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The inside where the medical treatment becomes advanced and complex, and the actualized nursing master deficiency willingly by the advanced age.
It is a big cause that there are a lot of separatees, and not catching up is a fact because of the severity of the marriage, birth, and work come one after another the female nursing master who leaves the office.  the adoption
There is an indication that there is a structure that the width of the wage increase required a large amount of retirement by the marriage such as smalls even if the career is piled up in the backdrop as well as the age when the women's participation in society was not advanced, too.

- A child is brought up and it coexists nine times or more a night shift month difficult.
"Bringing up a child of handling the shift including the night shift is really very. "
Nursing master and Mr./Ms. Shirai (49) of Gunma prefectural infant medical center with three children appeal.
"It might hit the child mentally and physically tightly, and be going to pull the pin every day when it was three people and was small. "

Both five people in the same center of about 190 nursing masters in fiscal year 2008 of 07 separatee in 15 people and fiscal year 2009.
It is Iu when there is a person who resigns after it returns from a maternity leave and the child-care leave, too though often resigned by the woman in latter half in his/her twenties - first half in his/her thirties taking the opportunity of the marriage and birth, etc.

The semi-night shift (4:30PM - 1:15AM) and night shifts (0:30AM-9:15) are 9-12 ..moon.. times in total.  the nursing master in newborn intensive care unit (NICU) where it works Mr./Ms. Shirai
It is time when are a lot of patterns of night shift following the day service (8:30AM - 5:15PM) and it exists five times a month.
In this case, it hardly comes home at little time during work and work, and the catnap can be taken when sending one's child to bed meal and housework.

Mr./Ms. Shirai smiles a wry smile , saying that "It has been said by the charge at the elementary school, 'The child in the house is restless' because it often made it cough to eat meal early, and to do homework to the child".

"It is thought that the trouble hangs to the colleague because people are insufficient, and there are few people who request it. " (Mr./Ms. Shirai) though there is a system of work for the night shift immunity and a short time etc. , too.
Being able to do nothing but being to retire is a fact and, in the worst case, Iu if it is not possible to work the night shift.

- 50,000 person qualification separatee every year is 100,000 people.
About 100,000 people resign according to Japanese Nursing Association and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare though about 50,000 people newly acquire nursing personnel' such as the nursing masters and the birth attendant qualifications in the whole country every year. Because there were a lot of people reinstated after the child care ended, too effectives increased every year, increased by about 36,000 people in 09, and became about 1.43 million people.
However, it doesn't catch up with the upgrade of the medical treatment and an increase in demand such as the advanced ages.
There is an estimate that about 650,000 people who were equivalent to 1/3 of the people who have nursing personnel' qualifications had not started work in 04, too.

As for the reason for the resignation, not only the marriage and birth but also the nursing masters who enumerate many of length and overtime duties at working hours stand out.
It goes up at the overtime hour (08 years) so that the person of 50 hours or more a month that is the basis of the judicial definition to which the civil service disaster of shift work person's death from overwork is recognized is 8% near, and nine times or more a month occupy half the number to the night shift frequency.
The voice with "It was not thought that the work that was not able to sleep so much" is asked by young man's nursing master.
- Dissatisfaction 50 percent super-career to the salary doesn't do the treatment improvement even if it piles up.
Nursing master's salary is a mechanism that doesn't go up so much repeatedly in the age.
It is gradually pulled out since it is in one's thirties though it is about 300,000 yen higher than other medical treatment employments such as pharmacists and clinical technologist of one's twenties because nursing master's average salary has the night-work allowance according to the investigation of the National Personnel Authority (09 years).
The nursing master doesn't reach 400,000 yen even at the age or more of 56.

