aids virus (HIV)の最近のブログ記事

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's assuming "Seirei Yokohama hospital"'s of Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohamashi of Hodogaya Ward, (director Shigeki Iwazaki and 300 alcoves) making the patient the load of the charge of aids virus (HIV) antibody inspection done for all inpatients to be inappropriate, and having been requesting the amelioration in February this year have understood the tenth.

The indication is perceived in this hospital, and inspection expense is repaid to about 5000 patients of the object.

Before operative by the patient charge and HIV antibody test when hospitalized were started in August, 2006 according to this hospital for the nosocomial infection prevention. When the purpose of the inspection is described on the patient side because the insurance is not applied, and it obtains and agreement including the chargeout was executed, it is Iu.

It comes to light there are at the right time a lot of antibody inspections by the patient charge in the investigation January this year the execution of the Kanto Shinetsu public welfare bureau Kanagawa office of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare by the rate once 1-3 year for all hospitals when it enters this hospital. The amelioration was pressed with the document , saying that "The inspection was the one for the hospital affiliate, and the charge was not perceived to be collected from the patient" in February this year.

In this hospital that received the indication, the method of restoring the survey fee of about 1300 yen is assumed to be "The restoration method etc. will be announced on congressional and the homepage by the end of June" by the under discussion once.

In a series of this hospital inspection, HIV-positive of several samples is affirmed also in the world as the first Japanese infected person of the HIV2 type with few examples of the infection is discovered. This hospital synthesis Policy Planning Office「The inspection is necessary as not only the medical follower but also measures against nosocomial infection to the patient. It will continue in the future. 」It makes, and it ..inspection.. continues by the hospital burden from April.

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