaccinate to the adult of the assessment lingua situation, the school child, and 30-39 years old for five (death (deaths), infection (infections), biosis damage year Oshie (years of life lost), virtual assessment (contingent valuation), and health care cost (economic costs)) prior according to the research of the United States. The school child plays the main spread role of the influenza as the reason, and it is assumed that the parents become mediation to surroundings (ScienceXpress on August 20, 2009).

As for the first of the vaccine shipment, the start at about the end of October is scheduled. It is thought it is in time if it will be drawn a conclusion that it thinks about the supply and the system of inoculation of the vaccine by the end of September. Extra time is, and need not draw a conclusion to the rashness yet.

 3.System of vaccination

Outpatient's spurt is feared in the medical institution in the region when entering the real fashion period of a new influenza. The bewilderment is expected to happen on the medical treatment site when coming in succession to the vaccination of a new influenza there. There is a side reaction in the influenza vaccine for seasonality, and a polite clarification of this respect is indispensable. Especially, the inoculation of a new influenza vaccine is high the priority to the pregnant woman, and leaving guidance and the clarification to the obstetrics and gynecology not usually vaccinated is excessive the burden to the diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it thinks vaccination to have to do in the institution of administration such as public health centers.

Next, there is a problem of voluntary inoculation or group inoculation. The problem of relating to the subject of the number of stockpiles and the vaccination of the vaccine, and this respect is requested to be discussed enough. It is reported that the senior citizen's excess death (excess death) increased after it discontinues it, and is (N Engl J Med. 2001;344(12):889-96.) in 1994 Japan worth  the group inoculation of the influenza vaccine to the school child

 4.Approach on clinical epidemiology

As for a new influenza, it risks, and a lot of unclear points like the effectiveness etc. of the effect, the side reaction, and Oseltamibil (full proprietary name Tami) of the vaccine have been left including the condition (risk factor etc. of the mortality and the deterioration into serious illness). The accumulation of those data is a pressing need when the future. It is likely to become then difficult work if it thinks greatly from three horn aspect of the outpatient, the inpatient, and the death case though holding a busy diagnosis and treatment though the valuable one for ..obtained information (formulation rate of full Tami and full Tami's formulation time and prognoses, etc.).. clinician in the outpatient first of all. An investigation at the public health center level and a clinical assessment are thought to be possible about the inpatient and the death case. I wonder whether it is Ichiho neither the capture to analyze information on each medical institution in some regions where the work of the country and administration these ,for instance, the fashion such as Okinawa Prefecture is active.

 5.Role that exoergic outpatient played

The exoergic outpatient is a system provided to treat the patient with a new influenza efficiently, and to reduce the occasion of the infection enlargement. There was a human human infection, and might have been a constant role at deterioration into serious illness Shite when the trouble from which the death case was seen went around newly. The problem is in the point that the switch of the system did not go smoothly when present new influenza A or less (H1N1) is understood that H5N1 or less assumed at first is a poison type. The government is enumerated as the reason and the enactment lingua is enumerated in shape "New influenza countermeasure action planning" in February this year. As a result, it has become difficult to take flexible correspondence according to the change though a new influenza is assumed to be a problem of the entire country and the capturing calositas is appreciable. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare first provided "Basic action policy" on May 1, and enabled flexible management corresponding to the facts of various places. This policy is revised on May 22 and June 19. As a result, it is expected that flexible correspondence that suits the situation can be done in the future.

 6.The country"What should be done now"

The difficulty that the country should discuss including the above-mentioned now at the end is brought together. The country decides a rough polarity because the system etc. of the medical treatment providing are different circumstances according to the region, and the detailed rule is thought to connect leaving to the autonomy in the region with the effective countermeasure.
-      Discontinuance of cluster surveillance
-      Discussion about vaccination object and method
-      Enrichment of medical practice epidemiology Freedom of Information Act
-      Problem concerning resource distribution(materials or employment cost etc. such as rapid diagnosis kits and face masks)

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The dock society between Japanese announced to the proportion of the person assumed to be "Nothing peculiar" of last year's those who consulted a physician the human dry dock 10% for the first time the 24th as 9.6% of the most small in interrupt and the situation to date. It dropped to 1/3 though 1984 year when the total was started was 29.8%. The downfall lingua again though 2007 year changes to the marginal rise and became 11.8%.