Female nursing master (31) in the Tokyo internal university hospital
It resents it , saying that "It is not convincing that the treatment is not good though it works while holding the anxiety that might be appealed by the risk and the malpractice that hangs to the infectious disease though the nursing master is a challenging career".
In the investigation of Japanese Nursing Association (09 years), about 60 percent goes up to 50 percent or more by nursing personnel who feel the low degree of the salary dissatisfied, and is Iu sooner or later when having thought about the resignation because of it.
Standing governor Shinobu of the brook of this association specifies, "The structure like an age not advanced by the advance into society of the woman of not rewarding on the treatment side even if the career is piled up is a cause of a large amount of resignation".

On the other hand, new figure's mass hiring increases the burden of the mainstay nursing master who bears the young man's education.
It gives birth to the vicious cycle that the number of separatees increases rather by that, and the education becomes careless.

In addition, the falling birthrate and it is in the decreasing tendency nursing master's becoming it person.
In the estimate of the study committee of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, it is expected that the number of increases becomes about 24,000 little people from 09 also to about as many as 12,000 people during the year of nursing personnel' effectives in 25.
Mr./Ms. Shirai「The countermeasure that increases the number of training has come to the threshold. It is first priority to put the brake on the resignation. 」It stresses it. 

The roller is also large to achieve an increase and the higher pay of the nursing master according to the hospital particular business situation and administrator's sensorium.
The brook standing governor「The hospital that increased the number of nursing masters should advance the resignation prevention countermeasure as the hospital administration person cooperates with the country as the medical treatment fee is revised to become increase of revenue, and the increase of the night-work allowance is executed in interlocking Shite. It connects with the defense of patient's safety only by the creating environment that can work the staff's on the medical treatment site such as the nursing masters being relieved. 」It appeals. 

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The the drugs' cosmetics and medical instrument and food hygiene council SC of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare brought the making and selling of "Memantine" of the first Sankyo in correct by the suppression of the progress of the symptom of the alzheimer‐type cognizance syndrome (Tokyo)(proprietary name and Memare) together on the 24th and approval Shite also brought the opinion named Yoi together. It is Iu when come to being able to use it at the end on January next year if it is early.

The remedy of the alzheimer‐type cognizance syndrome that had been approved up to now domestically had only "Arisept".
Memare was a medicine that did working different from Arisept, and the early stage approval was being requested by a related society.
It has already been approved by 68countries in foreign countries.

Moreover, approval Shite was settled the opinion named Yoi, and reported in SC in the departmental meeting of council in November as for "Galanthamine" of Yansenfarma (Tokyo) that was another remedy (proprietary name and Reminel).

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The burden in the medical expenses for the elderly national expenditure

The latter half of the year that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was discussing medical-care system for the elderly was appealed for four horn group such as a union and Japanese Japan Federation of Economic Organizations to have to hold the meeting of new medical care after the lingua of the abolition, and to finance the amount that active service generation's burden increases by a new system by the national expenditure.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare provides the specialist meeting, medical-care system for the elderly of latter half of the year intended for 75 years old or more is abolished, and the individual proprietor etc. are discussing the idea joined national health insurance joined other people.  the employee's health insurance ..the white-collar worker and the families..Four horn group that related to the employee's health insurance such as a union, Japanese Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, and Federation of Health Insurance held one's hosting about this on the sixth.

The Koga chairman of the union in this described, "A mechanism now at the time of depended on the insurance premium of an inside and a young person advanced by declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people was a threshold, and the expansion of the burden in the country was a pressing issue". And, the amount that active service generation's people's burdens increase adopted the urgent appeal assumed to have to finance by the national expenditure about the employee's health insurance in the meeting.

Four horn group declares such an idea in the specialist meeting held on the eighth, and appeals aiming at achievement.


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Public assistance..recipient..health care cost..full amount..public expense..bear responsibility..Medical Assistance..realities..Osakashi..investigate..plural..medical institution..visit..diagnosis and treatment..excess..execute..doubt..understand.
The same city announced for the 16th.
Might the hotbed, and the same city reports on the finding to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and requests a new basis and the check institution that ascertains a proper visit diagnosis and treatment to set up the request of "Poor business".

