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It corresponds to an overseas rising demand such as China and sales at about 30 billion cyclotomies are expected in Gane leprosy at 20 fiscal years.

The lot area of the new factory is about 96,000 square meters.
About 130 working employees chiefly employ it from local.
The important workhorse makes the syringe and the blood transfusion container where the medicine was packed beforehand with catheters except the blood blocked in heart vessels.

Terumo thinks that they hike the overseas production ratio.
However, the product made from the new factory is difficult the necessity and moving to foreign countries of a high technology, and produces processings etc. domestically.

Moreover, though Terumo has the shop in Liang Province in Shizuoka and Yamanashi
There is an aim of dispersing the production base in preparation for the case where the disaster occurs in East Japan, too.

The source
- Terumo http://www.terumo.co.jp/
New establishment http://www.terumo.co.jp/press/2012/003.html stock price http://www.nikkei.com/markets/company/index.aspx? of the new factory for the core technology that supports a global production on January 19 in Yamaguchi Prefecture. scode=4543

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