,), and this academic society name honor advisor ..(of progression of the disease Shite descending and Ten'os Sasamori.. are guessing the situation by all of the six items deeply related to the life-style to be "Isn't progression of the disease of the living environment such as the office stresses that cause the life-style to be disarranged a reason for the the greatest?" at all ages.

The data of about 2.95 million people that had been consulted a physician last year was collected and analyzed from specified facilities in whole country about 800 etc.

A lot of high cholesterols (26・4%) continued to the proportion of the person assumed to be "Malfunction" by six items with liver function decreased (26・2%) and obesity (26・1%). Both are increased every year. Other third item eyes are hypertonics (17・7%), glucose tolerance abnormals (16・3%), and Tacanaca fats (14・6%).

China and Shikoku of the person assumed to be "Nothing peculiar" were most in regional and 14.1% and Kyushu and Okinawa were 6.8% of the most small.

It is Iu according to a honored advisor Sasamori when thought that the number of those who consult a physician of the setback and 60 years old or more having exceeded 39 years old or less for the first time also affect it about becoming of the basis the severity as the abdominal extension girth measurement is introduced, and the young's consultation.

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Nagoyashi was announced that unemployed woman (81) in the infection lingua city died of severely ill pulmonitis in a new influenza around 1:30AM on the 19th. Health Minister Yoichi Masuzoe had a press conference, and called for the fear of a new influenza , saying that "You may think that a real fashion had already started".

The third person of the death case in the country following man (77) in man (57) in Okinawa Prefecture Ginowanshi and Kobeshi Tarumiku. Health Minister Masuzoe hardened the information service to the person and the pregnant woman, etc. who had the old ailment, and showed the intention that promoted the approach for the deterioration into serious illness prevention.

The woman has the undorlying disease of the multiple myeloma and the ventricular failure made the cancer of blood (old ailment), and it is thought by a new influenza that the infection lingua led to the death according to Nagoyashi immune strength has decreased.

The woman doesn't have making a passage Reki, and the source of infection is unclear and Iu. In the hospital where the woman was being hospitalized, besides, if neither is a heavy symptom, it is Iu though six people (two inpatients, one resident doctor, and three nursing masters) in total have the doubt of a new influenza infection.

It moves in the nursing care for elderly people facilities in the city, and the woman consults a physician the emergency room in the city on the 13th and is hospitalized. It moves from four person room to the private room on the 15th because 39.5 hyperpyrexias are put out, and the cough is awful. The simple test was done on the 17th, and the positive reaction of a new influenza was affirmed by detail (PCR) inspection on the 18th. In the hospital, after turning out the infection, woman's condition is Iu if neither progression of the disease lingua straightening nor full Tami administered it though the exoergic judges that the old ailment is a cause and administered the antimicrobial drug at first.

Health Minister Masuzoe「The infected person was not able to be expected to increase here at the midsummer. Pathogenesis is and there is a possibility that there is a low, too and the self-conceit's having come out in people causes the infection enlargement. 」With the indication. Washroom Yaso requested the face mask wearing and the voluntary ban on leaving home etc. of the person who had gone out thoroughness and the symptom it was.

The number of patients for each fixed point medical institution reported in one week until the ninth this month went up to 0.99 people on the average, and almost reached "One person on the average" that became the indicator of a nationwide fashion start according to the investigation of National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

- New influenza

New influenza (H1N 1 type) swine influenza virus infected easily the person, the character was changed, and it was born. The patient in Mexico and the United States increased rapidly, it hiked to phase 6 of the warning level in recognition and June the accrual in April World Health Organization (WHO), and it declared for worldwide Onagare (bread Demick). The number of infected persons increases even if it differs from seasonality, and summer comes though the cardinal symptom is assumed to be a seasonality influenza and the same like the hyperpyrexia, the soreness of the throat, and the myalgia, etc.It is specified that there is fear of the deterioration into serious illness the person and the pregnant woman who has the chronic case such as the sugar diabetes and asthma.

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・It is a woman of a health service master of the Wakkanai public health center Rishiri branch office in his/her forties that died.
It died of acute cardiac insufficiency at the hotel in staying infected with a new influenza, appealed for the hyperpyrexia on the 29th of last month, and consulted a physician in the hospital in Wakkanai late the next day.

The undorlying disease connected with the deterioration into serious illness of a new influenza is assumed to be "The causality of a new influenza and the death is not understood" by not being by the road though the kipper and the health service master were hypertensions.
The health service master was doing the interview of the herd infection of an accrual lingua new influenza in the junior high school in Rishirifujicho on the 21st of last month.

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