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Excessive "The mind suffers or ..Taicowa.. become empty" It impoverishes due to the norm and the overtime pay nonpayment.
- Labor union formation of individual joining

Trade union "Permanent part-timer whole trade union and I T-union" of an individual joining such as programmers and systems engineer who worked in IT (information technology) industry segments was formed. The young worker led to the formation of the labor union for the case in which the trade union did not exist at the center to center on a lot of youngs in IT industry segments with a lot of venture businesses though there was IT enterprise where the labor union existed, too.


"The mind suffers or the body breaks or one for two. "After having completed the graduate school, man (31) who found employment in the company related to IT as a systems engineer muttered by the resignation face.

The man is a leader of the union that formed this time. It has been continued that it is annoyed by a double dispatch and the long workhour though it works in septennium IT industry segments. The project leader was left by the dispatch who has made the work of analysis program of the manufacturer related to the medical treatment. However, it digests only by the name in the few people and the work of the amount that doesn't cut is pressed decently with the leader. It was chased, and labor for 320 hours or more a month was continued to period for tax by the sense of responsibility including overtime duties. There is not a rest on the weekend and either the syncope lingua in the train of commuting on working 3rd month. It was necessary to go to work only by taking a rest for two days though it was carried to the hospital.

The senior of the company died this time. The superior whispered to a person seeming to apologize , saying that "Suicide due to overwork". A synchronous companion became a mood depression and was not able to work. The man turns around , saying that "It might have been dead though it had survived because it fainted in the train if fainting at home". The appearances of the people who work with the labor related method not defended in the excessively heavy labor float from the story of the companion of the labor union besides this man.

Woman (30) who went out of the graduate school similarly and was employed by the job offer of "Inexperience, acceptable, and regular member offering" had been treated as not the regular member to tell the truth but a contract employee. The pay was not paid, and training was taken while supporting the living by the daily employment dispatch, and a competent day was waited for for the period when the training of the computer was taken after it had joined a company.

In the first work, a huge amount of work was suddenly ordered. The language that denies the legal entity only who has made a detailed mistake flies without mercy. It got a mood depression while repeating every day when the mind shrank. It was said, "Endure it because it was a contract employee" when suicidal wishes strengthened, and it was said, "I was painful and want to take a vacation from work", and got to know no regular member for the first time it. The damage of the mood depression cannot work greatly now. The woman vailed one's eyes , saying that "It was scared for such a treatment to be done on business for the first time, and to have already worked".

The old-timer associate of the union related to another IT : the backdrop of such labor. 「There is a computer also fast the technological advance etc. it resigns in large quantities though the enterprise employs a large amount of workers. Actually, the vicinity resigns half in one year, and is made it resign every year. 」It specifies it.  It is Iu when there is a soil that is not promoted the engineer, lowers also the fixation ratio, and prevails a camouflage contract and an illegal dispatch, etc.Intermediary exploitation by a multiple dispatch that enters among plural enterprises is done, and especially, the low wage is forced, and the case rolled in the trouble over the dispatch fee is not few though the worker works by the tough going.

Naoko Shimizu of the individual joining labor union and the permanent part-timer whole labor union that centers on the young who supported I T-union formation has received the consultation of a lot of young IT workers. Mr./Ms. Shimizu「It has been understood that IT industry segments are holding the architectural issue like an excessive norm and the overtime pay nonpayment, etc.There are in that situation a lot of people who suffer from the mind, too. It is necessary to make the labor union take root so as not to crush the worker who also has the ability young and to maintain one's rights. 」It speaks.  The inquiry of I T-union is a permanent part-timer whole labor union (03・3373・01 80).

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The inside and the last recourse that the restructuring of the dispatch cutting and the regular member etc. become social issues are parts.
・Part-time job. It is in up trend and Iu at the part-time job according to "Version part-timer white paper of 2009 fiscal years" that job advertisement magazine major "Idem" announced some time ago some the feed though an unprecedented depression. Let's which work how much can able to be earned at the one, and introduce the feed ranking when the latest east and west working part-time.

In the investigation of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Statistics Bureau, as many as 420,000 proportion people of the previous year also have decreased the number of the full time equivalent and employee in 2008 by 33.99 million people. On the other hand, the number of part-timers (part-time job) remains to the setback of 10,000 proportion people every 8.21 million people of the previous year.

「The influence on the part-time job is not too large though the regular member and the contract employee are in a severe employment environment because of the depression. Demand has risen more and more. 」

It is a person in charge of "Idem person and work laboratory" that issues the part-timer white paper that talks so.

948 yen of 16 Enso in the Kanto area though average hourly earnings of the part-time job were 882 yen of corresponding ratio to the previous year two yen down in Kansai and the East Sea area according to this white paper. It rises slightly with 921 yen of eight Enso on a nationwide scale.

It is an attached table to have done the ranking to regional according to the occupational category as for it.

It is "Pharmacist" and "Nursing master and practical nurse" in east and west in 1st place to be placed in which the expertise that a national qualification is necessary and advanced is requested. The hourly pay greatly pulls another apart.
Job openings are the spurt inside in "Nursing helper". Correspondingly, the hourly pay rose, too and the current state of the medical treatment industry segments that were said, "Always shortage of labor" stood out in relief.