It is 16 medical institutions such as the Osaka Prefecture internal hospitals and the dental clinics that the city investigated where the indication existed when the unnecessary tests and medication etc. are doubted by the caseworker who touches the public assistance recipient. As a result, the example of the questionable was found in all facilities.

【 case 1]The country excludes the refractory disease etc. , and the visit diagnosis and treatment frequency to which the Medical Assistance is applied has been provided up to three times during the week.
In a certain medical institution, 14 time 13 times of * in April in March of *12 times ..February the average visit diagnosis and treatment frequency of one month a recipient person... ――And it kept almost treating the upper limit. When the visit diagnosis and treatment is executed twice a month, "Medicine total management fee when staying at home" of 42,000 yen a month is paid.

【 case 2]It is necessary to treat for 20 minutes or more once a person to obtaining of the dental clinic the visit medical treatment fee. However, many of recipients spoke the diagnosis and treatment time to catching the city with "About 5-10 minutes" in plural clinics.
On the other hand, the clinic is insisting that it treated for 20 minutes or more.

【 case 3]The medical institution can receive 65,000 yen a month by setting up oxygen breathing apparatus in the visit diagnosis and treatment , saying that the management fee. It kept demanding the management fee etc. without recovering the provision for several months even if this patient came to be able to commute to the employment agency once a week though a certain medical institution set up the provision in the recipient house of which the symptom of the respiratory distress went out.

The city expects that there will be a doubt to continue such a visit diagnosis and treatment for these medical institutions to obtain the medical treatment fee of high priced compared with going to hospital regularly.

Mayor Kunio Hiramatsu「It comes judging from the sense of the common people, to want to look doubtful. ..illegal.. ..cutting off.. is not made satisfactory though it is difficult. ..realities.. turn-on in the table helps the systemic revision. 」It spoke. 

The source

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Sawai Pharmaceutical of the late-started (generic) medicine major formally proposed business integration with the holding-company system to Kyorrin medicine manufacture Holdings (HD) of the mainstay medicine manufacture.

Kyorrin is a comprehensive manufacturer that handles a wide new medicine such as Kicanshizensoc, and consolidated net sales at the period on March, 2010 are 99.7 billion yen. The top line is merely 50 billion yen, and on the other hand, there is a possibility of developing into "The smallness drinks largeness" hostile corporate take-over bid (takeover bid), too and this proposal attracts the attention of industry segments and the parties concerned with market though Sawai Pharmaceutical is a major of the generic.

- A necessary capital about 130 billion yen for the Kyorrin wholly owned subsidiary making
The Kyorrin side rejects business integration , saying that "The proposal doesn't agree with knowledge and the strategy to our business environment". However, Sawai aims to stake one's survival by the pharmaceutical industry with intense exploitative competition, and to incorporate the new medicine technology of Kyorrin.
The possibility that the negotiation on both companies progresses is a low though Sawai is requested to keep sending the love call after the assertion of the rejection of Kyorrin, and to describe the reason to be going to reject the proposal by January 14, 2011 reasonable.

Aiming the top line and Kyorrin of "Largeness" Sawai of inferior "Small" is unable to move upward of the stock price of Kyorrin, and, ..cheapness.. therefore, comparatively and none other.
Shite and Sawai are 6710 yen every the Kyorrin 1407 yen in the closing price for the stock price for 27 days December, 2010, and the market capitalization queues up almost for about 105 billion yen. It steps on the premium in the stock price of the marketplace and a necessary capital for overlay Shite for making Kyorrin a wholly owned subsidiary steps on the Tomoi crack and Sawai for about 130 billion yen when it can raise the capital by the new issue of bond etc.

It goes back to have begun to move to the acquisition of Kyorrin for Sawai to exceed the height of the body in below water to the summer of 2010.
There is a reason for this.

