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Yokohama City University medical center suicide prevention"Formulation care Shite of medicine"
Kokoro is saved: Yokohama City University medical center suicide prevention. "Formulation care Shite of medicine"

 - To emergency patient's attending physician

"Could try to think about the formulation of the medicine. "Yokohama City University attachment citizens General Hospital (same city Minamiku) is pressing care to the destination of going to hospital regularly of the patient to whom it attempts suicide by taking medicine the overamount about the psychotropic drug and the emergency is transported by the document. If the same formulation is repeated, it is because the fear connected with Fcashi of the suicide already becomes strong, and "Discontinuance of the formulation" might be requested unusually. The psychiatrist at the same center is alerting though such suicide prevention is unusual also in the whole country, "The doctor who doesn't know the side reaction when the overamount is taken is the majority". 【 Esashi Sanoyomis ]

The same center is the third emergency hospital of the severely ill person specialty. The psychiatrist besides the surgeon and the physician resides, and it undertakes treatment and caring after lifesaving. There are several Lifesaving First Aid Center that leaves the psychiatrist on the site of the emergency also in the whole country. The purpose is to think that a prompt attempted person caring by the psychiatrist is effective to the suicide prevention. The psychiatrist catches whether to have attempted suicide in the modality, the amount, and the past of the taken medicine after patient's restitution. It informs the medical institution to which the patient went of such information with the document, and it uses it to treat afterwards. 

In this case, to the attending physician at the destination of going to hospital regularly when judging that the low medicine is comparatively formulated to safety or the possibility of attempting suicide again by taking medicine the overamount is high「When the same medicine is drunk too much again, the possibility that the hazard reaches the life is high. It will be able to ask for the reconsideration of the formulation. 」With the report. It is requested that it take account to the modality and the amount of the prescribed drug. Still, when the patient is transported formulate of the same medicine being repeated, requesting, "Could you discontinue the formulation of this medicine?" is Iu unusually when it is. 

Doctor Tomoki Yamada at the center「The psychiatrist is studying the side reaction when the usage and the dose are defended and the medicine is taken. However, there is not so much knowledge because the hazard when the overamount is taken is hardly being taught by the university. 」With the indication. It proposes, "It is necessary to teach first of all more neatly in Department of Medicine". 

There were a lot of men and women and an overamount taking medicine (man 36% and woman 57%) when having brought it together about 320 people corresponding to doctor's interview in the patient who attempted suicide from 03 to 05 years the same center and was transported according to the means. 

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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry starts the empirical investigation by the hospital and Travel Agent, etc. in autumn to back up "Medical treatment sightseeing" in which the foreigner receives the medical check up and treatment in the medical institution in Japan. The difficulty according to the acceptance like the information service etc. to the interpreter and foreign countries is dug up, and it uses it for environmental considerations of "Medical treatment sightseeing".

South Korea and Singapore, etc. are making efforts to "Medical treatment sightseeing" that combines the medical service of the medical check up etc. , the spa, and leisure of golf as a powerful attracting plan of the foreigner guest.

For instance, the government was completely backing up attracting to South Korea as the medical service law was revised and the foreigner's treatment expense discount was enabled, and about 25,000 people were accepted for 08 years around the Japanese. The strategy expanded to the dimension 100,000 people 12 year.

When it is few, the hospital that works is positively Iu from the incompleteness of the preparation for reception and the low degree in foreign countries according to the multipara ministry.  there is a high iatrotechnique JapanIt has a hard time in the difficulty excluding the medical service such as the Pulmonary regurgitations in foreign countries though there are a part of hospital and a travel agency that started attracting by an original medical treatment plan, too.

The multipara ministry judges that it leads to the activation of the medical treatment as the service industry if foreigner guest's acceptance increases. The society by which a Tokyo internal main hospital such as National Cancer Center and The University of Tokyo hospitals participated was made to be started, and the implementation of the empirical investigation was decided.

The support center that makes it from the joint venture and Travel Agent, etc. by plural medical institutions is established in September. After the foreigner guest who centers on the well-to-do population is actually accepted from China and Russia, etc. within the range where it doesn't influence the diagnosis and treatment of the domestic patient, and the difficulty is probat, the report is put together in the fiscal year.

The multipara ministry「The medical treatment may become one pillar of the service industry. I want to tie to development in the international marketplace the empirical investigation. 」It speaks. 
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Dai-nippon Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. announced that they put ulcus ventriculi (Let's be or existed) remedy for the first horse domestically on the market on July 1 on the 19th.

It is thought that the more than half of a domestic active service race horse is a stress ulcus ventriculi, and seems to become good news for the race horse.

The same element as the ulcus ventriculi medicine for man is contained, U.S. Merial of the animal drug major manufactures, and Dai-nippon Sumitomo sells this remedy. The unapproval in Japan in foreign countries though sold by 20 countries or more. Up to now, man's medicine has been often converted to the treatment of horse's ulcus ventriculi in Japan.

The race horse is exposed to a strong stress in the movement of the race, the training of every day, and the long distance on which the turgescence is forced etc. according to Dai-nippon Sumitomo.

In a clinical consequence recently at the time of used the endoscope by the veterinarian, the more than half is at least Iu when having developed as for the ulcus ventriculi.

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