Nurse practitioner (NP)の最近のブログ記事

To promote "Medical treatment sightseeing" that combines the checkup and the morbus treatment with sightseeing this year, the sightseeing agency does the publicity in foreign countries in earnest.

A special corner is newly established in this agency homepage besides the seminar and the business talk association are begun in China etc. that become targets.

It is enthusiastic about the fair wind ..the new establishment of "Medical treatment stay visa" that can do the lengthier stay to Japan the foreigner patient this month.., "I aim at a top level of Asia, and want to do to the age of the leap this year".
It is expected that the acceptance of the medical treatment sightseeing will reach 100 billion dollars by the market scale by an Asian circle such as Thailand and South Korea the fast growth Shite descending and next year. Japan where the approach was delayed also newly established the enlargement and the medical treatment stay visa during the longest in three-six months this month.
As public relations in foreign countries, the sightseeing agency is starts in four places (China, Taiwan, and the United States) in total sequentially from this month as for the business talk association of the seminar and the local travel agency. A positive medical institution and the iatrotechnique of Japan appeal to attracting.
The effect is seen and the potential enemy etc. are expanded further.
Moreover, a concrete aid package to the medical institution such as making of the congressional display several languages is discussed besides the emphasized region is selected based on an overseas trend examination after this spring. It is scheduled to try to maintain the acceptance environment as a special team that composes of attorneys will be started up as a counter measure to the trouble of the medical treatment lawsuits etc. to which an increase will be expected in the future this spring.

Japan is good country!
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"Nurse practitioner (NP)" in which the nursing master formulates primary care and the medicine attracts attention as a solution of the doctor deficiency among the health care practitioners. The voice for which it hopes to the medical treatment site of the obstetrics department and the pediatrics department that worries because of a serious doctor deficiency stands out though it is not introduced in Japan by the nursing license widespread in foreign countries. There are a lot of hemihedry and an opposite theories from which the university that holds the training course of the NP qualification expecting the introduction in the future is derived, too.  (Snamot year)

An international medical treatment welfare large graduate school (Tokyo Minatoku) establishes the NP training course in April this year.
11 old-timer nursing masters of the experience of five years or more who gather from the whole country attend a lecture. It attends 2 and 3 all members lectures a week from the desire that it wants to acquire useful in situ knowledge though the examination and the medicine cannot be formulated on the medical treatment site even if the course is completed. Yuzawa 8 inlet professor who takes charge of the course speaks with "Everyone is enthusiastic".

In the hospital in Osakashi, Noriko Nakayama (42) who goes to school spending eight time from Osaka in night train Bath undertakes the patient's healthy guidance as "Sugar diabetes recognition nursing master". As for the adjustment of the medicine, there are actually a lot of proposals in the doctor though doctor's instruction is necessary. It is expected, "Coming up to now if the NP system can be done comes to be perceived".

Japan is good country!
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