"Attendant in the place of amusement etc." entered the epistatic excluding medical. However, the recreational facilities is wide from the pachinko parlor to Theme Park and the amusement park. The feed is also changeable because of the occupation at time.
Similarly, the driving skill and the experience are controlled as for the feed at "Article delivery driver" of the epistatic.

【Place and environmental Era are important ]

On the other hand..east and west..outstanding..become..convenience zone..feed..control..trend..strong..amount..width..extreme..wide.As the entrance of the part-time job, because a too advanced neither skill nor communication ability are demanded from this kind of service trade, it is entering Yasui. I want to do office Era carefully though it is convenient also to hiding in the company and working.

Average hourly earnings of the part-time job are considerably different by the region. Nerima Ward is 988 yen though average hourly earnings of Katsushika Ward are 1043 yen in Tokyo 23 district. As for Konohanaku, the gap is seen in 854 yen - and the region though Asahiku is 1013 yen in Osakashi. 「There are a lot of senior citizen households, and as for a lot of regions that are, the medical institution concentrates, and are a lot of job offers of medical, too. It might push up average hourly earnings. 」The person in charge says the former rising.

After it makes introductory remarks, "Working part-time as a life defense leverage is not bad", Mr. Shuta Endo who manages side job support site "Side job seeking" :. 「However, it is necessary to do the side job within the range where the influence doesn't go out to the profession. Starting after the flexible situation of the introduction from the acquaintance etc. is made is a sensible way of doing. 」It speaks.  The condition of not only the hourly pay but also the place and the environment important.

- Idem "Version part-timer white paper of 2009 fiscal years"  Http://
Movement that the doctor deficiency reviews the medical practice training system of the new figure doctor to whom cause Tomoi cracks has expanded the ripple in situ.
In Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the substance at the training period will perceive the cutback for one year, and brings the conclusion together at the specialist study committee for the people securing on the 18th at ten fiscal years. However, the doctor who worries has been raising the voice to doubt the effect to a lot of doctor deficiency cancellations that are the purposes of the review , saying that "Can you learn enough in one year?".

"The training of the department to which it is not had a mind to major in is volition. " (doctor of the university hospital) "I may spoil an unmotivated resident doctor and change the system?"(representative of patient group)

The study committee on the second this month was intensely faced of the each commissioner's insistence. The focus : by all means about the regimen that turns round seven diagnosis and treatment department in two years. As for the agreement sect of the cutback, the argument traced parallel lines to "You should decrease the required course, and learn the remainder in the particular field" and anti-nukes for one year , saying that "Reverse to the idea of the diagnosis and treatment upgrading".

Many of new figure doctors were situations in which it belonged to the dispensary of the alma mater (diagnosis and treatment department) before, and it was chased, and the diagnosis and treatment abilities other than the specialty did not grow up easily in the chore either. To correct this, the regimen was introduced. In the investigation of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare study group, as for the number of cases, that the resident doctor experiences in two years, it increases gradually, and the majority is satisfied with the contents.

However, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was without probat the effect the training cutback and started coming review. Health Minister Yoichi Masuzoe spoke from early time with "One year of two years", and the dissenting opinion such as four hospital group councils that about 60 percent of hospitals across the country joined was not reflected in "Basic plan" of the secretariat making.

It is a doctor of the diagnosis and treatment department removed from requiring to hold a strong sense of crisis in the period cutback. President Takuya Kojima of Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology stresses, "As for the risk for an internal medicine department and a surgical patient to complicate the mood depression etc. , it is high, and the training of the psychiatry department is necessary for any specialty".

On the other hand, the young man doctor returns to the university hospital of the core in the region early, and the voice of the doubt comes out to the speculation of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare if training shortens. The pediatrics department lecturer at the university in Kanto「Resident doctor's trend that chooses the serious illness academy of the urban area is strong, and it doesn't remain in the university hospital in period and capacity's amendments. The education that raises the pride that supports the community medicine is important. 」
With the indication. President Akira of the brook of Iwate Medical University also predicts agreeing with the review, "The doctor deficiency of the diagnosis and treatment department with which the working environment like the obstetrics department etc. is severe continues if it doesn't depress it to the capacity setting according to the diagnosis and treatment department".

Graduates of university Department of Medicine are about 8000 people every year. It doesn't become a root solution of the doctor deficiency even if new figure doctor of the number is put in to the worker, and sub-director Hiroshi Honda in the saitama prefecture Saiseikai Kurihashi hospital appeals, "It is necessary to expand doctor's absolute number, and to take a detailed countermeasure corresponding to the fact in the region".

- Language doctor medical practice training
The regimen starts in fiscal year 2004 on the basis of the medical practitioners law, the internal medicine department (six months or more) and surgery and the emergency and the anesthetizing departments are studied in the year first of the principle, and the pediatrics department, obstetrics and gynecology, the psychiatry department, and the regional health care and the medical treatment (one month or more for each) are studied in year second.
Only the internal medicine department (six months or more), emergencies (three months or more), and the community medicines of the review idea (one month or more) were requiring. It is assumed that the resident doctor who chooses the provinces and the university hospital is few, and the offering capacity of each administrative divisions is provided in the review idea though the training destination can be requested to the liberty.

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