Public care cost..full amount..public expense..bear responsibility..Medical Assistance..realities..

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Public care cost..full amount..public expense..bear responsibility..Medical Assistance..realities..Osakashi..investigate..plural..medical institution..visit..diagnosis and treatment..excess..execute..doubt..understand.
The same city announced for the 16th.
Might the hotbed, and the same city reports on the finding to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and requests a new basis and the check institution that ascertains a proper visit diagnosis and treatment to set up the request of "Poor business".

It is 16 medical institutions such as the Osaka Prefecture internal hospitals and the dental clinics that the city investigated where the indication existed when the unnecessary tests and medication etc. are doubted by the caseworker who touches the public assistance recipient. As a result, the example of the questionable was found in all facilities.

【 case 1]The country excludes the refractory disease etc. , and the visit diagnosis and treatment frequency to which the Medical Assistance is applied has been provided up to three times during the week.
In a certain medical institution, 14 time 13 times of * in April in March of *12 times ..February the average visit diagnosis and treatment frequency of one month a recipient person... ――And it kept almost treating the upper limit. When the visit diagnosis and treatment is executed twice a month, "Medicine total management fee when staying at home" of 42,000 yen a month is paid.

【 case 2]It is necessary to treat for 20 minutes or more once a person to obtaining of the dental clinic the visit medical treatment fee. However, many of recipients spoke the diagnosis and treatment time to catching the city with "About 5-10 minutes" in plural clinics.
On the other hand, the clinic is insisting that it treated for 20 minutes or more.

【 case 3]The medical institution can receive 65,000 yen a month by setting up oxygen breathing apparatus in the visit diagnosis and treatment , saying that the management fee. It kept demanding the management fee etc. without recovering the provision for several months even if this patient came to be able to commute to the employment agency once a week though a certain medical institution set up the provision in the recipient house of which the symptom of the respiratory distress went out.

The city expects that there will be a doubt to continue such a visit diagnosis and treatment for these medical institutions to obtain the medical treatment fee of high priced compared with going to hospital regularly.

Mayor Kunio Hiramatsu「It comes judging from the sense of the common people, to want to look doubtful. ..illegal.. ..cutting off.. is not made satisfactory though it is difficult. ..realities.. turn-on in the table helps the systemic revision. 」It spoke. 

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