Japanese Medical Society of Primary Care, the Japanese home medical treatment society, and three societies of Japanese, integrated diagnosis and treatment Medical Science Association were born and merger Shite and the Japanese primary care union society were born in this April. The 1st science meeting is held in this June. The activity of the inside and this academic society to which integrated medicine and family physician's materiality is specified as a supporter of the primary care in the future is paid to attention.
The specialist system related to the problem of a current medical treatment and the primary care was started, and I asked Mr. Masatsugu of Maesawa who assumed the position of the founder president of the union society the ideal way of the society management in the future.
About when was the merger of three societies discussed to begin with?

The 30th science meeting of Japanese Medical Society of Primary Care was held in May, 2007. The Japan Medical Association was discussing the review of the continuing education for pharmacists system, and there was a cooperation request at three societies. I think that it is a start that the story that three societies are asunder and good came out by the process of the argument.

 ――" "When the president of the Japanese primary care union society is assumed the position, and it exists , saying that "Attained to the merger by sinking one's differences and attaching to Daido" (The homepage of this academic society is seen). "Minor difference" Or, what is "Daido"?

In the medical treatment, a special differentiation advances more and more. The resident also has the desire "If he or she is not a serious illness academy where the specialist becomes complete, it is not possible to look after scrupulously". The medical treatment field cannot also appeal to this for the materiality of the primary care. The desire that the common point on these medical practices should appeal a little more might be the strongest though various languages like the home medical treatment, the community medicine, and the comprehensive medical care, etc. are used.

 ――Then, , saying that "Minor difference". The difference of three societies is whereabouts?

Japanese Medical Society of Primary Care starts the internal medicine department and the pediatrics department by the mother's body by the gathering for the spot medicine person, includes the ophthalmology department, dermatology, and the otorhinolaryngology, etc. , and teachers of a variety of diagnosis and treatment departments belong though it relates to details of the establishment of each academic society. There is a difference in the method of the diagnosis and treatment though there is a common point "Tomohito medical treatment". Next, show and educating for a young person such as medicals and resident doctor as "Specialist of the primary care" and "Family physician" started from the idea of necessity though the Japanese home medical treatment society though the expression "Specialist of the horizontal type" had been done to "Specialist of the vertical type according to the organ".

 ――It originally has the expertise in Japanese Medical Society of Primary Care, and there are a lot of teachers that the way of expanding skirts of a mountain to the occasion is done as for the practice etc.

This is more abundant. Though it is certain that the desire that the common point looks after not only the body in an Tomohito medical treatment but also the mind is very strong.

 ――However, the methodology to inherit it to the next generation is difficult.

Yes. "Primary care medicine" and "Family physician" It cannot be understood that the doctor view is not presented easily. It was a current vulnerability.

 ――There is a difference by the hospital in the role that "Integrated diagnosis and treatment part" plays though at the Japanese, integrated medical treatment society, there seem to be a lot of teachers of the hospital work.

The specialist becomes complete in the hospital. The role that "Integrated diagnosis and treatment part" plays there has "Minor difference" by the hospital ..the difference, and waiting there... If there is a hospital that examines all patients of the first medical examination, it is various as the patient with whom a patient alone who doesn't understand the department that doesn't have the letter of introduction and consults a physician is examined or the diagnosis doesn't take side by other diagnosis and treatment departments is examined. Moreover, the example of the integrated diagnosis and treatment part's bearing an educational function such as Osamu I is not few.

 ――Then, at when that the evil of a special differentiation has occurred do you think?

Is the 1990's though it thinks the evil to have gone out in the 1980's though it is difficult to say a clear punctuation?It thinks in having actualized specialist's arrogance in such shape though the medical error came to be put in question in the latter half of the especially 1990's.

There is a problem of "Take care" when seeing from another angle. I think the proportion became in halves almost though the death is received by either the hospital or staying 1976. The hospital intention on the patient side became strong since those days. "Family function" weakened on the other hand, and the family nursing was not able to be expected. In addition, the weariness of the system was made alive and well though the new medical practice training system started in 2004.

 ――How do you see the training system as an ideal way of the training of doctors?

The number of my dispensary members is seen to be increased and the diagnosis and treatment results and idea's of connecting with the raise research bottom line are seen by the university dispensary. There was sensorium "Select a big tree for your shelter" also on resident doctor's side.

I graduate in 1971. 「Is it in the university hospital, and does really become study of the medical practice?I want to experience a lot of cases in the training hospital. 」It went out of the desire at once besides the university though it was unusual at that time. A present young doctors also had been holding the doubt in the training of the university hospital before making to requiring, and the matching system might be introduced by the new medical practice training system, and it be made alive and well all at once.

I think that the place in which it changes too much a little rapidly is a problem though there is no new medical practice training system as an idea when it makes a mistake in it. It fell into the doctor deficiency at the university, and doctor's "Repatriation" etc. occurred.

However, two years of initial training were the methods in Touhoku University and Nagoya University trained in the hospitals other than the university conventionally. It is desirable in the meaning of putting initial technology for the resident doctor to train in abundant points of the case. Is it not a problem and Sho that it is therefore ..current medical practice training system.. suddenly for the reason "..university hospital.. very" negative?

