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On the basis of economic partnership agreement (EPA) on Japan and the Philippines
The send-off party of 280 candidates of the Filipino nursing master and the care person dispatched to Japan was held in Manila metropolitan area Quezon City on the eighth.
The majority leave on the tenth.

Break-downs are 92 nursing masters, and 188 nursing people according to a Japanese embassy in the Philippines.
Mr. (39) peer who aimed at the nursing master spoke, "Loneliness and gladness are in halves because it entrusted the child to parents".

At first from Japan, because the candidate who found the employment with a good condition in the Middle East etc. had declined it, it ..job openings.. interrupted though there was a job offer of 429 people.

The candidate trains for six months with facilities of Japan-domestic in five places in the hospital and the nursing facilities in various places the language study training later.

Source: Jp of every day



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