Because the generic medicine uses the technology of the new medicine of the patent cutting, medical charges is 2-70 percent and Yasui of the new medicine.
To suppress the increasing cost of social security, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is calling to increase the use proportion of the generic medicine from 20 percent present to 30 percent or more.
The technology of the new drug development cannot survive if it doesn't incorporate it.
Therefore, the major medicine manufacture manufacturer such as the first Sankyo and U.S. Pfizer Inc. is entering the generic medicine, and the exploitative competition is intensification. Therefore, Sawai that is the specialized producer of the generic medicine is not to be able to survive the technology of the new drug development in industry segments if neither the incorporation nor the wing are expanded.

The proposal that Sawai went to Kyorrin is the one of newly establishing holding company "Kyorrin and Sawai Pharmaceutical Holdings (tentative name)", and opening Sawai, Kyorin Pharmaceutical, and a related subsidiary in the subsidiary. The top line at the period on March, 2014 is insisted on that the combination effect of both companies by "Fusion of the generic and the new medicine" (president Mitsuro of Sawai) is high as about 232 billion yen and the operating income of about 12% increase are expected about 41 billion yen of about 21% increase from current both companies aggregation.

Sawai can already buy up the Kyorrin share, and is a purchase as for about 4.8% of shares outstanding of this company. It surfaces to the shareholder in 4th place following those etc. who establish it. However, the Kyorrin share has about 40 percent by the establishment Ieichi family, and shows the posture that doesn't respond in the take over bid etc.

Therefore, the perception with the difficulty has come out from the acquisition of Sawai of the majority from the remaining shareholder between parties concerned with markets, too.
The deployment afterwards is unpredictable though Sawai is assumed to be "This proposal lapses" when both companies cannot agree by the end of February in 2011.

-There is no more to it (than that)-
- Kyorrin medicine manufacture Holdings http://www.kyorin-gr.co.jp/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=4569
- Sawai Pharmaceutical http://www.sawai.co.jp/
Stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=4555

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The Yoshi Japanese judas tree of furniture and interior Oroshi (5, president Koichi Yoshida, and telephone 052・261・0711 of headquarters Nagoyashi Nakaku Osu 3-2) induces the good posture and is the start linguas as for sales of new sense chair "iPole7" that improves the relaxation feeling at the same time as safeguarding the spinal cord.

It excels in not only the functionality but also the design, and the chair is unusual shape at one view not seen.
Use by various scenes like the office needs and the home use, etc. is expected, and it thinks sales to harden aiming at 20,000 a year.

Http://www.chukei-news.co.jp/news/201012/27/articles_13699.php * official site http://www.yoshikei-interior.co.jp/president's blog
com/photos/uncategorized/2010/12/01/sm6002010040118185473011_3.jpg http://yoshikei.cocolog-nifty.com/photos/uncategorized/2010/11/08/01031_2.jpg

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To promote "Medical treatment sightseeing" that combines the checkup and the morbus treatment with sightseeing this year, the sightseeing agency does the publicity in foreign countries in earnest.

A special corner is newly established in this agency homepage besides the seminar and the business talk association are begun in China etc. that become targets.

It is enthusiastic about the fair wind ..the new establishment of "Medical treatment stay visa" that can do the lengthier stay to Japan the foreigner patient this month.., "I aim at a top level of Asia, and want to do to the age of the leap this year".
It is expected that the acceptance of the medical treatment sightseeing will reach 100 billion dollars by the market scale by an Asian circle such as Thailand and South Korea the fast growth Shite descending and next year. Japan where the approach was delayed also newly established the enlargement and the medical treatment stay visa during the longest in three-six months this month.
As public relations in foreign countries, the sightseeing agency is starts in four places (China, Taiwan, and the United States) in total sequentially from this month as for the business talk association of the seminar and the local travel agency. A positive medical institution and the iatrotechnique of Japan appeal to attracting.
The effect is seen and the potential enemy etc. are expanded further.
Moreover, a concrete aid package to the medical institution such as making of the congressional display several languages is discussed besides the emphasized region is selected based on an overseas trend examination after this spring. It is scheduled to try to maintain the acceptance environment as a special team that composes of attorneys will be started up as a counter measure to the trouble of the medical treatment lawsuits etc. to which an increase will be expected in the future this spring.


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