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It was clarified that the investigation concerning the late-started goods use promotion that the Tokyo pharmacist assn did, and there were only only 2.6% late-started goods amendment rate.
The pharmacy not described at all accounted for the clarification by the pharmacist for 36% while there were 14% pharmacy where the recipe of 50% or more was described.
The investigation of the pharmacy not described at all is necessary in the capital medicine for further use promotion.

The investigation is the implementation lingua one because it assumes the basic data of the late-started goods use promotion.
All recipes that had been received in a day, October 28 last year were investigated for 1000 pharmacies of the whole area of Tokyo.
The number of schedule recovery is 941 pharmacies (recovery factor 94.1%). The number of sheets of the recipe that became a research objective is 69,718 pieces, and it corresponds to 20% of the average recipe of a day by same month's whole area of Tokyo.


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Seven‐Eleven Japan of the convenience store biggest business decided the policy of starting 24 hour of the nonproprietary drug sales according to the revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law enforcement in June on June 1. The test marketing is begun in the Tokyo internal number store, and it aims at sales by the national scale while ascertaining the purchase trend etc.

"Enrollment seller" whose qualification is easier than the pharmacist is newly established by the revision pharmaceutical Affiars Law enforcement, and it comes to be able to sell the cold medicine and the nonproprietary drug such as I (nonproprietary drug) even in the convenience store.
As for the sales marketplace of the nonproprietary drug, each convenience store company discusses the entry in very few growing markets. The competition is instigating of intensification because decision calositas of it as for the entry.  the biggest seven

Seven is Ain Pharmaciez of the ethical pharmacy biggest business and collaboration in August last year. The deployment in the convenience store also makes the best use of this framework the schedule of the new company for the drugstore management the establishment at the end of this month.

Seven was limited only at time zone where the pharmacist existed though the pharmacist was selling the nonproprietary drug in about 20 shops in the merchant that were the pharmacies before now. Several employees have already judged that the purchase Shite descending and 24 hour sales are possible enrollment seller's qualification.

FamilyMart is experimentally a deployment in the convenience store industry segments in Tokyo 2 store as for an nonproprietary drug sales time restrictive.

- Seven‐Eleven Japan http://www.sej.co.jp/

- Http://www.7andi.com ..../seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. Holdings code/3382

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