A voice receiving, and a Saga first prefecture of the free health counseling association anxiety in the foreigner.

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The free health counseling association intended for ten foreigners of the prefecture living was a Prefectural government on the 18th. The person who had visited by the first attempt intended for the person who had the anxiety in the consultation in the medical institution in Japan due to the problem of the language and the system received the advice to receive the proper health care from ten nursing masters and social workers.
"Can doctor's clarification be neatly understood?" and "Is not health care cost of high priced demanded?" The voice of the anxiety is received, and the prefecture International Communications Association is an implementation lingua in cooperation with the Saiseikai Kangjin hospital. Two Japanese who had refrained from the South Korean of just the visit to Japan and making a passage for Africa visited this day.
A man in South Korea in one's thirties consults , saying that "The burden of the treatment expense becomes it very though it has only the interim insurance proof" and "The child should go who has made morbus and the injury to where". As for the insurance institution of Japan, the consultation member is a clarification lingua in the politeness. The Japanese questioned on the vaccination of the infectious disease.
The next consultation associations are 20 days June, and the following are executed on Wednesday third of the even number moon. The interpreter arranges and if he or she reserves it, a necessary person arranges free of charge. The inquiry is 7921 ..this association and telephone 0952(25)...

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