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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry starts the empirical investigation by the hospital and Travel Agent, etc. in autumn to back up "Medical treatment sightseeing" in which the foreigner receives the medical check up and treatment in the medical institution in Japan. The difficulty according to the acceptance like the information service etc. to the interpreter and foreign countries is dug up, and it uses it for environmental considerations of "Medical treatment sightseeing".

South Korea and Singapore, etc. are making efforts to "Medical treatment sightseeing" that combines the medical service of the medical check up etc. , the spa, and leisure of golf as a powerful attracting plan of the foreigner guest.

For instance, the government was completely backing up attracting to South Korea as the medical service law was revised and the foreigner's treatment expense discount was enabled, and about 25,000 people were accepted for 08 years around the Japanese. The strategy expanded to the dimension 100,000 people 12 year.

When it is few, the hospital that works is positively Iu from the incompleteness of the preparation for reception and the low degree in foreign countries according to the multipara ministry.  there is a high iatrotechnique JapanIt has a hard time in the difficulty excluding the medical service such as the Pulmonary regurgitations in foreign countries though there are a part of hospital and a travel agency that started attracting by an original medical treatment plan, too.

The multipara ministry judges that it leads to the activation of the medical treatment as the service industry if foreigner guest's acceptance increases. The society by which a Tokyo internal main hospital such as National Cancer Center and The University of Tokyo hospitals participated was made to be started, and the implementation of the empirical investigation was decided.

The support center that makes it from the joint venture and Travel Agent, etc. by plural medical institutions is established in September. After the foreigner guest who centers on the well-to-do population is actually accepted from China and Russia, etc. within the range where it doesn't influence the diagnosis and treatment of the domestic patient, and the difficulty is probat, the report is put together in the fiscal year.

The multipara ministry「The medical treatment may become one pillar of the service industry. I want to tie to development in the international marketplace the empirical investigation. 」It speaks. 
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It worried about surgeon's deficiency, specific nonprofit activity (NPO) corporation "The anxiety meeting of gone from Japan of the surgeon to act" (meeting that increased the number of a short title and young man surgery system doctor) that proposed the countermeasure was started up, and the briefing of the establishment gist was held in Tokyo on the 19th.

In the doctor deficiency problem, obstetrician and pediatrist's problems are actively taken up. However, it was good when the number also of medicals who aimed at the surgeon decreased to about 70 percent of the peak, and it worried about the decay of the future surgical medical treatment and the incorporated nonprofit organization started.

It is Akira Matsumoto (former president of Johnson & Johnson) in the president. The president international medical treatment welfare Osoi of Masaki Kitashima and Susumu Satomi and presidents of the Japan Surgical Society assumed the position of the director.

Policy of will develop activity that makes appeal - to government of education (2) announcing to public (3) for (1) Department of Medicine lives to have surgeon's mission pillar in the future.


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"Nurse practitioner (NP)" in which the nursing master formulates primary care and the medicine attracts attention as a solution of the doctor deficiency among the health care practitioners. The voice for which it hopes to the medical treatment site of the obstetrics department and the pediatrics department that worries because of a serious doctor deficiency stands out though it is not introduced in Japan by the nursing license widespread in foreign countries. There are a lot of hemihedry and an opposite theories from which the university that holds the training course of the NP qualification expecting the introduction in the future is derived, too.  (Snamot year)

An international medical treatment welfare large graduate school (Tokyo Minatoku) establishes the NP training course in April this year.
11 old-timer nursing masters of the experience of five years or more who gather from the whole country attend a lecture. It attends 2 and 3 all members lectures a week from the desire that it wants to acquire useful in situ knowledge though the examination and the medicine cannot be formulated on the medical treatment site even if the course is completed. Yuzawa 8 inlet professor who takes charge of the course speaks with "Everyone is enthusiastic".

In the hospital in Osakashi, Noriko Nakayama (42) who goes to school spending eight time from Osaka in night train Bath undertakes the patient's healthy guidance as "Sugar diabetes recognition nursing master". As for the adjustment of the medicine, there are actually a lot of proposals in the doctor though doctor's instruction is necessary. It is expected, "Coming up to now if the NP system can be done comes to be perceived".


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