Helicobacter Pylori carcinogeneses mechanism clarification

Helicobacter pylori that caused the stomach cancer clarified and the research team of Masanori Hatakeyama and the professor of University of Tokyo (microbiology) clarified the mechanism that sent the carcinogen to the intracellular of the stomach. The bacterium reverses like "..endurance.." of the cytoplasmic membrane of the stomach, and when the carcinogen is made to be bonded, it is Iu on the other side of the appearing cytoplasmic membrane. It announced to the U.S. science magazine. 

Person's cytoplasmic membrane consists of a double lipid, and an inside membrane is made of the lipid of phosphatidylserine. 

Hisako Kamiya associate Oshie of the research team went out to Helicobacter Pylori, and only the part of the cytoplasmic membrane to which the bacterium contacted went out to turn around Shite and the phosphatidylserine went out to the table when the infection lingua cell was observed. The carcinogen secreted from the bacterium bonds there. It carried to turn around Shite and the intracellular again and it crowded as it was. 

Prof. Hatakeyama「It was unclear Helicobacter Pylori made the invasion of the carcinogen to the intracellular very. This time, it has been understood to adopt a method as skillful as the ninja. 」With Iu. The success rate is 7-80 percent, and it is thought that it wants to tie to new prevention and the development of the method of treatment though Helicobacter Pylori is good at the sterilising with the antibiotic. 

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The source for bread Demick (H1N1), 2009, and 15 days June, the lapse and 2010 the Hong Kong survey similar to the seasonality influenza A: NEJM (thesis list) category: infectious disease (related paper) document: Cowling BJ et al.    Comparative Epidemiology of Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza A in Households. NEJM. 2010;362:2175-2184

The comparison of bread Demick (H1N1) 2009 and influenza A of seasonality in the epidemiology and virological for 348 beginning patients who consulted a physician due to acute respiratory disease on 2009.7. - 2009.8. and the family. As for the difference, it was not seen, and beginning patient's virus excretion pattern and the lapse of the trouble were also similar in both viruses at the secondary infection rate between families.

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The second new full Dipterocarpus tuberculatus wave is Kuniko of Shindo medical affairs government of "Interview" - World Health Organization (WHO) as for the vaccine thoroughness such as certain pregnant womens.

World Health Organization (WHO) declares for worldwide Onagare of a new influenza (bread Demick) and one year every 11 days. The current state and the difficulty were heard from Kuniko of Shindo (halberd of -) medical affairs government of WHO.

 -In WHO, Iu in further directions is large across-the-board consciousness of crisis and is the retrusion linguas for Onagare.

 「There was a wave of a big fashion that did not exist in a usual seasonality influenza in the northern hemisphere this time last year. It has not gone out up to the present this year. Perhaps, new H1N1 will become the virus of the mainstream by the fashion period in the southern hemisphere in the future. 」

 「In the data that we collected from a lot countries, it is presumed that the person of 20-30% is already infected up to now after the accrual. The second wave and the third wave will surely come because 7 80 percent yet are infected (fashion). Especially, care like the thoroughness in vaccination etc. is necessary for the person who has the undorlying disease of the pregnant woman, the heart, and lungs (old ailment). 」

 -The criticism of ..commotion.. passing by the mistake is also persistent.  declare for Onagare mainly Europe

 「H1N1 must be and there be ..Onagare.. ..executing.. in a scientific manner. In the meaning of the impact, all over the world used to be a prepared first case for Onagare and it is difficult to compare it for past Onagare. An actual death toll (Estimate from death statistics) is not understood if it doesn't assess it by the method of 'Excess death' though remains by the dead who can have done the confirmation directly up to now in 18,000 people or more in the world. It might be equal to Asian flu and the Hong Kong cold in the 50-60's though the Spanish flu in about 1918 did not influence. 」

 「The criticism of ..commotion.. passing seems to be few in the United States etc. that became centers of a first accrual. The difference of sensorium to the crisis management is also large because of the country. At first, where the situation worsens cannot be expected about become popular. The consequence theory (When you neglected an early alarm) and it is very more serious to receive an opposite criticism. 」

 -Is WHO in the standpoint where a scientific judgment can be purely done?

 「The judgment that there are adverse effects in the policy of each country authorities is difficult because supranational agencies for the member state. For instance, the judgment that exceeded recent 'Season' was difficult. The declaration to loosen the feeling tense at the stage of being start vaccinating in the future in Africa etc. is not put out easily though the greater part of countries and regions have passed the infection peak. 」

 「The infection enclosure was done hard in Britain etc. though it was thought that it was necessary already to declare the declaration for last year's Onagare in the judgment (It was about one month or more actually earlier) as the specialist in May. I think the very worry about the WHO governing body. How is the judgment of the phase rule shown in the most in the world while the situation is different in the country and each region, and the discussion difficulty when the future. 」

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