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The free health counseling association intended for ten foreigners of the prefecture living was a Prefectural government on the 18th. The person who had visited by the first attempt intended for the person who had the anxiety in the consultation in the medical institution in Japan due to the problem of the language and the system received the advice to receive the proper health care from ten nursing masters and social workers.
"Can doctor's clarification be neatly understood?" and "Is not health care cost of high priced demanded?" The voice of the anxiety is received, and the prefecture International Communications Association is an implementation lingua in cooperation with the Saiseikai Kangjin hospital. Two Japanese who had refrained from the South Korean of just the visit to Japan and making a passage for Africa visited this day.
A man in South Korea in one's thirties consults , saying that "The burden of the treatment expense becomes it very though it has only the interim insurance proof" and "The child should go who has made morbus and the injury to where". As for the insurance institution of Japan, the consultation member is a clarification lingua in the politeness. The Japanese questioned on the vaccination of the infectious disease.
The next consultation associations are 20 days June, and the following are executed on Wednesday third of the even number moon. The interpreter arranges and if he or she reserves it, a necessary person arranges free of charge. The inquiry is 7921 ..this association and telephone 0952(25)...

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
It comes to Japan so that the foreigner nursing master may take the qualification of Japan on the basis of economic partnership agreement (EPA) on Indonesia and the Philippines. There seems to be a difficulty after it passes though the support of the examination countermeasure advances.

 ――What kind of system?

 「EPA is an accord that provides the exception to advance the economic exchange between specific countries. The accord to accept the nursing master and the care worker to be the two countries is made, and 572 nursing masters come to Japan Japan in August, 2008. Memorandum of Understanding newly similar to Vietnam was exchanged in 11. 」

 「It is a condition that it has the nursing license of the home country, and there is an experience of working for two years or more. It studies while working by the medical treatment facility of Japan as a nursing assistance employment after Japanese training is taken, and the national examination is received. It is possible to take an examination after it returns home though it is necessary ..principle.. to return home when not passing by three times. 」

 ――Why was the foreigner nursing master accepted?

 「The shortage of labor of nursing is serious, 80 percent or more of the acceptance facilities aims in Japan advanced by declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people, and 'Test case of the foreigner acceptance in the future' and 60 percent have aimed at 'Cancellation of shortage of labor'. However, the country is stressing as target Hanai who supplements shortage of labor. 」

 「The person who has a high will of learning the iatrotechnique of Japan, and developing the nursing of the home country is also large a lot of meanings of the international contribution. On the other hand, it is the realities that the visit to Japan for a high pay is not few either. 」

 ――Though the low degree of the acceptance rate becomes a problem.

 「0 people in the examination first time done in February, '09 that did not exist between visits to Japan successful candidates greatly fell below the acceptance rate 1.2% and 89.5% of a whole average year second, and ran the shock. Successful candidates are 66 people every 1149 people of the situation to date in the total of the examinee. Japanese, and in particular, the wall of the Chinese character is large. Having left it to the trial and error of the acceptance facilities though there was little learning aid plan in one year second, too was a problem. 」

 ――Is the countermeasure done?

 「The learning aid was made cordial as the model test and group training were started from ten annual budgets, and the grant in aid of study was put out. The national examination was devised as falling put up Nao to a difficult Chinese character last year. The acceptance rate becomes first two grider stand (11・3%) this year, and the country is assuming that it began to get good results. 」

 ――The extension plan at length-of-stay was adopted.

 「As for the visit to Japan class of one year second, the system started and the exception of the extension was perceived for one year if the examination result was more than the constant level. Those who return home are successive to Indonesian and Mohammed Yusp (30) in the Kahoku general hospital (Tokyo) passed with the exception frame this year though it was pleased , saying that 'It was not possible to concentrate on study, Japanese was forgotten, and it was impossible when returning home', too. This board nursing generalization Director-General's Mansaco Hattori『It exempts from work, and the burden of facilities where the learning aid is continued is too large. It is necessary to establish the learning method that can pass in a short term also for the person in question as Japanese training before it comes to Japan is cordially done. 』Specify.

 ――A countermeasure new aiming at the acceptance rate improvement will be an implementation stripes leg next year.

 「It has been decided that falling puts up Nao to the extension at the testing time and all Chinese characters. However, a Japanese official approval at the highest level takes the same examination as the Japanese from the foreigner outside the EPA frame by requirements of the examination, and Japanese Nursing Association dissents to special treatment , saying that 'There is a problem on the medical treatment safety if Japanese is insufficient'. 」

 ――There are a lot of difficulties.

 「The country can safely do affairs after it passes or is a under discussion as for probat. The sub-director of nursing service department and Mr. Yoshitomi shoot in the Ogikubo hospital (Tokyo) that put out two successful candidates this year『It is necessary to guide it besides a Japanese new figure nursing master so that the language problem may remain though the staff also is pleasantly accepting two of the person who perseveres. It is a doubt that the educational support after it passes is not at all. 』Specify.

 「Mr. Erizabetsu Shiregar and Elmi Juniati who passes are not in Indonesia, and are working hard to take the prophylaxis guidance and the medical treatment security measures home. Long-lived support is necessary to advance the international exchange of nursing benign. 」

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!



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