 ――Then, how do you think an evil advanced by a special differentiation to be appearance now though it asks again?

There is sized two horn Kina problem, and one is a medical care for the elderly. It has plural troubles, and "Ladder" does the senior citizen the medical practitioner. A day turns round plural diagnosis and treatment departments in the debt even if going to the hospital. The whole is looked after by the medical treatment of "Hashed". (It was introduced by the revision in 2008. )I think that there was a conception that synthesizes and is medical there though the criticism went out to "Senior citizen synthesis diagnosis and treatment fee of latter half of the year". One doctor examines the entire one patient even if it says from the point of the quality of medical care, the performance, and health care cost, and shape of consulting the specialist when it is necessary is still desirable.

It embarrasses it by doctor's repatriation sending it the doctor in a small and medium-sized hospital, and in particular, in the governmental hospital according to the university hospital though another relates to the problem of the doctor deficiency. For instance, the physician causes and the warpage is caused there in having arranged circulatory organs, the respiratory apparatus, digestive organs, etc. and the specialist one by one in the hospital of 5 or 6 people. Originally, it makes it to the weakness in such a small and medium-sized hospital though the outpatient and hospitalization should function in both syntheses and internal medicine departments. It can be said that the evil that doesn't neatly promote a doctor who synthesizes and is the internal medicine department will be caused around here.

 ――It is necessary that an advanced, special medical treatment and the supporter etc. of the rudimentary medicine also train furthermore while an integrated medicine the family physician is necessary. How do you think about the ideal way of training in that?

I think that gradual division of a specialist and an integrated medicine, etc. is necessary though it is necessary to esteem each doctor's idea even if it doesn't strictly decide it like Britain. The country discusses by the medical treatment field and I Soda, etc. , and decides that 30 percent, 40 percent, and an integrated medicine and the family physician are 50 percent, etc.

 ――Will do it to be graduate or be initial training completion time?

In the regimen, my specialty will be ascertained while experiencing variety widely in two years of initial training. It is possible to judge when graduating, and to train about two years after Sots and a special course, an integrated course, and to divide if the education in front of Sots is enhanced in the future.

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The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced the result of the survey of the established situation about a new sales system for the non-prescription pharmaceutical (over-the-counter drug) introduced by the revision drug legislation enforcement in June last year on the 18th.
The shop sold according to regulations remained in 50.5%, and there were 19.8% shop that had neglected explaining though one kind with a high risk obligated necessary information for the pharmacist to use the document and to be offered among 1?3 kinds divided according to the level of the risk of side-effect, too.

The investigation was executed by the mask investigation form that private trader's investigator was dressed a general guest for 3991 shops extracted from the drugstore and the apothecary in the whole country in March one ? and bought.

"It was an explanation only by oral" goes up and "There was no detailed account though the document was passed" has gone up to 7.1% by 22.5% also in the shop with the explanation when one kind was bought.
In the explanation, an uncertain qualification was 23.4% for the name tag to arrive though 70.4% was a pharmacist.
There were 3.3% case where the registration seller who did not have the sales qualification of one kind had corresponded, too.

The revision drug legislation prohibits the mail orders other than three kinds with a comparatively low risk.
It was possible to buy it by six as a result of investigating whether 1 and two kinds were able to be bought by calling for ten total of five high ranks of the shop and five subordinate positions that retrieved by the key word of "Mail order" and "Medicine" on the Internet and were displayed.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare「A shop not thorough enough by the level either stood out from enforcement during half a year at the investigation time. It guides it to the shop that doesn't do appropriate sales through administrative divisions. 」It makes it.

The source

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"Meal mixed with Chinese medicine (anther tray) train" of the Yoro railway that runs Gifu inside a prefecture is popular. To escape from inside where the number of passengers every year decreases and loss making operations continue and "Situation in which not the passenger but air is carried", it plans. At popularity when it surpasses expectations, it is Iu now when having operated it in March when the reservation until the first half of July was almost buried.

The meal mixed with Chinese medicine train uses one car of three car organization. It will run between Ogaki and Kuwana where the passenger can enjoy the scenery of magnificent nature such as a deep tail plains and Yoro mountain ranges while tasting the meal mixed with Chinese medicine dish in about one and a half hours.

In the dish, it starts from the blend lingua aperitif, and even the desserts of the tempura of the vegetable of the season that was able to be gathered in local, the boiled food, the black Allium sativum chocolate, and the Taraxacum platycarpum Dahlst. tea are 15 goods in total as for the herbal medicine. The effect of the meal mixed with Chinese medicine, the sightseeing spot is guided at intervals of the meal, and the meal mixed with Chinese medicine goods are sold.

One is operated at time of daytime of Thursday and Saturday every week, and capacity is 15-40 people. The reservation for next month of the next day starts in a day of every month.
The fee is an adult 5000 yen, and infant 4500 yen with a free ticket of a day of this railway.

http://www.jiji.com/jc/c?G=ind_30&k=2009062100074 * image (meal mixed with Chinese medicine dish of the Yoro railway) About http://www.jiji.com/news/kiji_photos/20090621at22t.jpg * meal mixed with Chinese medicine train
・Yoro railway Hypersensitivity pneumonitis(PDF)
・Hisashi Yorocoyashinazen Hypersensitivity pneumonitis

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